TVB 2012 Rating cont..

Witness Insecurity: I would rate this series 4 out of 5. This series was alright but better than most of the tvb series this year so far. I watched House of Vengeance of Harmony and Master of Play, and thought Witness Insecurity was better than those 2. I thought the relationship between Bosco and Linda lacked development but I did like the background song. I didn’t like how the last few episodes focused on Sapura. I have no comment on the ending since I didn’t really tear up. k-dramas are a lot better at doing those romantic scenes.

Tiger Cubs: I would rate this series 4 out of 5 stars. I find some of the cases are boring and not really interested in the Christine Kuo’s love triangle and some of their daily life scenes are boring. The cinematographic was good and I did enjoy watching the SDU training and fighting scenes.I did like the last case of Kenneth Ma as a villain and the fact that there’s different villain in each episode.

Ghetto Justice 2: I would rate this series 3.5. This series is what I would call a time filler. It is lighthearted to watch if you are bored. There was some entertainments to it but overall boring and I did struggled watching every episode of it. I did like the couple Sam and JJ. Raymond Cho made this series funny. Ending was pretty rushed, and there were a lot of social worker scenes more than the court scene.

Highs and Lows: I would rate this series 4 out 5. I like Raymond and Kate in the first half of this series but the plot seems to go out of nowhere in the second half of this series. This was a good role for Kate. Some of the scenes were boring and draggy. The last ten episodes was pretty boring. Ben Wong, Vincent Lam, and Amy Fan is a plus in this series. Most of the character in this series is not good but not bad.

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