Queen in Hyun’s man episode 7 recap

What I like about korean dramas is it has a sense of humor in which it give me a sense of satisfaction. The episode starts with Yoon In Na announcing everyone on the plane that Ji Hyun Woo is her boyfriend. Na Jung tease Dong Min that Yoon In Na likes someone else just before he thought he would get her. LOL Yoon In Na said to Ji Hyun Woo being chased is his fate since he got chased by guards then now got chased by paparazzi. I thought it was funny when Yoon In Na told Dong Min on the phone that she learned become arrogant from him. Ji Hyun Boo returns to the past and warned the queen that Minister Min is scheming toward the her. He told her not to be alarmed by the noises outside. He got everything planned. It’s funny that the taxi driver asked Ji Hyun Woo if he had a sword when he went back to the present. Ji Hyun Was like that’s a wooden sword. Ji Hyun Woo wrote a confidential letter to the majesty informing that there will be a gathering of ministers plotting against Queen Hyun. Ji Hyun Woo wore an black suit and pointed a sword at Minister Min. He said it took him half a month to travel from Joseon to Jeju. Ji Hyun Woo pointed a sword toward Minister Min’s chin and asked him to write a letter in black ink. Ji Hyun Woo ordered Minister Min to write “Because he failed his mission to arrest Ji Hyun Woo, he and other ministers will gather to discuss the dethronement of the queen.” Ji Hyun Woo told Minister Min that he’s revenging for the death of his mother, father, and wife. The majesty managed to save the queen in time. The majesty gave an order to arrest all the ministers traitor. While the guards arrest Minister Chin, he told them that Ji Hyun Woo is behind the screen. The guards did not see anything when searching for him. The majesty pushed the ministers to Jeju island; Lady Jang’s brother are to be interrogated. Ji Hyun Woo reinstate his position. In the present, Yoon In Na’s best friend said if Ji Hyun Woo doesn’t have a cell phone or email, how do keep in touch with each other. Yoon In Na responded by public phone. Yoon In Na’s best friend took Yoon iN Na’s phone and set her up on a date with Dong Min in a restaurant.Yoon In Na told Dong Min that Ji Hyun Woo can’t make it to their meeting. Ji Hyun Woo suddenly appears to the restaurant and shook hands with Dong Min. Yoon In Na told Ji Hyun Woo that if he wants to be her good lover he has to stay corny.

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