Partner episode 12 recap

Lee Dong Wook told Honey Lee that she can call him during the verdict if she wants to. Lawyer Yoo Man Sung will be his own lawyer for this case. The old lady said she signed a land contract under her son Dong Shik and it was said the transfer of ownership will be one week later. She said the owner Hwan did not showed up because he was traveling abroad. She tries to contact him but can’t. That’s why she met lawyer Yoo Man Sung. Lee Dong Wook said “That’s why you should have come up to me instead, what if you met a bad lawyer?” haha. The lady threw a shoes at Yoo Man Sung when he said that he was good at helping innocent people. She told Lee Dong Wook that Yoo Man Sung said that if she let him have the case, then he promised to help her get back the land for free. She said she gave him rice cakes for free. The lady said then lawyer Yoo called her that she has to pay to photocopy and apply a document for the court and it cost 2 million won then the payment exceeed 16 million. Layer Yoo said he paid for her more than 3 millions dollars, and he showed the receipt to the judge. The lady said laywer yoo wouldn’t meet her and he said the money has to be in cash. Then the lawyer yoo said the land is already in the hands of someone else. Lawyer Yoo told Kim Hyun Joo that the money was transferred from Dong Shik. Laywer yoo wants to submit Dong Shik to ask him if his intention was to buy the land or not. Lee Dong Wook said Dong Shik has a low IQ. Lawyer Yoo said Dong Shik is shy but his IQ isn’t low. The judge permits Lawyer Yoo to come up. Young Woo found out that Kim Hyun Joo wants to dig up the truth about the dead of her husband. He asked the lawyer of how much Lee Dong Wook knows about this case. Dong Shik said he goes to the temple with her mother to pray that he will get smarter. Lawyer Yoo asked Madam Go that she went to the temple with his son for 3 days and that’s when she also found out that someone else got the land. Dong Shik told Lawyer Yoo he said he didn’t want the land and wants to return the money. Dong Shik told his mom that back then, lawyer Yoo told him that his mom might die, and if he buys the land, he will have no money. Dong Shik told his mom he doesn’t want the land, he only wants her. Young Woo’s wife showed him the pictures of Honey and him dating and said Honey Lee’s father sent it. Young Wol siad he needs to go out for a while. Young Wol remembers how Honey Lee cried and said his father doesn’t like her and broke them up. Young Wol asked his father if he met Honey Lee. Youn Wol’s dad said he arranged him to meet with his in laws and his wife at a restaurant. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo asked a poor ahjussi if he knows about Park Myung Soo.He said he doesn’t know him, he just lied to them so they can treat him the meal. Kim Hyun Joo brought the ahjussi somewhere. Lawyer Yoo asked Soon Yi to give him different kinds of pen. Kim Hyun Joo bought a pair of shoes for the ahjussi. Young Wol called Honey Lee but she wouldn’t pick up. Young Wol asked Lee Dong Wook if he saw Honey Lee. Young Wol told Lee Dong Wook that Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father lawyer Jo is related to Kim Woo Shik. He said Kim Woo Shik has the info of Kim Hyun Joo’s husband, the first victim of Jin Sung PNC. Lee Dong Wook asked his brother that they caused the dead of Kim Hyun Joo’s husband. Kim Hyun Joo dropped the glass outside and told Lee Dong Wook she will switch partners. Lee Dong Wook put a band aid on Kim Hyun Joo’s finger. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father told her that her son has fever. Lawyer Kim told Lee Dong Wook that he will arrange him and Kim Hyun Joo in different offices after this case.Honey Lee told Lee Dong Wook that sometimes she’s scared of seeing a big family like him cause they don’t care about their family members. Kim Hyun Joo’s son asked Lee Dong Wook if he can play with his yoyo for one time. Lee Dong Wook gave Kim Hyun Joo’s son his yoyo so he will do the injection. The Ahjussi told Lee Don Wook and Kim Hyun Joo that Park Myung Soo died 6 months ago. Kim Hyun Joo stared at Park Myung Soo’s wife crying about her husband’s dead and recalling how she cried when her husband died. Lee Dong Wook holds Kim Hyun Joo’s hand tightly. Lawyer Jo called Lee Dong Wook. Lee Dong Wook told him that he knows that Kim Hyun Joo’s husband dead is not related to some hereditary disease. Kim Hyun Joo heard Lee Dong Wook saying that her husband could be the first victim of Jin Sung PNC.

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