Partner episode 15 recap

The people in the village said that Mr. Han has helped them paying for their healthcare, buy them a new television, and tell doctors to check up on them. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo saw bruises on a female’s arm. Lee Dong Wook asks a man if there is a river or canal around here. Lee Dong Wook test the water for phenolic resin. A farmer told him that there used to be a tunnel underground 5 years ago. Lee Dong Wook asks Kim Hyun Joo why doesn’t she asks what he is doing. She said that Lee Dong Wook must be doing the work that a lawyer should be doing. Mr. Han told Young Woo that Lee Dong Wook is indeed smart, and they need to step up or they will lose. Mr. Ha told Young Woo that his perception is different from his father. He told Young Woo, he hopes he works harder for him in the future. Kim Hyun Joo reads about pregnancy symptom. Kim Hyun Joo wonders if that woman she saw on the village, will die. Kim Hyun Joo said that is it not important about what it’s built on the land but Jin Sung only wants the land to destroy the evidence. The representative told Lee Dong Wook to let him handle the case. He said that lawyer Yoo has Hae Yoon to back him up while Kim Hyun Joo has no one. Lee Dong Wook sits in Jin Sung’s office and told him he found out that the piece of land has to do with the PNC case five years ago. He said Jin Sung only wants to construct buildings in the land to hide the evidence. Lee Dong Wook told Mr. Ha he will disclose the truth one by one in the court. Mr. Ha warns Lee Dong Wook to not look further if he still wants to protect someone. Lawyer Yoon forgot his wallet at the train station. Lee Dong Wook saw some cars following him. Kim Hyun Joo said she will take up the case alone since she doesn’t want Lee Dong Wook to stress going against her brother and father. Lee Dong Wook told Kim Hyun Joo to give up the case since she has to take care of her son. Kim Hyun Joo told a man in the village that his son and wife could die. The man’s wife said that she’s fine but she doesn’t want her baby to die. Lee Dong Wook look at the documents in his dad’s office. Mr. Ha told Lee Dong Wook’s dad and brother said if Hae Yoon ruins this case because of his family conflicts, then the relationship with Jin Sung and Hae Yoon will end as well. Lee Dong Wook’s dad said he will discipline his son. Lee Dong Wook’s dad angrily said to Young Wook to bring Lee Dong Wook in. Soon Yi and lawyer Yoon ate bibimbap while walking in the park. Kim Hyun Joo told the villagers that her dad died from the exact same symptom as the people here. The villagers signed a petition. Young Wook’s wife look at Honey Lee holding baby accessories. Young Woo’s wife asks her how long was she pregnant. Honey Lee asks her if she ever thought the her assumption could be wrong. Lee Doing Wook ignores his father’s calls. Kim Hyun Joo saw Mr. Ha talking to her son. Jae Dong said Mr. Ha bought him a lot of toys. Kim Hyun Joo told Mr. Ha to not appear in front of her son again. Lee Dong Wook saw a USB drive in his yoyo. Young Woo listed two conditions during the settlement. He told Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo that the villagers either have to pay 10 times the compensation or Jin Sung group will not admit their mistakes of their past. Young Woo said if they accept one of those 2 conditions then he will pay them back and the PNC case will never be brought up again. Lee Dong Wook said he will see them in the court. Lee Dong Wook told his brother if he admits his wrongdoing and recompensate them then he won’t go to the court. Young Woo asks him what evidence he has.Lee Dong Wook told his brother that to cover up for their crime, Hae Yoon and Jin Sung transferred millions of dollars into a ghost account to the chief. Lee Dong Wook said before Woo Shik died, he gathered some evidence in the USB drive. Lee Dong Wook confront his brother if Woo Shik really committed suicide. Lee Jin Pyo’s friend told him that his son has the evidence. Kim Hyun Joo told Lee Dong Wook that if her husband was alive, he would forgive him. Honey told Young Woo if he remembers on their first date, he didn’t want to go home so he decided to eat 30 sushi rolls with her. She said at that time, she thought she could live happily with him. Honey bought some rolls in the stall. She told him she regretted to not hold on to him when he was about to get married, and this will be the last time she will see him. Some men came to attack Lee Dong Wook. Laywer Jo called Kim Hyun Joo saying that his line got cut when he called Lee Dong Wook. Lee Dong Wook got beaten by some men, and they stole his USB Drive. Kim Hyun Joo saw Lee Dong Wook, and the band aids he bought for her. The cops came and arrested Lee Dong Wook. Woosh, one more episode to go! Can’t wait to finish this drama. 🙂

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