Partner episode 13 recap

Kim Hyun Joo asked Lee Dong Wook if he was involved in her father’s death. She said she thought Lee Dong Wook was different from all those lawyers.She asked him if he thought she was pititful that’s why he was so nice to her. Kim Hyun Joo asked her foster father, how could he lie about her father died. Jin Sung PNC released a chemical called phenolic resin. The foster father said that he found out phenolic resin caused the victim’s immune system weaken. He said Kim Hyun Joo’s husband is also affected by phenolic resin. Wook Shik worked for Hae Yoon and made a call but just cried and didn’t say anything. Then Woo Shik was dead. He saw Lee Dong Wook at Woo Shik’s funeral. Wook Shik’s friends hit Lee Dong Wook at the funeral. The foster father said Lee Dong Wook is a good man. Kim Hyun Joo asked Honey Lee to give her Young Woo’s phone number. Young Woo told Kim Hyun Joo that Woo Shik doesn’t have anything to do with phenolic resin, he suicide because he wants to escape of bribery. Kim Hyun Joo told Young Woo that it was cleared that many people include her husband died from that poison, and as long as he admit it, she won’t pursue it. Young Woo said Kim Hyun Joo only said that for money. Lawyer Kim asked Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo why does she wants to give up the case and work alone. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo remembers that the poor man said he was sleeping with Park Myung Soo but he left first. A client hit lawyer Yoon for telling a victim somehting causing him to loose faces, job, and money. Laywer Yoon said he felt poor for the female victim being harassed so he conforted her. Honey Lee told lawyer Yoon to think before he does things.Lawyer Yoon told Soon Yi that he thought he could be an important person after winning this sexual harassment case. A girl told Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo that he exchanged his new shoes for his rent. She said his feet are really small while her feet are big. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo chased the poor man. Jin Sung’s business leader Han Jung Seo meet Young Woo and his dad. Han Jung Seo and Young Woo head to the Jin Sung’s construction land. Young Woo and Han Jung Seo meet with Yoo Man Sung. Young Woo told Yoo Man Sung that he told him drunkenly that he is always a better fortune teller at law. Young Woo told Yoo Man Sung, he can’t take joke as a joke. Kim Hyun Joo told the poor man that Park Myung Soo is dead after finding out someone stole all his money. Kim Hyun Joo just wants to ask him why does Park Myung Soo’s identity card is still intact. The poor man said he stole his wallet. He said he sold to someone and got 50,000 dollars and spent it all on the lottery. The poor man said he didn’t see his face because he was in the toilet but he saw his hand wore a golden ring. Young Woo found a recorder and a bunch of identity cards in Yoo Man Sung’s office. Kim Hyun Joo saw Han Jung Seo’s identity card, and stopped the car. She saw Yoo Man Sung wearing a golden ring. Lee Dong Wook yelled at his brother. He asked him if he has to be a lawyer for Yoo Man Sung and he doesn’t feel ashamed about the resin incident. Young Woo slapped his brother. Kim Hyun Joo asked Lee Dong Wook why couldn’t she hate him.During the court, Lawyer Kim showed two image of footprint and asked the witness how long have he seen his daughter. He said 4 times. He said his daughter has short hands so it wasn’t trimmed regularly which makes her scratch her face with her own nails. He said there was blood on her face, and he cried everytime he cuts her nail. He said he doesn’t want to take her back because there wouldn’t be enough room in the house. Lawyer Kim told the judge that the witness’s daugther lives in an orphanage, and there was never a room for her to live with her dad. Lawyer kim pleaded the judge to treat the defendant with tolerance by using justice. Myung Ja’s son wants to confront Yoo Man Sung. Yoo Man Sung said after his mother dies, he will let Dong Shik cleans the toilet. Don Shik cried. Yoo Man Sung used Kim Hyun Joo’s cell phone to call Lee Dong Wook. Kim Hyun Joo stayed in jail for hitting Yoo Man Sung. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father called Lee Dong Wook and said her son got respiratory disorder. Lee Dong Wook kneel down and beg Yoo Man Sung to let Kim Hyun Joo visit her son.

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