Scavenger’s Paradise episode 20 recap

Wayne Lai told Myolie that if she wants him to sign the contract,she has to take good care of him. Chun Wong told Angelina and the appartment mates to try to sneak into Wayne’s company broken window and steal the perfumes. Wayne Lai’s assistant asked them what are they doing at night. They said they are practicing Kungfu. Roger got an idea of making mini perfume for the contest. Wayne criticized and told his men to mock Wayne and Kenneth while they dressed as maid and dance in front of the stage. Wayne Lai surprisingly see Myolie dancing with them. Myolie told Wayne Lai that she already fullfill her contract with him, and whomever she dances with after that is none of his business. The businessman showed the rest of the part of the contract to Wayne Lai saying that he promised that if Myolie sings for him one time, then he will give 10 times of his share for her. Myolie told Wayne Lai she switched the contract while he took a bath and poured some sleeping pills in the wine. Kenneth and Myolie got sad about Roger and Cherie getting married. The businessman asked Myolie date him. Kenneth fell down from the tree, and Cherie saw a bunch good luck charm that he made for her. Kenneth pretends to tell Roger that he did it. Cherie said she doesn’t understand Roger and Kenneth. She said Roger rather keep a promise and marry the person he doesn’t like but Kenneth keep on following her even though she doesn’t like him back which makes her seems like a bitch. Kenneth honestly told Roger that Myolie sacraficed her happiness for him, and he didn’t win the lottery but it was Myolie who gave him money. Kenneth told Roger to find Myolie. Myolie told Roger that she got a new life now. Kenneth returns all the painting that she took from her for memories. He gave her back the necklace, bracelet, and watches. He said he didn’t steal it, he kept it for her. Kenneth gave a letter to Roger saying he’s leaving because he’s afraid he can’t forget Cherie, he doesn’t want to be the third party between Roger and Cherie, and he wants Cherie to be happy. Roger came to the train station telling Kenneth that he doesn’t love Cherie and only Kenneth can give him happiness. Roger told Chun Wong that he can’t marry Cherie. Chun Wong and Angelina is glad to hear that because they said Kenneth is also a good guy. Angelina said if she haven’t seen the pack of paintings that Kenneth kept for Cherie, she wouldn’t know how deeply in love he was. Cherie agrees to marry Kenneth. Wayne Lai pushed a knife toward Roger’s body at the church. Myolie’s brother used kungfu to fight with Wayne. Myolie’s brother told Myolie the news. Myolie came back quickly to find Roger. Wayne Lai turn crazy and got arrested. Myolie cried and told Roger to not leave her alone. She said as long as he’s alright then she will be by her side. Roger wakes up, and everyone cheered. Kenneth said that is not blood, it is just chicken sauce. Roger keeled in front of Myolie and asked her to marry him. Kenneth keeled in front of Cherie. Roger carries Myolie while Kenneth carries Cherie. The end!


Scavenger’s Paradise episode 19 recap

Kenneth won 200,000 dollars lottery. Kenneth gave all his lottery money to Chun Wong. Mimi Chu’s daughter told Myolie’s brother that they both will wear a mask, and then he pretends to lose so Wilson Tsui and his mate see his students lose then go away. During the fight, Mimi Chu’s couldn’t stand the fog and took her mask off. Wilson Tsui and his mate found out that Myolie’s brother is both of his student. Wilson Tsui and his mate questioned Myolie’s brother about the other kungfu type that they didn’t taught him but they see he knows how to perform it. Myolie’s brother said that he created it alone. Roger, Kenneth, and Chun Wong created a new type of perfume to compete with Wayne. Kenneth said he won the lottery again. Wayne Lai argued with Chun Wong and told the store boss to sell his perfume instead of Chun Wong. Wayne Lai’s assistant told him to ask Myolie to sing for him to promote his perfume company. Wayne Lai criticize his girlfriend of being a prostitute. Myolie’s brother and Myolie told her that they could barely sell any perfume. Cherie confronted Kenneth about seeing Myolie. Kenneth told Cherie that Myolie sacrificed herself for the happiness of Roger and Cherie. Roger ate noodle in the food stall and saw Myolie. Cherie cried and Kenneth tried to console her. Kenneth told Roger that he has an arranged marriage with Cherie and he doesn’t want to see Cherie cry everyday. Roger told Cherie that he can’t forget Myolie right away and to give him some time to forget her. He told Cherie that he can’t like her right away but he will take care of her, and he believes that their love will develop. Mimi Chu said she put the perfume on and then 5 housewives decide to buy it. Roger has an idea of asking a female to be their company’s model and sell perfumes to the housewives and maids.Cherie and Mimi Chu’s daughter doesn’t want to represent the company. Cherie told Wilson Tsui and his mate to disguise into females and everyone laughed. Roger and Kenneth disguised into maids distributing perfumes. A bunch of maids suddenly came to buy their perfumes. Chun Wong is happy about Roger and Cherie getting married. Wayne Lai asked his men to steal all the perfume of Chun Wong so his company can’t participate on the contest. The businessman deal with Wayne Lai that he will give 100,000 dollars to him to buy a share of his company and Myolie can sing for Wayne’s company. Roger hit Wayne. The businessman said that Wayne Lai is now his business partner. Myolie told Roger that she doesn’t care about the fight between him and Wayne; she signed a contract to sing for Wayne’s company.

Master of Play episode 25 recap

Moses told Henry that he wants to kill Maggie because he doesn’t want her to turn out to be a serial killer like him. Henry told Moses that Maggie did that so Moses can go on with his life. Aimee told Rebecca’s husband that she can’t be friends with Adam because he is dating Maggie. Adam doesn’t know how to explain his relationship with Maggie to Rebecca. Rebecca told Adam to be patient. Adam ignores Maggie’s call. Maggie watched Adam’s play and left. Maggie asked Moses if he gets bored going to the Jekyll bar everyday. Moses told Maggie that he owes her an apology. Maggie told Moses that it is her decision. Moses told Maggie that he doesn’t even know what he is thinking. Maggie told Moses to stop lying to themselves. Moses told maggie that he used to work part time in the jekyll bar at night. He said after the fire broke, he saw some guys who tries to save themselves by trampling by each other. Maggie doesn’t know how can people be happy living being evil and he asks Moses if he is happy killing people. Esther told Moses to promise that he will never hurt or kill others again. Moses told Esther to come back to him then he will promise. Maggie told Moses that she only wants to be with him. Maggie made out with Moses then handcuffed him. Maggie told Moses that Adam Cheng already has a clue of what is going on. Maggie told Moses to please not listen to his multiple personalities anymore. Moses managed to break the handcuff. Maggie turns herself to the cops. Maggie admits Moses’s crime too. Maggie commits suicide in jail.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 18 recap

Roger punched Kenneth. Chun Wong and Angelina lives in Mimi Chu’s appartment. Myolie read the news that Chun Wong went bankrupt. Roger and Cherie search for a comfortable pillow for Angelina. Cherie bought some yarns for her mom to knit during her free time. Chun Wong got back Angelina’s pillow for his wife but got hit by Wayne’s men. Angelina put on medication for Chun Wong. Wayne Lai kicked Kenneth out and told him that he set him up by making him believe that Chun Wong stole took his father assett. He said he bribed his Kenneth’s dad’s friend. The debt owner told Kenneth he quits his job as a loan shark when his wife got pregnant. and he thanked him for disguising into a female earlier so he can tell how much his wife loves him. Chun Wong’s driver told him that Kenneth has been kicked out of the company and now jobless. Chun Wong’s driver said that after Wayne Lai took over, the company has been a mess. Cherie got a job as an elementary teacher. Wilson Tsui and his mate bet with each other that whomever of their students lose will have to give up on courting Mary Hon. Myolie’s brother told Mimi Chu’s daughter that he is both of Wilson Tsui and his mate’s student. Cherie wants to cancel the engagement with Roger since she knows that love can’t be forced. Roger told Cherie that he is starting to like her and he told her to give him more time. Roger saw Kenneth searching food in the trash can. Kenneth told Roger he twisted his leg after he got bumped by a car. Kenneth kneel outside of the apartment in the rain. Chun Wong forgives Kenneth. Chun Wong got hit again after getting back his perfume company’s picture frame. Kenneth buys a lottery hoping for luck. Roger saw the news of Myolie with the businessman and look sad. Cherie asked Roger if he misses Myolie. Roger tear up Myolie’s lyrics. Myolie and the business came to visit her brother. Myolie’s brother told her that Roger and Cherie will marry soon. The businessman told Myolie’s brother that he misunderstood her. Cherie returns Myolie’s 200,000 dollar cheque. Cherie told Myolie that she just wants to give money to Roger so she can get back with him. Kenneth Ma told Roger that they are now rich, he won the lottery.

Master of Play episode 24 recap

Maggie dreamed of Tsui Wing and her went shopping together. Tsui Wing told Maggie that he hopes the government will pass a law to raise a tax for shopping bag because people only used them once. He said he studied medicine but dropped out. He said before he graduated in Australia, he did his intership in a war zone and witness a lot of people die. After that he earned his degree then got depressed when he did his intership in Hongkong. He said he must fight alone to protect the environment. In the present, Moses came back to that old bar and saw a tiny piece of Maggie’s mechanical hand. Adam told the police that he worries Matt will harm Maggie. The cops said Matt is still a cop, he won’t do something illegal. Maggie changed the locks. Maggie throw the saw away and other evidences. The Chief yelled at Matt’s subordinate about how can they trust Adam’s method of solving the problems. Matt’s subordinate said if they can’t solve the case using the police way then consider Adam’s way as the second choice. Adam is reading Matt’s file to see what he’s thinking. Yuck! Makes me want to throw up. Maggie called the dogs to eat Matt Yeung’s bone. Moses took Matt Yeung’s bone and tries to get rid of it by boiling it. Moses goes to the restroom and throw up after looking at the bone. The police said the DNA doesn’t match Kong Sir, and it belongs to whomever drove Kong Sir’s car. The police said that Matt Yeung was right about Tsui Wing had an accomplice(which is Maggie).The police said Kong Sir is a racer when he drives. Adam suspect Maggie when the police told him that the driver cannot drive stick shift. Adam thought about Maggie’s missing hands( which Matt Chopped) and Matt said Maggie is the only lead. Adam also thought about how Maggie saw Tsui Wing on the screen. Adam rehearse the crime while listening to Tsui Wing’s statement about the world is evil because of humans. Adam told Helen Ma that he will just register with Maggie for the wedding and not to plan it big to make her happy. Adam told Maggie to stay at his house longer. Adam made out with Maggie. Moses deny that Maggie is the killer. Edwin told Moses that Maggie murder people by slaughtering them with one hand. In the taxi, Maggie recalls that she saw Moses switching places using different identities(Eric, Edwin, Martin, and Michelle) talking to himself at the old bar. Adam said when putting a mask on, we can switch to different characters. Adam told Ram Chiang that he can’t tell if Maggie loves him or not. Adam doubts that Maggie still love Moses and must have a reason to be near him. Adam said he rather not know the reason behind this mask. Adam tries to kill Maggie but doesn’t want to. Moses’s personalities beat him on the street.

Master of Play episode 23 recap

Adam and Matt listens to Tsui Wing’s statement that he’s using a different method of saving many people in this world. He said only a small percentage of people are saved in this word while many are still suffering. Moses told Aimee he knows she is avoiding Adam for him. Moses told Aimee he has other important things to do and she doesn’t need to dwell on the past. Moses told Kenny that Adam can’t be the wednesday night killer since he stayed with him that night. He said he only wants Adam to leave Aimee alone. Adam said that Tsui Wing felt alone and wanted more recognition so he commit suicide and he thought that there will me more people like him who will save this world. Adam told Matt’s subordinate to tell Matt Yeung to solve the case using the cop’s way. Maggie’s car squeaked while she drives Adam. Moses watch Adam and Maggie going to her house. Moses saw Matt Yeung in the car. Matt Yeung searched that old bar and look for evidence by using Adam’s way. Moses doubt if Matt Yeung is the serial killer. Matt Yeung told Maggie that he suspects that Jerry’s dead is related to Tsui Wing’s accomplice. Matt Yeung brought a hypnotist to help Maggie remember what happened 3 years ago. Matt’s subordinate told him that cops also have discipline and if it weren’t for Charlie, he wouldn’t work hard under him. Adam told Matt Yeung he has no right to keep on harassing Maggie. Matt Yeung said that last night the serial killer didn’t kill anyone and if he quits now then they will have no clue who is the serial killer. Adam told Matt Yeung to stop investigating the case or else he cannot turn back. Adam didn’t see Maggie in her house. Matt Yeung captured Maggie. Matt Yeung told Maggie to help him by remembering what happened. Adam saw Maggie’s phone on the street and called the cops to help. Matt Yeung used the saw to chop Maggie’s fake arm. Maggie pushed a knife toward Matt Yeung’s belly. Maggie told Matt Yeung that now she has more killing to do. She strangled Matt Yeung’s neck. She cleans off his blood.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 17 recap

During the interview, Myolie thanked the businessman of helping her in her music career. Myolie said she still puts her career her priority. Myolie’s brother and Mimi Chu’s daughter saw the businessman touched Myolie and told her to go to US with him. Myolie told Roger that she decided to go to US with the businessman. Myolie breaks up with Roger. Myolie went into the car with the businessman and cried. Roger chased them. Angelina and Cherie pretends to cry saying that Chun Wong will die tonight. Chun Wong told Roger he has a wish before he die, he hopes that Roger would marry Cherie. Roger slutters. Chun Wong yelled that he sees a ghost then he said he promised to marry Cherie. Kenneth found the conman and brought him to Chun Wong. He witness Wayne told him to pretend as a businessman. Roger told Chun Wong to forgive Wayne and his father if they returns the money that they stole. Wayne’s father fainted. Roger told Chun Wong that it is really Kenneth who found the con man. Kenneth was surprised when Chun Wong called Roger is son in law. Wayne Lai and his girlfriend saw Kenneth at a restaurant. Kenneth saw a 20 years old picture of Kenneth’s father and Chun Wong together on a newspaper and he said that was the time that his father got bankrupt. Wayne’s father got amnesia and eat sandwiches on the floower. Kenneth’s father friend told Kenneth that Chun Wong tricks all of Kenneth’s father’s money. Wayne Lai told Kenneth to use Roger to revenge against Chun Wong. Kenneth told Roger to sign a document; then he spilled water on Roger, then switched the document. Wayne Lai’s girlfriend called Chun Wong’s wife to provoke her. Angelina argued with Chun Wong. Wayne Lai came to retrieve Chun Wong’s house and said Roger already signed a document saying he has to give them 50,00 dollars or else he will take his house. Kenneth told Roger he switched the document.