Master of Play episode 27 recap

Rebecca’s son asked her if he still loves Adam. He said he thinks that she matches with Adam more than his dad.Moses grabbed Aimee in the car and put the fake hand in the bag. Moses told Aimee that the dentist is dead but not Adam. Aimee ran out in the middle of the street and got hit by a car. Adam heard Aimee got in the hospital, he got mad at Moses for killing Rebecca’s husband, stealing Maggie’s fake hand, and causing Aimee to be in an accident.Moses told Adam that Adam brings bad luck to his daughter, Maggie, and now Aimee. Moses asked the nurse to only let him visit his sister. While Aimee is in coma, Moses tells her that he doesn’t deserve her as a sister but he already gave her the best. He said he never felt good about owing Adam. He said he tries to avoid him but he let her be friends with him. He said she only can blame dad and those creeps about how broke they were. He said he was beaten by by his dad when he was fifteen. He said he thought if he kept an eye on, then no one with get hurt but in the end he had no choice. Rebecca madly went into Aimee’s room to confront Moses. She told Adam that Steve did not accidentally died.Rebecca cried and told Adam that Tansy and her husband died because of him. Moses complained to the police about Adam barging in Aimee’s room. Matt Yeung’s subordinate told Moses that he wasn’t there and there’s no way that they could press charge. The police asked Moses what did he fight with Adam about.The police found it weird that during the same night, someone robbed Adam’s flat and then Aimee got into a car crash. Moses said he picked Aimee up from work and don’t care who got robbed. Steve’s son told Adam that he missed his dad’s jokes. Adam sighed to Will that he arrived five minutes late to pick up Tansy after the rehearsal, and she has been taken. Adam told Will that Rebecca and he knew that time doesn’t matter because the kidnapper will eventually kidnap her anyway. When Moses returned to the hospital to check on Aimee, she went missing. Moses crazily came up to Adam and confront him that he and Rebecca kidnap Aimee. Adam’s colleagues told Moses that Adam has been rehearsing with them. Adam told Moses that he thinks of Aimee differently than he thinks of him. Adam’s colleagues told Moses to go home and look for her. Aimee walked in the middle of the street. Moses saw the tree changed colors. Rebecca told Adam that Aimee is Tansy. Rebecca told Aimee that no one will bully her again from now on.


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