Queen in Hyun’s Man episode 9 recap

Yoon In Na got into a car crash. Yoon In Na called her best friend Soo Kyung and suprisingly said it is her second time getting into a car accident. Yoon In Na then talked about she’s worried that they might kill Queen Hyun off if she doesn’t appear at work. Dong Min hugged Yoon In Na and she slapped him. She told him she has a boyfriend and he met him. Yoon In Na told Dong Min that her boyfriend is Ji Hyun Woo. It looks like that everyone forgot about Ji Hyun Woo after he lost his talisman. Ha Dong Min thought In Na is crazy. Yoon In Na only has memory of Ha Dong Min and herself, she can’t recall anything about Ji Hyun Woo. Then she remember that Ji Hyun Woo gave her a car. Her best friend had no idea who Ji Hyun Woo is. The assassin say the spell on the talisman. Yoon In Na told the doctor remember Ha Dong Min kneel in front of her to give him another chance. Ha Dong Min bought him red roses. Ji Hyun’s Woo servant told him that his sword disappeared when he isn’t around. While it was raining, Ji Hyun Woo wants to make a woman his wife instead of being a slave. The woman rejected Ji Hyun Woo and told him he hasn’t met the woman he had to repay. Ji Hyun Woo is trying to find his talisman. Yoon In Na stood in the telephone box while it was raining. Ha Dong Min came up pick Yoon In Na. Ji Hyun Woo told his servant he doesn’t remember Queen Hyun and he must have taken the wrong medicine. The servant didn’t understand the connotation

House of Hamony and Vengeane episode 15 recap

-Bobby told Evergreen Mak to marry Myolie
-Bobby play music while Linda paints by the lake.
-Bobby, Linda, and the grandma ate finish for lunch.
-Bobby and Linda drank wine and got drunk.
-The grandma put Bobby and Linda on the same bed.
-Bobby and Linda play chess.
-Bobby told Linda that the day that she will become a Prima Donna, is the day he will marry her.
-Myolie dreamed of having a husband who would fish while she be a cashier. Linda Chung dreamed of having a husband to pick lotus and go fishing and she will paint and cook.
-Myolie asked Linda to be her bridesmaid when she gets marry.
-Evergreen Mak and Myolie got set up by Bobby by having them believe that he chose them to go to the drinking contests.
-Bobby and Myolie got drunk after the drinking contests.
-The next day Bobby and Myolie found on the same bed naked.
– Linda gave Bobby a painting of two galloping horse, one white and one black.
-Myolie looked at the galloping horse painting while dancing with her saber.
-Bobby told Myolie she will dance solo at times.
-Angela drinks grape wine that Kwok Fung made for her.
-It was revealed during Jess Sum and Angela Tong’s conversation that Angela had a nosebleed earlier, and Jess bribed a doctor to disclose that she has a disease. Angela’s husband’s doctor checked on her and said there was a leech on her body that sucked her blood.
-Kwok Fung cut JJ Jia’s harp to revenge for Angela.
-Myolie looked at the harp. Jess Sum and JJ Jia thought Myolie broke the string.
-Bobby said the 3 officers in the conservatories really liked Myolie’s saber dance.
-Bobby told Angela and Linda that he wants to add the saber dance in the lotus dance performance so Linda and Myolie can work together. He also wants to promote Myolie as a Senior Dancer and lead her own dance.
-Linda got jealous of Myolie again and told Bobby that if Myolie leads her own dance, she rather quit.
-Linda showed Evergreen Mak a painting of his parents and he had a big headache remembering some of the past.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 14 recap

Bobby Au Yeung told the granny that Linda can’t get marry yet because she works in the conservatory. Bobby got mad at her siblings for not keeping a close eyes on the grandma. The grandma told Linda that Bobby really wants to marry her since he always praise her. Bobby told Linda that the granny went to the temple to pray for them but she twisted her leg. He asked Linda to put an act with him to make grandma happy. Bobby said he knows he hurted Linda when he canceled their engagement. Bobby and Linda pick Lotus flowers to cook for the grandma. Linda and Bobby hid behind the rock when they heard noises. Linda said it is so embarrassing if the get caught since she’s a principal dancer and he’s the director. A black spider crawled on Linda’s left shoulder. Bobby made a wristband for Linda with a stem. Linda made fried lotus cake and chicken lotus leaves. Bobby showed Linda how to make lotus seed. Evergreen Mak wished Linda and Bobby the best. Myolie told Evergreen Mak that he can play music and he can cook, lots of girls will go for him. Evergreen Mak told Myolie that she’s royal and beautiful; anyone who marries her won’t need a servant. Oscar Leung pushed the cart for Yoyo Chen on their way to the banquet. Yoyo Chen put on the eye liner for Oscar. Yoyo Chen can’t breathe on their way home. Yoyo told him that she suffered an epidemic with her sister but she gave her sister the last pill. Now her heart has gotten weaker. Yoyo and Oscar looked at the constellation of stars, and he said she’s like an Orion that is shining while he’s a nova that no one have discovered yet. He said he really wants to be the first male dancer in history. Evergreen Mak agreed to make a tune related to lotus flowers for Linda and Bobby. Myolie is happy that she can finally dance on her own. Evergreen Mak recalled that he gave her grandmother chopsticks as gift, when the grandma picked up the dimsum with the chopsticks. When Evergreen Mak asked Bobby if he remember giving grandma the two red chopsticks. Bobby said he gave grandma so many gifts.

Doomed to Oblivion episode 29 and 30 recap

Myolie got arrested. I feel poor for Myolie has to be the scapegoat for Gigi. She wouldn’t be in this state if Nadia didn’t tell her to beware of Gigi. Wong Hei told Gigi that she’s so nice for worrying about Myolie. Evergreen Mak and Wong Hei’s brother doesn’t believe that Myolie stole the painting. Wong Hei told a guard to open the lock for Myolie. Wong Hei told Myolie to run away and not to appear anymore. Wong Hei turns himself in. Raymond Cho gave Wong Hei 3 days to find the painting back. Myolie saw the lady that saved Gigi at the temple. Gigi pretends to tell Wong Hei that she found the painting. The lady told Myolie that she burned her house and killed her husband. Wong Hei and Gigi drink together happily. Gigi made Wong Hei drunk and put some rebel poems on his painting to frame him. While Wong Hei showed the painting to the majesty, Myolie run to prevent him showing Gigi’s paintings. Wong Hei showed Gigi’s painting to Raymond Cho. Raymond Cho thought the painting was his. The 14th prince told Raymond Cho that Wong Hei wants to rebel. Raymond Cho ordered men to put Wong Hei in prison temporarily. Raymond Cho told the 14th prince he doesn’t understand why would Wong Hei put the rebel poem on his own painting and show it to him? Wong Hei told Gigi in jail that he did so much for her but she treated him that way. Wong Hei told Gigi that he could have told the majesty about everything she did but he wouldn’t because he love her. Wong Hei confessed to Raymond that he’s the one who wrote the rebel letter. Raymond Cho got mad that Wong Hei sacrificed his life for one person. Raymond Cho decided to behead Wong Hei as he wish. Myolie sends a letter to Gigi. Gigi went to a shelter and saw the lady whose house’s she burned. Myolie and Evergreen Mak told Gigi that that lady is the proof. Gigi said that it was Wong Hei who cause her husband to be beheaded since he purposely drew the fake painting to frame him. Evergreen Mak told Gigi that Wong Hei admits all the crime because of her. Gigi finally woke up. Pierre Ngo got drunk and asked Gigi why did she used him to frame Wong Hei. Pierre Ngo said he regret that he helped Gigi and her mom and he beg her to help him. Gigi’s mom tied Pierre up. Gigi begs her mom to tell the truth. Gigi cried when her mom told her everything. Raymond Cho drink with Wong Hei. Wong Hei wouldn’t tell him who drew the painting. On the day Wong Hei is about to get beheaded, Gigi admits all her crime. Wong Hei beg the emperor to be lenient on Gigi. Raymond Cho asked the 14th prince his opinion about Gigi framed Wong Hei with the painting. The 14th prince told Raymond Cho that back then, he thought Kangxi’s painting would point out who will become king. Raymond Cho wants to be lenient for Gigi since his father framed Mark Kwok. The 14th prince told Raymond Cho not to do that because it will cause him harm. Gigi’s mom becomes crazy and Gigi becomes a nun. Wong Hei told the king he wants to retired because there are so many burden in life such as he rather die than exposing Gigi; Gigi wants to revenge him because of her husband. Myolie ran away from home because he thought Wong Hei doesn’t love her as a wife. Wong Hei wrote a poem to Raymond Cho that it is hard to be smart but it is also to be dumb. Wong Hei found Myolie and held her hand. HAPPY ENDING!:)

Master of Play episode 3 recap

Adam Cheng investigated where Luk Bing Ching is. He noticed on his cell phone, that he called a number frequently which is a restaurant’s number. The restaurant server told Adam he usually order their daily special. The restaurant server served Adam iced black coffee with pork chop rice with onion without sauce. Adam told Ram Chiang perhaps he is used to eat the food in prison so when he got out, he doesn’t know which food to choose. Adam got followed by a dog then asked the owner of the restaurant if there is any place where there’s lots of dogs and cats because he thinks that luk bin ching might be there to feed them. He fed the dog with food. Ram Chiang teach his students about emotional memories. Adam called the detective’s assistant and asked her if she knows where Luk Bin Ching lived before he went to jail. Adam came up to Luk Bin Ching’s old appartment. He saw Lau Dan who is Luk Bin Ching. Adam told Lau Dan that his mood is pretty similar to him that’s how he can figure where he lives. Adam told Lau Dan that he decided to move in that apartment so he can see the sky. Adam told Lau Dan he understand why he doesn’t want him to perform the play because he doesn’t want to remember his sad past nor letting people exaggerate his past. Moses told Maggie that he has the confidence to make her mom change her view about him. Aimee Chan told her workers that there was a big rain last week so they had to cut the tree branches. Moses told Maggie that the date that she wanted to pick which is December 8th was fully booked. Aimee got mad because that date is her birthday. Moses Chan and Aimee perform a magic trick about red rose turning blacks to the kids. Moses told the kids the rose is too sad in the bag so it turns black. When Adam spilled water on the table, he was surprised to see Lau Dan cleaned the table so much. While Adam and Lau Dan walk down the apartment, Lau Dan fought with 2 young guys who smoked cigarettes and a man who took out the light bulb. Lau Dan argued with a man on the street that he bought a pound of chestnut from him but he only gave him half a pound and 4 out of 10 chestnuts were rotten. Lau Dan told Adam that he’s afraid that his wife might twist her leg when walking up the dark stairs if she comes back one day. Lau Dan told Adam that his wife used to complain he always throw cigarette on the floor so he tries to change himself. He said she worked as a prostitute and she met another man. Lau Dan said he doesn’t mind people gossip about him because he wants his wife to know that he got released from jail. Adam’s colleage said a girl about 20 send him flowers and she just went a way. Adam yelled her daughter’s name in the crowd. Aimee Chan looked at Adam.

Doomed to Oblivion episode 27 and 28 recap

Evergreen Mak complained to Myolie he helped Wong Hei so much 20 years ago but now Wong Hei doesn’t want to help him. Evergreen Mak said he just wants Wong Hei to buy his friends paintings to make his business more successful since they helped him a lot. A painter told Myolie that as long as Wong Hei said the painting of Wong Hei’s friend is good then everyone will buy it since he works for the majesty. Myolie took Wong Hei to a restaurant in order for him to hear people talk about Evergreen Mak. Wong Hei told Myolie she doesn’t need to hire people to say those things. Wong Hei said he works for the majesty so he needs to be fair in choosing a good painting. Evergreen Mak told some people to wait till Wong Hei comes and write a poem on his friend’s painting. Wong Hei came and told Evergreen Mak he’s using him to make money. He said his friend’s painting sucks and no one would buy it. Myolie pretends to be mad and about to sign the painting, then Wong Hei told Myolie to get out so he can sign it. Evergreen Mak told his friend that Wong Hei pretends to be mad at them since he has his high status. He’s embarassed so he used this trick to sign the paiting. Wong Hei, Evergreen Mak, and his friend drink together. Wong Hei and Evergreen Mak saw Gigi Lai but Gigi claimed a different identity. Wong Hei asked Pierre Ngo how does he know Gigi’s identical lady. Evergreen Mak told Wong Hei he already investigated Gigi’s identical lady. He said it is really Gigi. Wong Hei asked Gigi how did she escaped. She told the story that her mom got thirsty during her prisoner walk but the guards would let her drink water. She said while her mother and she escaped, the guards killed her mother. A rich lady saved Gigi when she fell down the hill. The house got burned and she managed to escape. It was revealed the true story is Gigi and her mother managed to escape, and the rich lady saved them. Th rich lady’s husband raped Gigi. The rich lady’s husband blackmailed her that if she told anyone she’s been raped by him then he take her to prison. The lady’s wife slapped Gigi and told her to leave. Her mom killed the lady’s husband and saved the lady from the fire. Gigi’s mom blamed Wong Hei for everything. Gigi wants to revenge. Evergreen Mak suspected that Gigi comes back to revenge because there are too much coincidence. I thought Wong Hei is so mean to yell at Myolie and also he used to yell at Nadia a lot when she was alive. He loves Gigi too much which makes him blind and unaware of her revenge. Myolie remembers Nadia told her to beware of Gigi because she will bring bad omen for Wong Hei. Gigi send an invitation for Wong Hei to look at Pierre’s paintings. Gigi told Wong Hei, he doesn’t use Pierre’s painting because he’s scare he will outshine him.Wong Hei told his brother that he will use Pierre’s painting. Myolie warned Gigi not to disturb Wong Hei. Wong Hei yelled at Myolie. When Wong Hei entered Gigi’s house, he saw a bunch of his paintings hanging in her room. Gigi told Wong Hei she used Pierre’s paintings to think about Wong Hei. Wong Hei got drunk and mentioned Gigi. Myolie ran away from home and ate congee alone. At that time Wong Hei’s painting is missing and he doesn’t want to tell the official that Myolie took it. Gigi told Myolie to be careful. I suspect Gigi’s the one who took it. Gigi’s took the painting to drive Myolie away and to cause Wong Hei trouble. Myolie paid someone to find Wong Hei’s painting. Gigi pretends to tell Wong Hei he found the person who stole the painting. Gigi pretends to tell Myolie to not sell the painting for money. Wong Hei thought Myolie stole the painting and defend Gigi.

Doomed to Oblivion episode 25 and 26 recap

Wong Hei stayed in the court but couldn’t find a case. Wong Hei asked the old commoners what happened to the land. The commoners said the rich men took all their land because they are poor. When the people found out he is a magistrate they ran away. Wong Hei got bite by a snake. Nadia asked Wong Hei what he thinks of Myolie. He said she’s competent. Nadia teach Myolie how to cook fish. Wong Hei hold a hammer and hit the bricks and announced to the commoners that he’s a righteous magistrate, and if they have a case then find him. He said if the criminal is rich or not, he will judge according to the law. Everyone clapped when told the rich man to bow. Wong Hei stressed out that he had to put the innocent in jail because the rich man has proof. Wong Hei ordered the prisoner to stand in front of the rich man’s restaurant for 100 days to repent for his debt. Wong Hei told the rich man as long as the prisoner isn’t in debt of his then he can leave. The rich man agreed with Wong Hei to let the prisoner free of debts. Nadia asked Wong Hei to marry Myolie. Nadia cried in front of Myolie and said she will die and she told her to take care of him after she die. Wong Hei is planning to buy back the land bought by the rich people from the poor. Nadia saw the back of Gigi but she fainted. Nadia has a dream that Gigi comes back to revenge for her family. Nadia asked Wong Hei why he wouldn’t accept Myolie as his wife? Nadia asked Wong Hei is it because he still likes Gigi. Wong Hei responded their baby is the only 3rd person. The rich man can’t wait till Wong Hei to buy the land from him since he heard that Wong Hei will buy the land 10 times the price of the land he bought. Wong Hei said to the commoners he doesn’t have money to build a sculpture for the majesty and hope they will lend him money. Wong Hei told the rich man that the buying of his land had to be delayed. The rich man got mad because he lots so much money from buying the useless lands. Nadia fainted and is about to die. Nadia told Wong Hei her wish before she die. She hopes Wong Hei becomes a good magistrate, and marry Myolie. She asks Wong Hei and Myolie to marry in front of her. Wong Hei drunk himself. Wong Hei told Myolie to go away. Wong Hei does a case about the man annul the marriage of his daughter to another guy because the daughter’s lover’s house got flooded. Myolie distribute congee to the commoners. Wong Hei forbids Myolie to use her status as his wife to do something. The majesty promoted Wong Hei to a higher rank and come back to Yangzhou. Wong Hei sit in front of Nadia’s grave that he couldn’t make himself love Myolie. Wong Hei gave Myolie a divorce letter. Myolie follows Wong Hei. Myolie said she took all of his money he gave her to help the poor. Wong Hei and myolie ate lunch with Evergreen Mak. Wong Hei said his job is similar to Gilbert Lam as taking care of the paintings. Evergreen Mak asks Wong Hei to help his friend since his painting couldn’t be sold. Some painters beg Wong Hei to look at their paintings. Evergreen Mak asks Wong Hei to pick his friend’s paintings to bring to the palace. Wong Hei told Evergreen Mak he won’t pick a painting from his friend just because they are his friends. Wong saw a painting with the bamboo style similar to the way he paint. Wong Hei found the painter who drew that painting (Pierre Ngo) and he reminds him of himself. Wong Hei doubted why the painter know so much about him such as he likes to eat dumpling and married Nadia. Wong Hei followed the painter and saw Gigi.

Doomed to Oblivion episode 23 and 24 recap

The magistrate ordered to spank Raymond Cho 20 times. Wong Hei turned himself in. Wong Hei wrote the poem again on the paper. Evergreen Mak told the magistrate he can copy the writing since he is the painter. The magistrate told the guard to spank Wong Hei 20 times. Raymond Cho got put in the same jail as Wong Hei. Wong Hei told Raymond that poor doesn’t fight with the rich. Raymond Cho told Wong Hei he’s the emperor but he wouldn’t believe it. Wong Hei told Raymond the magistrate wouldn’t release him easily. The magistrate recognize the other magistrate holding the fan of the majesty. The magistrate saw the majesty in jail and got scared. The magistrate is trying to find a way to released the majesty and put the other magistrate as the scapegoat from the ink incident. Raymond Cho asked Wong Hei why does Kangxi loved his bamboo painting. He hoped Wong Hei would draw him the bamboo. The guards ate Nadia’s dumpling that she made for Wong Hei. Raymond Cho saw Wong Hei’s panting at night. Myolie and Nadia is planning to rescue Wong Hei from jail at night. Suddendly two men in black outfits saved Raymond Cho and Wong Hei and told them to rest in a cave and stay there. Raymond Cho told Wong Hei, Kangxi must love his painting. The magistrate stood outside and about to burn the cave. Wong Hei and Raymond Cho came out. Nadia Chan and Myolie saved Raymond and Wong Hei. Myolie told Raymond Cho, Nadia, and Wong Hei to runaway and she will mislead the guards.Myolie found out that Raymond Cho is the king after hearing the magistrate talking to his assistant. Raymond Cho cut a part of the fabric in his shirt and gave it to Nadia and told her to find his eunuch to save him. The magistrate have a talk to Raymond Cho’s eunuch. Lawerence Yan pretends to be the king’s eunuch and talked to Nadia. The magistrate ordered the other magistrate to kill the king Wong Hei. Myolie saw the king’s eunuch and told him the news. Nadia came in time to save Wong Hei but she got hurt. The magistrate arrested the king. Raymond Cho spit at the magistrate. The other magistrate pretends to save the king and kill the other magistrate. Myolie and Nadia told the majesty everything and the magistrate got arrested. Nadia got pregnant but her body is hurt and it is risky for her to have babies. Magistrate told Wong Hei he already banished that magistrate,returns all the money to the commoners, and congrats him to have a kid. Raymond ordered Wong Hei to take care of the rice distribution. Wong Hei told Nadia he loves her the most and only wants to be a small magistrate to live a peaceful life. A commoner and the guards confront Wong Hei of not paying them money to enter the village. Wong Hei yelled what law of Quing made the people pay to enter the village. Wong Hei showed his letter of magistrate. Wong Hei got mad that the commoners gave him money to bribe him. Wong Hei took the gold and order it to send it to the poverty. Wong Hei is strict toward the guards and his secretary. Nadia’s pain got worse.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 13 recap

Bobby told Linda to think about her brother. Oscar Leung likes dancing; Bobby told Linda that she can’t make Oscar go to the military just because she wants him to have that job. Linda said she rather support him the rest of her life. Bobby told Linda it is unfair for Linda to dance but Oscar can’t. Bobby asked Linda if she rather wants Oscar to perform in Cheung Lai Yuen or in the street? Oscar Leung praised Myolie’s chrisatenumn painting. Oscar asked Yoyo to teach him dancing at night and he will pay for debt. Sire Ma accidentally dropped William Chak’s powder. JJ Jia asked for more fragrance. Myolie gave Evergreen Mak two red eggs and celebrate his unknown birthdate. The dancers teased Myolie of having Evergreen Mak’s towel. Angela told Myolie her waste is too stiff and can’t master the skill. Bobby and Myolie saw Angela and Kwok Fung on the mountain. Bobby and Myolie pretends to kiss each other as Kwok Fung comes closer. A robber pointed a sword toward Angela. Kwok Fung protected Angela with his sword. Myolie asked Kwok to teach him using the saber. Evergreen Mak’s birthmark is now gone. Linda Chung gaved a carved block for Evergreen Mak and said it is for him and Myolie. Bobby told Evergreen Mak to be the music instructor during the prince’s feast; he told him not to outshine KK Cheung to prevent trouble. Evergreen Mak played the horsehead fiddle in front of the dancers. Evergreen Mak had more confidence during the performance after Linda praised him. The king rewarded Evergreen Mak for his music composition. Bobby praised KK Cheung in front of the majesty in fear of causing troubles with him. Evergreen Mak gave his gift to Linda Chung. The granny came to meet Linda. The granny told Bobby and Myolie that Evergreen Mak is her grandson, and Linda is her granddaughter in law.

Doomed to Oblivion episode 20-22 recap

Myolie knocked on Myolie’s head which cause him to faint. When everyone was staring at her carrying Wong Hei on a big bag, Myolie said “It’s just pork!”. While Myolie bought a bun, a kid opened the bag and the commoners saw Wong Hei. Myolie made up a story that he is her sick husband and she wants to take him to the doctor. Wong Hei managed to untie the notes with some broken pieces of plate. Wong Hei almost fell down the hill but Myolie managed to pull him up. Wong Hei doesn’t have any faces to see Nadia. Nadia made medical tea for Wong Hei’s father. Nadia cooked dumpling for other people. Wong Hei returns to his home and thought about Nadia and his dad. Nadia gave Wong Hei a bowl of dumpling without seeing her face. Then she recognized Wong Hei while he eats the meal. Nadia and Wong Hei hugged each other while crying. Wong Hei bowed to his dad and apologized. Wong Hei’s dad said Nadia was really stressed in making chores and trying to find him. Wong Hei saw his paintings in his room. Nadia said she bought all his paintings back just to feel like he’s by her side. Wong Hei burned Gigi’s letter. Back in the palace, Yongzheng died. Raymond Cho becomes king as Emperor Qianlong. The 14th prince yelled at Raymond Cho he doesn’t like Yongzheng so he won’t obey him. Raymond Cho wants to solve the problem between the 14th prince and the 4th prince. The 14th prince meet Gilbert Lam again. The majesty ordered Gilbert Lam to become a commoner and return back to his hometown. Gilbert Lam asked 14th who doesn’t want fame? The 14th prince punched Gilbert Lam. Raymond Cho carries Kangxi’s favorite rifle and walk around staring at it. Raymond Cho said he is Kangxi’s favorite grandson and he remembers how Kangxi hunted with this rife. Qianlong said he respect Kangxi the most. Qianglong asked about Wong Hei’s painter since Kangxi loved his painting. Kangxi’s eunuch told Raymond Cho that Wong Hei had a long conversation with Kangxi about the paintings when he was alive. Wong Hei gave out cakes to his students. Evergreen Mak gave Wong Hei a paintbrush hoping he would go back painting again. Wong Hei goes back to be a painter in Yangzhou. Evergreen Mak got mad at the restaurant owner for driving him away because the table is reserved for the magistrate. Evergreen Mak told Wong Hei that his attitude has changed from being impulsive from being calm. In the restaurant, the magistrate gave a good wine to other magistrates. He said another magistrate is planning to give an ink box as a gift for the majesty. He told them he needs their help to carry a big rock so the magistrate can write on it. Other magistrates agreed to help. Wong Hei forgot how to paint. The magistrate asked the painters to give give them 20,000 dollars to help him give the ink gift to the majesty. Evergreen Mak accidently bumped into Myolie dressed as a bride. Myolie ran away from the groom and some people who chased her. Myolie Wu said the people con her and made her married the groom. Evergreen Mak said Myolie’s the con and she’s the one who proposed to him first and she ran away after taking the money. Nadia let Myolie stay. Evergreeen Mak told Myolie to prepare the ink and do chores. Myolie blamed Nadia for working so hard. Wong Hei teach Myolie to write. Myolie said there are some people who study hard but are still poor. Nadia told Myolie that Wong Hei’s friend is going to teach her to paint, Evergreen Mak will teach her to write, and she will teach her to cook and sew. Nadia followed Myolie and saw her giving some money to the poor. Myolie encountered the groom’s man and she punch him and ran away. Nadia saved Myolie in time. Nadia saw a servant about to throw Wong Hei’s painting. Nadia bought his painting back. Raymond Cho bought the painting with a higher prince. Then Wong Hei took the painting back. Wong Hei told Raymond Cho that when you’re angry you draw bamboo, when you’re happy you draw flowers. Raymond Cho’s guard bid with Wong Hei to pay higher but Wong Hei doesn’t want to so they hit him. The guards pushed an enormous ink outside to bring to the majesty as a present. A child kicked touched the ink and got hit by a guard. Raymond Cho and the guards bought candies and went to the restaurant. They tried the food before letting Raymond Cho eat in case there’s poison. Raymond Cho wants to see something clearer, the guards pushed everyone out and Raymond got mad! Raymond Cho pretended to go to the restroom and told the guards to stay in the restaurant. Raymond Cho eats the noodle alone. Myolie came up to Raymond Cho and planned to con him. Myolie pretends to hurt her belly. Myolie hit Raymond Cho and tied him. Myolie stole Raymond Cho’s money. Wong Hei yelled at Myolie. Nadia told Myolie not to do this anymore. Myolie hid Raymond Cho’s majesty stamp. The guards told some commoners to push the ink for them or they have to give him 50,000 dollars. The commoners fainted while not having enough energy to push; then the ink fell. Wong Hei got mad when the commoners rebelled and the guard hit them. Wong Hei drunk himself. Wong Hei wrote a poem on the wall. The kids sung a song about the bribery magistrate.The magistrate ordered the guards to arrest all the people who know how to write. Wong Hei returns home. A commoner untied Raymond Cho. Raymond Cho followed Myolie. The guards arrested Raymond Cho because he knows how to write. Raymond Cho got put in jail.Raymond Cho gave a fan to the guard to prove he’s the king but no one believed him. Evergreen Mak got released since he gave the guards money. Evergreen Mak, Myolie, and Wong Hei ran away. Wong Hei wants to turn himself in. The magistrate put on a trial to the majesty. The magistrate slapped the majesty.