Partner episode 9 recap

Partner is a good Korean lawyer drama. Honey Lee asks Lee Dong Wook if it is rare to have a big client like Kwong Hee Soo. Honey Lee with work with Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo on the case. Honey Lee asks Kwon Hee Soo’s wife if she’s every been abused and why does no one noticed it. Kim Hyun Joo Honey Lee she saw a big purple bruise on Kwong Hee Soo’s wife back. told Honey Lee told Kim Hyun Joo that the victim could have been bruised by a bang on the wall. Lee Dong Wook told Kim Hyun Joo if she acts rude in front of Honey Lee again, she’ll be dismissed. Lee Dong Wook told Honey Lee that he just wants to give Kim Hyun Joo more motivation in working hard on the case.Lee Dong Wook told Honey Lee that Kim Hyun Joo is right, she went overboard. He knows that she doesn’t want to lose to his brother. Lee Dong Wook goes to the market to investigate the case. An old lady told Lee Dong Wook to not pick up a fight with Kwon Hee Soo because he will be president soon. Kim Hyun Joo asked Kwon Hee Soo’s assistant what did he learned in medical school. Honey Lee’s father took money out of her wallet. Lawyer Byun got accused of molesting a girl in the taxi. Lee Dong Wook asked Kwon Hee Soo’s wife why can’t she raise her child well. Honey Lee Lee Wong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo come to the firm to discuss about the case. Honey Lee told Kwon Hee Soo that if he wants to file a divoce, he has to give his wife 10 billion dollars as a compensation and give the custody rights. Lee Dong Wook showed pictures of Kwon Hee Soo gather with other people to become the 3rd candidates to run for president.Kim Hyun Joo said his wife posses a land that is relevant to the election. Lee Dong Wook said that’s the reason he doesn’t want to divorce his wife. Kim Hyun Joo said his wife doesn’t want to sell the land because she wants to live with her son.Kwon Hee Soo’s wife saw her son and fainted. Kim Hyun Joo said that before his wife came here, she threw up a lot. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife said she rather die than letting her son know she’s been beaten. Honey Lee told Lee Dong Wook’s brother to be separate for a few days. Lee Dong Wook’s brother saw Honey Lee’s father. Lawyer Yoon and his girlfriend drinks yogurt. Lee Dong Wook told Honey Lee and Kim Hyun Joo that the boy’s drawing look suspicious and he could be lying. He said the drawing reminds him of what he drew when he was little. Honey Lee said he will find a psychologist to critic the drawing. Kim Hyun Joo asked Lee Dong Wook that he drew his brother when he was little. Kim Hyun Joo saw Kwon Hee Soo assistant and she told him to kneel down. Honey Lee’s father called her saying that he will leave her alone and he told her to live happily with her boyfriend. Kim Hyun Joo asked Kwon Hee Soo’s son if he saw his father hit his mother. He told Kim Hyun Joo that her mom hates her so don’t come to school to pick him. Honey Lee’s father told Lee Dong Wook’s brother that he can sue him for blackmailing. Honey Lee came up to her father and said he doesn’t feel ashamed toward his wife and daughter. Honey Lee’s father tries to hit her. Lee Dong Wook’s brother hit him. Kim Hyun Joo’s cell phone broke and she is thinking of how to send her husband’s messages to her son. Lee Dong Wook told his brother and father that he will exposed all the dirty tricks of Kwon Hee Soo. Kwon Hee Soo told Kim Hyun Joo that she tries to steal his wife and son, and tries to beat him. Lee Dong Wook’s brother told him that the drawing will be useless. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo doubted if Honey Lee took the drawing and give to Lee Dong Wook’s brother.

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