Queen In Hyun’s Man episode 11 recap

Soo Kyung doesn’t remember Ji Hyun Woo. Ji Hyun Woo found it is time that is lost not his memory. Soo Kyung asked Ji Hyun Woo the same question she asked him 2 months ago such as which university he attends and where he lives. Soo Kyung told Ji Hyun Woo that Yoon In Na is dating Han Dong Min. Ji Hyun Woo told Soo Kyung he will returns to his home and he won’t bug Yoon In Na. I so love the OSTs in this drama. Yoon In Na runs to find Ji Hyun Woo. The taxi driver keeps on talking to Yoon In Na and said it is an honor for him to meet her. Yoon In Na yelled at the taxi driver to drive faster. Yoon In Na stares at the red phone booth and sighed. Ji Hyun Woo recalled Yoon In Na and him hugged by the phone booth. Yoon In Na sneaked behind the white car and told Ji Hyun Woo to meet her at her house. Ji Hyun Woo appears in front of her when she was dressing. Ji Hyun Woo gave his talisman to Yoon In Na so he can tell her whenever he leaves. Yoon In Na pretends to fall asleep when Han Dong Min came in the house. When Han Dong Min tried to kiss Yoon In Na, Ji Hyun Woo sprayed water on his face. Yoon In Na said her house got leaked. Ji Hyun Woo asked Yoon In Na if he can take care of her. Yoon In Na asked to break up with Han Dong Min. Han Dong Min yelled at Yoon In Na saying he endured her because she had a car accident and he thought she made up Ji Hyun Woo. Ji Hyun Woo hit Han Dong Min with a golf stick. Han Dong Min hid in the shower. Yoon In Na explained to Ji Hyun Woo how to use the refrigerator, kettles, and open the shower. Ji Hyun Woo kissed Yoon In Na.

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