When It’s at Night episode 12 recap

The robin hood put a camera and cute the wires of the MC’s house. The thief opens the lock and stole the buddha sculpture from the new MC’s house. Lee Dong Gun chased the thief. Lee Dong Gun fought with the thief but he escaped. The Robin Hood happens to be Kim Suna’s brother. Lee Dong Gun knows the Robin Hood is a young man and not Kim Suna’s father. Chief Kang found out that he and his men chased the wrong person while the robin hood stole the artifact in the new MC’s house. Lee Dong Gun said sorry to Kim Suna for saying that she was a two-timer. Chairman Jang’s assistant told him that the japanese man didn’t take the pottery with him and left, which means that he is angry. Kim Suna’s brother earn money by mowing the lawn. Kim Suna’s brother went shopping with her and ask her to go to the movie and dinner with her. Kim Suna bought clothes apparel for her dad. Kim Suna’s brother asked her what if her dad never comes back. Kim Suna’s brother told her that their dad isn’t Robin Hood and he died. Kim Suna slapped her brother. Kim Jung Hwa asked Chief Kang if he likes Kim Suna. Then she said he is not the type to cheat on her. Lee Dong Gun told Lee Joo Hyun that Robin Hood is a young man. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna to lock the door so her brother don’t have to worry about her. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna’s brother that he shouldn’t have stay out all night, and he’s a guy and should protect her sister. Kim Suna’s brother asked Lee Dong Gun if he thinks his father is Robin Hood. Lee Dong Gun said he is curious to know who is Robin Hood. Lee Joo Hyun helped Kim Jung Hwa restored her files. Kim Jung Hwa told Lee Joo Hyun that Kim Suna’s father is old by now and she doubts if he can even fly on the wall. Lee Joo Hyun opened her blog about summer vacation. The new MC suspects that Lee Dong Gun stole the sculpture. Lee Joo Hyun’s subordinate told him that someone with the same ID number as Kim Suna’s father called. Lee Joo Hyun told him to track that number and its location but don’t tell Kim Suna. Lee Dong Gun find it strange when Kim Suna’s brother told him that his house is not small, when he said his house is small. He thought about when Kim Suna twisted his phrase by saying “I never would have thought you live in such a small house.” Lee Dong Gun suspects Kim Suna’s brother of being Robin Hood since he asked him who does he thinks is Robin Hood. Lee Joo Hyun’s subordinate told him that they tracked the ID number to an excavation site. Lee Dong Gun follows Kim Suna’s brother. Kim Suna’s brother pretends to chat with the elders in the restaurant to mislead Lee Dong Gun. Lee Dong Gun grabbed an elder after he finished talking to Kim Suna’s brother. Lee Dong Gun thought about how the elder said those people that Kim Suna’s brother talked to are all ex-thieves. The elder said that Kim Suna’s brother is really good at following his father’s footstep. Kim Suna asked Chief Noh that if her father comes back, would he be arrest. Chief Noh said he will talk to Chief Kang about it. Chief Kang and his men his searching for Robin Hood. Kim Suna got cut by a glass. Chief Kang found a fake cell phone and passport in the excavation site. Kim Suna heard a call and looked surprise.


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