Partner episode 12 recap

Lee Dong Wook told Honey Lee that she can call him during the verdict if she wants to. Lawyer Yoo Man Sung will be his own lawyer for this case. The old lady said she signed a land contract under her son Dong Shik and it was said the transfer of ownership will be one week later. She said the owner Hwan did not showed up because he was traveling abroad. She tries to contact him but can’t. That’s why she met lawyer Yoo Man Sung. Lee Dong Wook said “That’s why you should have come up to me instead, what if you met a bad lawyer?” haha. The lady threw a shoes at Yoo Man Sung when he said that he was good at helping innocent people. She told Lee Dong Wook that Yoo Man Sung said that if she let him have the case, then he promised to help her get back the land for free. She said she gave him rice cakes for free. The lady said then lawyer Yoo called her that she has to pay to photocopy and apply a document for the court and it cost 2 million won then the payment exceeed 16 million. Layer Yoo said he paid for her more than 3 millions dollars, and he showed the receipt to the judge. The lady said laywer yoo wouldn’t meet her and he said the money has to be in cash. Then the lawyer yoo said the land is already in the hands of someone else. Lawyer Yoo told Kim Hyun Joo that the money was transferred from Dong Shik. Laywer yoo wants to submit Dong Shik to ask him if his intention was to buy the land or not. Lee Dong Wook said Dong Shik has a low IQ. Lawyer Yoo said Dong Shik is shy but his IQ isn’t low. The judge permits Lawyer Yoo to come up. Young Woo found out that Kim Hyun Joo wants to dig up the truth about the dead of her husband. He asked the lawyer of how much Lee Dong Wook knows about this case. Dong Shik said he goes to the temple with her mother to pray that he will get smarter. Lawyer Yoo asked Madam Go that she went to the temple with his son for 3 days and that’s when she also found out that someone else got the land. Dong Shik told Lawyer Yoo he said he didn’t want the land and wants to return the money. Dong Shik told his mom that back then, lawyer Yoo told him that his mom might die, and if he buys the land, he will have no money. Dong Shik told his mom he doesn’t want the land, he only wants her. Young Woo’s wife showed him the pictures of Honey and him dating and said Honey Lee’s father sent it. Young Wol siad he needs to go out for a while. Young Wol remembers how Honey Lee cried and said his father doesn’t like her and broke them up. Young Wol asked his father if he met Honey Lee. Youn Wol’s dad said he arranged him to meet with his in laws and his wife at a restaurant. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo asked a poor ahjussi if he knows about Park Myung Soo.He said he doesn’t know him, he just lied to them so they can treat him the meal. Kim Hyun Joo brought the ahjussi somewhere. Lawyer Yoo asked Soon Yi to give him different kinds of pen. Kim Hyun Joo bought a pair of shoes for the ahjussi. Young Wol called Honey Lee but she wouldn’t pick up. Young Wol asked Lee Dong Wook if he saw Honey Lee. Young Wol told Lee Dong Wook that Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father lawyer Jo is related to Kim Woo Shik. He said Kim Woo Shik has the info of Kim Hyun Joo’s husband, the first victim of Jin Sung PNC. Lee Dong Wook asked his brother that they caused the dead of Kim Hyun Joo’s husband. Kim Hyun Joo dropped the glass outside and told Lee Dong Wook she will switch partners. Lee Dong Wook put a band aid on Kim Hyun Joo’s finger. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father told her that her son has fever. Lawyer Kim told Lee Dong Wook that he will arrange him and Kim Hyun Joo in different offices after this case.Honey Lee told Lee Dong Wook that sometimes she’s scared of seeing a big family like him cause they don’t care about their family members. Kim Hyun Joo’s son asked Lee Dong Wook if he can play with his yoyo for one time. Lee Dong Wook gave Kim Hyun Joo’s son his yoyo so he will do the injection. The Ahjussi told Lee Don Wook and Kim Hyun Joo that Park Myung Soo died 6 months ago. Kim Hyun Joo stared at Park Myung Soo’s wife crying about her husband’s dead and recalling how she cried when her husband died. Lee Dong Wook holds Kim Hyun Joo’s hand tightly. Lawyer Jo called Lee Dong Wook. Lee Dong Wook told him that he knows that Kim Hyun Joo’s husband dead is not related to some hereditary disease. Kim Hyun Joo heard Lee Dong Wook saying that her husband could be the first victim of Jin Sung PNC.

Master of Play episode 28 recap

Matt Yeung’s subordinate told Moses that he suspects him of murdering someone in Adam’s house. He asked Moses if he argued with Aimee in the car and why did she got out in the middle of the street. Moses said he argued with her about doing magic tricks and she was angry so she got out of the car. The police said Moses’s fingerprint is similar to the fingerprints in Adam’s house. Moses said that he always go there to teach Adam magic tricks. The lawyer told Moses that Adam and his wife will pay the hospital bill for Aimee. The police interrogate Aimee about the incident. Adam told Moses that Aimee told him that she is Tansy and Moses was one of the kidnappers. Moses yelled at Adam and said Aimee is her real sister. Aimee lied to the police that Moses waited for her at the office after work. Adam told Moses that he did not expose him not because of Aimee begging him but because he can’t forgive himself after kidnapping her and think this war should end. Rebecca told her son that it’s not that she doesn’t believe Adam but she is not sure if Aimee is really Tansy. He asked him if he thinks Aimee is his sister. Rebecca said she doesn’t know how to deal with it since everything just happen so sudden. She said after her husband died, and now her daughter comes back. She said she should be happy but she feels so strange and she feels it is not real. Ram Chiang told Adam to be truth to himself that he doesn’t believe that Aimee is Tansy. Adam said that Moses couldn’t kill Aimee but killed her father by mistake. Ram Chiang asked Adam that he saw multiple personalities in Moses too. So Adam found out Moses has split personalities due to the bar and his customers being burned. Ram Chiang told Moses that if he believed what Aimee said, then he should believe that Steve’s dead was an accident. Adam told Ram Chiang that he has to forgive Moses just because he saved his daughter’s life. Adam told Moses that Aimee wants to see him one more time because he took good care of her. Adam told Moses that Aimee only wants to live a normal life.Aimee told Moses she is really moving out. She said so many dead surrounds him. Aimee told Moses that Steve’s dead is a different story, and it is a lie she is stuck for life. Aimee told Moses he doesn’t need to apologize; he took good care of her for 25 years. She said she can’t tell if Moses is a good person after all the killing he did, but this lie is to repay him. Aimee told Moses to go to Las Vegas with Kelly to perform magic. Aime said even though she lied about Steve’s dead, the police will soon find out the truth. Moses told Kelly that magic can make something disappear but it can’t change reality. Will told Aimee that Adam should marry Rebecca so the family could reunite. Adam told Ram Chiang that Aimee is sad because she missed Moses but there is something Aimee is afraid to tell him. Aimee told Adam she feels uncomfortable to call him “Daddy” since she used to call him by his name. Adam said different name doesn’t matter since it is just a name. Aimee told Adam she will call her “Daddy” in odd days, “Kun” on even days, and “Hey” on Sunday. Adam told the police since Moses blamed him for letting him be in this situation, he will target the people around Adam. He wants Adam to feel how it is to lose something. Moses capture that guy who gossips about Maggie.

Master of Play episode 27 recap

Rebecca’s son asked her if he still loves Adam. He said he thinks that she matches with Adam more than his dad.Moses grabbed Aimee in the car and put the fake hand in the bag. Moses told Aimee that the dentist is dead but not Adam. Aimee ran out in the middle of the street and got hit by a car. Adam heard Aimee got in the hospital, he got mad at Moses for killing Rebecca’s husband, stealing Maggie’s fake hand, and causing Aimee to be in an accident.Moses told Adam that Adam brings bad luck to his daughter, Maggie, and now Aimee. Moses asked the nurse to only let him visit his sister. While Aimee is in coma, Moses tells her that he doesn’t deserve her as a sister but he already gave her the best. He said he never felt good about owing Adam. He said he tries to avoid him but he let her be friends with him. He said she only can blame dad and those creeps about how broke they were. He said he was beaten by by his dad when he was fifteen. He said he thought if he kept an eye on, then no one with get hurt but in the end he had no choice. Rebecca madly went into Aimee’s room to confront Moses. She told Adam that Steve did not accidentally died.Rebecca cried and told Adam that Tansy and her husband died because of him. Moses complained to the police about Adam barging in Aimee’s room. Matt Yeung’s subordinate told Moses that he wasn’t there and there’s no way that they could press charge. The police asked Moses what did he fight with Adam about.The police found it weird that during the same night, someone robbed Adam’s flat and then Aimee got into a car crash. Moses said he picked Aimee up from work and don’t care who got robbed. Steve’s son told Adam that he missed his dad’s jokes. Adam sighed to Will that he arrived five minutes late to pick up Tansy after the rehearsal, and she has been taken. Adam told Will that Rebecca and he knew that time doesn’t matter because the kidnapper will eventually kidnap her anyway. When Moses returned to the hospital to check on Aimee, she went missing. Moses crazily came up to Adam and confront him that he and Rebecca kidnap Aimee. Adam’s colleagues told Moses that Adam has been rehearsing with them. Adam told Moses that he thinks of Aimee differently than he thinks of him. Adam’s colleagues told Moses to go home and look for her. Aimee walked in the middle of the street. Moses saw the tree changed colors. Rebecca told Adam that Aimee is Tansy. Rebecca told Aimee that no one will bully her again from now on.

When It’s at Night episode 13 recap

This drama is full of surprise and just gets better and better. Lee Joo Hyun found the body of Kim Suna’s dad and he doesn’t know how to tell her. Haha Kim Suna’s dad played the role of Kwon Hee Soo in k-drama Kim Suna cried and deny that her dad is dead. Lee Dong Gun hugged Kim Suna while she cries. Kim Suna and her brother went to their father’s funeral. Kim Suna told Lee Dong Gun that he remembers how her father cooked and paint nails for her. She said if her father was alive, she would ask her father to forgive her for saying not wanting to see him again. Kim Suna reads her father’s diary. Lee Joo Hyun told Chief Noh that he suspects that someone murdered Kim Suna’s father and created fake evidence to fool the police that he’s still alive. Chairman Jiang ordered his assistant to find more info about Kim Suna since she is the daughter of General Shovel. Someone took photos of Kim Suna’s brother. Lee Joo Hyun takes pictures for Kim Jung Hwa. Chairman Jang look at Kim Suna and her brother’s profile. Chairman Jang’s assistant told him that Kim Suna’s brother helped them with the landscape recently. Lee Dong Gun went on his way to Suna’s brother house. Chairman Jang sent men to beat Kim Suna’s brother. Kim Suna’s brother fought with them and run and told Lee Dong Gun to run when he was in front of the house. Lee Dong Gun asked Kim Suna’s brother who were those men. Lee Dong Gun called him Robin Hood and asked him why he was stealing. Kim Suna’s brother said that Chairman Jang probably knows that he worked part time at his house to get info. Kim Suna’s brother said her sister loves and hates her father at the same time and he wants her to live a normal life. Kim Suna saw stuff scattered in her house. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna’s brother that he is also important to his sister. Lee Dong Gun asked him not to steal again. Hyukjoong told Chairman Jang he has a plan to catch Kim Suna’s brother. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna that her brother wants to travel to take some fresh air. He asked her to stay over at his house while her brother travels. Chief Noh told Lee Joo Hyun that Robin Hood might be related to General Shovel’s dead. Someone faked Robin Hood returning the artifact to the museum. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna’s brother to stay low at his grandfather’s place. Kim Suna’s brother told Lee Dong Gun that he doesn’t have to worry about his sister because he will take care of her. Kim Suna’s brother told him that he’s leaving his sister for him.

Master of Play episode 26 recap

Matt Yeung’s subordinate told Adam that Maggie hid her blade inside her mechanical arm. Adam saw Esther and Tsui Wing walking together with illusion. Moses fought with a guy about telling the reporter about Maggie and he warned him of not appearing in front of him again. Aimee is thinking of how to explain to Moses and Adam about Maggie being the killer. Rebecca told Aimee that she doesn’t have to worry about Adam because Adam wasn’t sure if Maggie went out with him for a motive. Adam told Moses that Maggie killed herself to cover up for him, and how could he just go into her house to look for evidence against him? Moses told Adam that he rather do something for her than cry. Adam told Moses that if he wanted to do something for Maggie, he should have turned himself in. Moses asked Adam if he should have told the police that he has been fooling around and making Maggie jealous and die. Moses told Adam that if he hasn’t been investigating this case then Maggie wouldn’t have commit suicide. Adam told Moses that so he thinks that he would forgive him. Moses told Adam that he can’t read his mind. Moses told Adam that he will see more than he can handle when he can read his mind. Aimee cut the tree with a haywire and it reminds Moses of Maggie. Moses cried while laying on his bed and told Aimee that Maggie used to say that the hand would make a lot of noise. He said but now it won’t make anymore noise. Cheng Sir talked on the radio saying that winning or losing the stock is the same as when life goes up and down. He said too much money and too stuff happening in life can be a burden. Whether it is good or bad, it is up for us to judge and we must look ahead. Even if we lose so much money, we mustn’t kill ourselves and everything will be healed but the scar will leave behind. Matt Yeung’s subordinate told Adam that Maggie might be a copycat of the serial killer and tries to cover up for him.Adam told Ram Chiang that he wanted to expose Moses but he wants to respect Maggie’s last wish. Ram Chiang told Adam that if he wanted to expose him, he would have done it to the police already. He doesn’t want to expose Moses because he is his friend. Ram Chiang told Adam that Adam wanted to find out why Moses killed those people. Adam checks the jekyll bar. Moses found out that Adam checked his background, he is afraid that Adam will go after him. Moses look at Maggie’s fake hand.Moses heard the opera in Adam’s house and strangled Rebecca’s husband mistakenly.

When It’s at Night episode 12 recap

The robin hood put a camera and cute the wires of the MC’s house. The thief opens the lock and stole the buddha sculpture from the new MC’s house. Lee Dong Gun chased the thief. Lee Dong Gun fought with the thief but he escaped. The Robin Hood happens to be Kim Suna’s brother. Lee Dong Gun knows the Robin Hood is a young man and not Kim Suna’s father. Chief Kang found out that he and his men chased the wrong person while the robin hood stole the artifact in the new MC’s house. Lee Dong Gun said sorry to Kim Suna for saying that she was a two-timer. Chairman Jang’s assistant told him that the japanese man didn’t take the pottery with him and left, which means that he is angry. Kim Suna’s brother earn money by mowing the lawn. Kim Suna’s brother went shopping with her and ask her to go to the movie and dinner with her. Kim Suna bought clothes apparel for her dad. Kim Suna’s brother asked her what if her dad never comes back. Kim Suna’s brother told her that their dad isn’t Robin Hood and he died. Kim Suna slapped her brother. Kim Jung Hwa asked Chief Kang if he likes Kim Suna. Then she said he is not the type to cheat on her. Lee Dong Gun told Lee Joo Hyun that Robin Hood is a young man. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna to lock the door so her brother don’t have to worry about her. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna’s brother that he shouldn’t have stay out all night, and he’s a guy and should protect her sister. Kim Suna’s brother asked Lee Dong Gun if he thinks his father is Robin Hood. Lee Dong Gun said he is curious to know who is Robin Hood. Lee Joo Hyun helped Kim Jung Hwa restored her files. Kim Jung Hwa told Lee Joo Hyun that Kim Suna’s father is old by now and she doubts if he can even fly on the wall. Lee Joo Hyun opened her blog about summer vacation. The new MC suspects that Lee Dong Gun stole the sculpture. Lee Joo Hyun’s subordinate told him that someone with the same ID number as Kim Suna’s father called. Lee Joo Hyun told him to track that number and its location but don’t tell Kim Suna. Lee Dong Gun find it strange when Kim Suna’s brother told him that his house is not small, when he said his house is small. He thought about when Kim Suna twisted his phrase by saying “I never would have thought you live in such a small house.” Lee Dong Gun suspects Kim Suna’s brother of being Robin Hood since he asked him who does he thinks is Robin Hood. Lee Joo Hyun’s subordinate told him that they tracked the ID number to an excavation site. Lee Dong Gun follows Kim Suna’s brother. Kim Suna’s brother pretends to chat with the elders in the restaurant to mislead Lee Dong Gun. Lee Dong Gun grabbed an elder after he finished talking to Kim Suna’s brother. Lee Dong Gun thought about how the elder said those people that Kim Suna’s brother talked to are all ex-thieves. The elder said that Kim Suna’s brother is really good at following his father’s footstep. Kim Suna asked Chief Noh that if her father comes back, would he be arrest. Chief Noh said he will talk to Chief Kang about it. Chief Kang and his men his searching for Robin Hood. Kim Suna got cut by a glass. Chief Kang found a fake cell phone and passport in the excavation site. Kim Suna heard a call and looked surprise.

When It’s at Night episode 11 recap

Kim Suna told Chief Kang and Chief Noh that she knows that her father returned the item so he can come back with her brother and her. She asked them to reopen her father’s case. Chief Noh told Kim Suna to close the case and if they reopen the case then she will have a hard time. Kim Suna said that she worries that her dad will be in danger if Chairman Jang catches him. Chief Noh told Lee Joo Hyun that he doesn’t think that Lee Dong Gun and Kim Suna are dating. Chief Noh told him to grab on her. Lee Joo Hyun told Kim Suna that he has something to tell her but will tell her after finding her father. Kim Suna’s uncle told Chief Noh that Lee Dong Gun is the perfect husband of Kim Suna. Chief Noh said he already have Lee Joo Hyun in mind for Kim Suna. Lee Joo Hyun told Lee Dong Gun that he’s been helping Kim Suna a lot but now he doesn’t need to anymore since the CHA is investigating it. Lee Dong Gun saw 3 ladies flirting with Kim Suna’s brother. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna’s brother that his father might be Robin Hood. Kim Suna’s brother told Chief Noh that he decided to let Lee Dong Gun be with Kim Suna. Kim Suna’s brother set up Kim Suna and Lee Dong Gun in an alumni reunion meeting. Lee Dong Gun held Kim Suna’s hand tell her to stay for awhile to eat. The new MC asked Lee Dong Gun if he feels embarassed about being cut off from his lectures and he asked him if he’s jealous of him taking over everything. Lee Dong Gun told him to study some more before saying something stupid. The new MC said that Chairman Jang gave him a gift and laughed wickedly. Kim Jung Hwa aksed Lee Joo Hyun if he always buy food for her to spends more time with her. Lee Joo Hyun told Kim Jung Hwa then he won’t eat with her to satisfy her. Lee Dong went up the stage and announced the there’s a person that he wants to sing with to cheer her up. Kim Suna is about to leave; then Lee Dong Gun speaks loudly of where she is leaving. Everyone looked at her and cheer for her, and she came up on the stage singing with Lee Dong Gun. Everyone clapped after they sung. Kim Suna thanked Lee Dong Gun for giving her a chance to sing in front on the stage and remembered all the good times with him. Lee Dong Gun kissed Kim Suna. Lee Dong Gun and Kim Suna went home thinking about each other. Chairman Jang confronted about the dead of Kim Suna’s father to Hyukjoong and he ordered him to find him. Lee Dong Gun found out that Chairman Jang bribed Minister Gong.Lee Dong Gun saw Lee Joo Hyun hugged Kim Suna while she cries about her father being chased. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna that she was in his arm last night and now on Chief Kang’s arm. Lee Joo Hyun asked Lee Dong Gun if he isn’t serious about her then they shouldn’t act anymore. Lee Dong Gun told Lee Joo Hyun that he sincerely loves her. Chief Kang’s subordinate told him that Chairman Jang is giving a Japanese man a pottery as gift tonight. When Chairman Jang is about to give the pottery to the Japanese man, there was a power outage. Chief Kang and his subordinate came to catch Robin Hood but the gift is still there and it was a real power outage. Lee Dong Gun saw Robin Hood.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 20 recap

Wayne Lai told Myolie that if she wants him to sign the contract,she has to take good care of him. Chun Wong told Angelina and the appartment mates to try to sneak into Wayne’s company broken window and steal the perfumes. Wayne Lai’s assistant asked them what are they doing at night. They said they are practicing Kungfu. Roger got an idea of making mini perfume for the contest. Wayne criticized and told his men to mock Wayne and Kenneth while they dressed as maid and dance in front of the stage. Wayne Lai surprisingly see Myolie dancing with them. Myolie told Wayne Lai that she already fullfill her contract with him, and whomever she dances with after that is none of his business. The businessman showed the rest of the part of the contract to Wayne Lai saying that he promised that if Myolie sings for him one time, then he will give 10 times of his share for her. Myolie told Wayne Lai she switched the contract while he took a bath and poured some sleeping pills in the wine. Kenneth and Myolie got sad about Roger and Cherie getting married. The businessman asked Myolie date him. Kenneth fell down from the tree, and Cherie saw a bunch good luck charm that he made for her. Kenneth pretends to tell Roger that he did it. Cherie said she doesn’t understand Roger and Kenneth. She said Roger rather keep a promise and marry the person he doesn’t like but Kenneth keep on following her even though she doesn’t like him back which makes her seems like a bitch. Kenneth honestly told Roger that Myolie sacraficed her happiness for him, and he didn’t win the lottery but it was Myolie who gave him money. Kenneth told Roger to find Myolie. Myolie told Roger that she got a new life now. Kenneth returns all the painting that she took from her for memories. He gave her back the necklace, bracelet, and watches. He said he didn’t steal it, he kept it for her. Kenneth gave a letter to Roger saying he’s leaving because he’s afraid he can’t forget Cherie, he doesn’t want to be the third party between Roger and Cherie, and he wants Cherie to be happy. Roger came to the train station telling Kenneth that he doesn’t love Cherie and only Kenneth can give him happiness. Roger told Chun Wong that he can’t marry Cherie. Chun Wong and Angelina is glad to hear that because they said Kenneth is also a good guy. Angelina said if she haven’t seen the pack of paintings that Kenneth kept for Cherie, she wouldn’t know how deeply in love he was. Cherie agrees to marry Kenneth. Wayne Lai pushed a knife toward Roger’s body at the church. Myolie’s brother used kungfu to fight with Wayne. Myolie’s brother told Myolie the news. Myolie came back quickly to find Roger. Wayne Lai turn crazy and got arrested. Myolie cried and told Roger to not leave her alone. She said as long as he’s alright then she will be by her side. Roger wakes up, and everyone cheered. Kenneth said that is not blood, it is just chicken sauce. Roger keeled in front of Myolie and asked her to marry him. Kenneth keeled in front of Cherie. Roger carries Myolie while Kenneth carries Cherie. The end!

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 19 recap

Kenneth won 200,000 dollars lottery. Kenneth gave all his lottery money to Chun Wong. Mimi Chu’s daughter told Myolie’s brother that they both will wear a mask, and then he pretends to lose so Wilson Tsui and his mate see his students lose then go away. During the fight, Mimi Chu’s couldn’t stand the fog and took her mask off. Wilson Tsui and his mate found out that Myolie’s brother is both of his student. Wilson Tsui and his mate questioned Myolie’s brother about the other kungfu type that they didn’t taught him but they see he knows how to perform it. Myolie’s brother said that he created it alone. Roger, Kenneth, and Chun Wong created a new type of perfume to compete with Wayne. Kenneth said he won the lottery again. Wayne Lai argued with Chun Wong and told the store boss to sell his perfume instead of Chun Wong. Wayne Lai’s assistant told him to ask Myolie to sing for him to promote his perfume company. Wayne Lai criticize his girlfriend of being a prostitute. Myolie’s brother and Myolie told her that they could barely sell any perfume. Cherie confronted Kenneth about seeing Myolie. Kenneth told Cherie that Myolie sacrificed herself for the happiness of Roger and Cherie. Roger ate noodle in the food stall and saw Myolie. Cherie cried and Kenneth tried to console her. Kenneth told Roger that he has an arranged marriage with Cherie and he doesn’t want to see Cherie cry everyday. Roger told Cherie that he can’t forget Myolie right away and to give him some time to forget her. He told Cherie that he can’t like her right away but he will take care of her, and he believes that their love will develop. Mimi Chu said she put the perfume on and then 5 housewives decide to buy it. Roger has an idea of asking a female to be their company’s model and sell perfumes to the housewives and maids.Cherie and Mimi Chu’s daughter doesn’t want to represent the company. Cherie told Wilson Tsui and his mate to disguise into females and everyone laughed. Roger and Kenneth disguised into maids distributing perfumes. A bunch of maids suddenly came to buy their perfumes. Chun Wong is happy about Roger and Cherie getting married. Wayne Lai asked his men to steal all the perfume of Chun Wong so his company can’t participate on the contest. The businessman deal with Wayne Lai that he will give 100,000 dollars to him to buy a share of his company and Myolie can sing for Wayne’s company. Roger hit Wayne. The businessman said that Wayne Lai is now his business partner. Myolie told Roger that she doesn’t care about the fight between him and Wayne; she signed a contract to sing for Wayne’s company.

Master of Play episode 25 recap

Moses told Henry that he wants to kill Maggie because he doesn’t want her to turn out to be a serial killer like him. Henry told Moses that Maggie did that so Moses can go on with his life. Aimee told Rebecca’s husband that she can’t be friends with Adam because he is dating Maggie. Adam doesn’t know how to explain his relationship with Maggie to Rebecca. Rebecca told Adam to be patient. Adam ignores Maggie’s call. Maggie watched Adam’s play and left. Maggie asked Moses if he gets bored going to the Jekyll bar everyday. Moses told Maggie that he owes her an apology. Maggie told Moses that it is her decision. Moses told Maggie that he doesn’t even know what he is thinking. Maggie told Moses to stop lying to themselves. Moses told maggie that he used to work part time in the jekyll bar at night. He said after the fire broke, he saw some guys who tries to save themselves by trampling by each other. Maggie doesn’t know how can people be happy living being evil and he asks Moses if he is happy killing people. Esther told Moses to promise that he will never hurt or kill others again. Moses told Esther to come back to him then he will promise. Maggie told Moses that she only wants to be with him. Maggie made out with Moses then handcuffed him. Maggie told Moses that Adam Cheng already has a clue of what is going on. Maggie told Moses to please not listen to his multiple personalities anymore. Moses managed to break the handcuff. Maggie turns herself to the cops. Maggie admits Moses’s crime too. Maggie commits suicide in jail.