Queen in Hyun’s man episode 14 recap

Ji Hyun Woo told the king that the rumors about him disapearing using the talisman is fake. He fainted and was used as a hostage after being shot by arrows. Ji Hyun Woo said it were all Minister Am’s consipiracy. The king doesn’t know who to believe. The king said Ji Hyun Woo’s disappearance creates confusion in the palace. The king proposed that everyone shoots the arrow at Ji Hyun Woo, if the talisman doesn’t save Ji Hyun Woo then that means he is innocent and he will behead Minister Am. Ji Hyun Woo told Minister Am would he be dumb enough to bring the real talisman. He told Minister Am they will die together. When the arrows shot at Ji Hyun Woo, the king got shocked that he fainted. Yoon In Na an hardly breathe. The king got mad at Minister Am and wanted to kill him. Yoon In Na fainted in the car. Soo Kyung got in a car crash. Yoon In Na cried very much when her best friend told her that Gim Bung Do died by having guards shot him 3 arrows. When the Minister Am almost got beheaded, he saw Ji Hyun Woo alive watching him. Ji Hyun Woo appears in front of the majesty saying that he’s the secret guy who shot sent him the letter of conspiracy. He wished the majesty would behead him to solve the problem. He said he could have died a long time ago but fate brought him alive. He also hope the majesty will kill Minister Am because he would bring harm. Ji Hyun Woo begged the king to grant him dead in honor so he could use the talisman to live to the modern world forever. Yoon Wol and Ji Hyun Woo’s servant was sad about Ji Hyun Woo leaving them forever. Ji Hyun Woo reunites with Yoon In Na in the modern world and said he loves her.

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