When It’s at Night episode 13 recap

This drama is full of surprise and just gets better and better. Lee Joo Hyun found the body of Kim Suna’s dad and he doesn’t know how to tell her. Haha Kim Suna’s dad played the role of Kwon Hee Soo in k-drama Partners.la. Kim Suna cried and deny that her dad is dead. Lee Dong Gun hugged Kim Suna while she cries. Kim Suna and her brother went to their father’s funeral. Kim Suna told Lee Dong Gun that he remembers how her father cooked and paint nails for her. She said if her father was alive, she would ask her father to forgive her for saying not wanting to see him again. Kim Suna reads her father’s diary. Lee Joo Hyun told Chief Noh that he suspects that someone murdered Kim Suna’s father and created fake evidence to fool the police that he’s still alive. Chairman Jiang ordered his assistant to find more info about Kim Suna since she is the daughter of General Shovel. Someone took photos of Kim Suna’s brother. Lee Joo Hyun takes pictures for Kim Jung Hwa. Chairman Jang look at Kim Suna and her brother’s profile. Chairman Jang’s assistant told him that Kim Suna’s brother helped them with the landscape recently. Lee Dong Gun went on his way to Suna’s brother house. Chairman Jang sent men to beat Kim Suna’s brother. Kim Suna’s brother fought with them and run and told Lee Dong Gun to run when he was in front of the house. Lee Dong Gun asked Kim Suna’s brother who were those men. Lee Dong Gun called him Robin Hood and asked him why he was stealing. Kim Suna’s brother said that Chairman Jang probably knows that he worked part time at his house to get info. Kim Suna’s brother said her sister loves and hates her father at the same time and he wants her to live a normal life. Kim Suna saw stuff scattered in her house. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna’s brother that he is also important to his sister. Lee Dong Gun asked him not to steal again. Hyukjoong told Chairman Jang he has a plan to catch Kim Suna’s brother. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna that her brother wants to travel to take some fresh air. He asked her to stay over at his house while her brother travels. Chief Noh told Lee Joo Hyun that Robin Hood might be related to General Shovel’s dead. Someone faked Robin Hood returning the artifact to the museum. Lee Dong Gun told Kim Suna’s brother to stay low at his grandfather’s place. Kim Suna’s brother told Lee Dong Gun that he doesn’t have to worry about his sister because he will take care of her. Kim Suna’s brother told him that he’s leaving his sister for him.


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