Queen in Hyun’s Man episode 16 recap

This episode flies back to the past where Yoon In Na just started to accept the script of Queen in Hyun’s Man. Yoon In Na told Soo Kyung that it is strange that Gim Bung Do is dead in the record but then there were documents he was alive. Ji Hyun Woo runs away from the minister. The majesty told the minister to refrain from telling anyone that he saw someone that looks like Gim Bung Do. Ji Hyun Woo has been running away from other borders. Ji Hyun Woo told the monk if he get arrested then it would be a greater crime. He rather stay undetected to protect the king because if he was found alive then it will create confusion about him using black magic. I thought that watching the past of Yoon In Na and Ha Dong let us know about how their relationships formed back then. It’s like watching flashback of what happened in the series and what would happened to them without Ji Hyun Woo. Yoon In Na rehearse the play in Ji Hyun Woo’s execution place. The writer for this series is so creative! Both Ji Hyun Woo and Yoon In Na cried so much remembering the past. It reminds me of how Lui Shi Shi cried at the end of Bu Bu Jin Xin. Aw! Yoon In Na reads the letter that Ji Hyun wrote for her before he burned the talisman. I agree with him that it is because he wanted to survive so he changed everything in the past and now he ends up losing her. Ji Hyun Woo committed suicide. Ji Hyun Woo reunites with Yoon In Na in a new soul. That is fate! xd. Happy Ending! Overall, I would recommend this drama. This is the only k-drama I’ve finished in 2012.

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