Queen In Hyun’s Man episode 12 recap

Why does korean dramas always have good clothes, good scenery, and sweet guys? Makes me envie them! Ji Hyun Woo rode a bicycle and fell down. Yoon In Na asked about the confused words on the letter, Ji Hyun Woo said it is her addresss. Ji Hyun Woo told Yoon In Na he pretended to leave and he sold his sword to the customer with a high price. Yoon In Na gave a grocery list for Ji Hyun Woo to buy. Funny how Yoon In Na spelled the word Curry wrong, lol Carre. Yoon In Na teach Ji Hyun Woo how to make curry. Han Dong Ming asked the director to kill Queen of Hyun’s role because he’s mad at Yoon In Na. Ji Hyun Woo rode on a bike with Yoon In Na. Yoon In Na told Ji Hyun Woo that that’s an enviable life when he only have to sell one of his ancestor’s antique to earn a lot of money. She said he would die easily in the past because he doesn’t know when the king will kill him and the medicine isn’t as strong. Yoon In Na gave the talisman back to Ji Hyun Woo. Han Dong Min pretends to have stomach ache so Yoon In Na could visit him. Ja Su is sending men to the house of the queen’s mother knowing that Ji Hyun Woo is away. Han Dong Min sprayed water toward Yoon In Na. Han Dong Min told the director he doesn’t want to film with Yoon In Na anymore. Ji Hyun Woo wanted to buy a house near Yoon In Na and take care of her. Ji Hyun Woo told the monk that he wants to start a new life in the modern world. Minister Min told Jasu that the talisman protect Ji Hyun Woo but it can end his life too. Ji Hyun Woo hugs Yoon In Na while reading a book in the phone booth during the rain.

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