Partner episode 16 recap

Yay! Final episode of Partner! Kim Hyun Joo told Lee Dong Wook she knows he did not kill Woo Shik. She said “I believe you attorney Lee”. Lee Dong Wook’s father and his brother is pretty scary treating his family member like that, accusing him of murderer. It shows a flashback of Mr. Ha showed the USB drive to Lee Dong Wook’s father and Young Woo. Lee Dong Wook’s father asking Mr. Han if it was necessary to add a murderer charge to Lee Dong Wook. In the court, a witness told the lawyer he saw Lee Dong Wook arguing with Woo Shik five years ago on the top of the building. He said Lee Dong Wook grabbed the man’s shirt and dragged him by the railing.The witness said he saw Woo Shik shaking then he left. Mr. Han remembers how Young Woo said Lee Dong Wook is still his family member although he’s different. Lee Dong Wook’s father angrily told Mr. Han he is not afraid of him but he doesn’t want his hard work to be ruin, and he said he will watch how he destroy his son. Lee Dong Wook asks the witness if he really saw his face, and he can charge him of perjury. Honey Lee asks attorney Kim to let her be in charge of this case. Kim Hyun Joo wants to be in charge of the case but Honey Lee said she’s the only one who saw the document in the USB so she has to be the witness. Kim Hyun Joo said Lee Dong Wook is her mentor and she learned a lot from him, so she wants to be in charge of this case. Haha Kim Hyun Joo told the witness everytime she sees a shameless guy, her blood pressure goes up. Kim Hyun Joo asks the witness if he doesn’t live in Sangha village no. 603, what was he doing there. She asks him if he was carrying out a burglary and were discovered by the owner of the house, and tried to escape but got arrested. She said he has been in jail for five years. She asks him what was his reason for witness Lee Dong Wook’s crime after getting out of jail. Kim Hyun Joo said the distance between Sang Ha village and the building is 20 meters away, and the witness’s eyesight could not be that good looking 20 meters away and still recall it 5 years later. She asks him could he memorize a script from someone else’s instruction. The witness said he had conscience when he saw Lee Dong Wook visiting Wook Shik’s mother. Young Woo told lawyer Yoon that if he will be the witness in the court, he will promote him to the M&A department. Lawyer Yoon told Young Woo that he is really cruel to his brother. Young Woo said going against Hae Yoon is going against him. At the court, lawyer Yoon said Lee Dong Wook is the first person who taught him how to drink. He said he heard Lee Dong Wook said in the bar that he saw a person dying in front of him. He said whenever Lee Dong Wook is drunk, he would say he murdered his friend. Lawyer Byun yelled at lawyer Yoon asking him if money is that great. Lawyer Yoon said Lee Dong Wook was crying when he said he killed a man. Attorney Kim said Lee Dong Wook saw someone died in front of him; it doesn’t mean he killed that person. Lawyer Kim said Lee Dong Wook had a lot of conscience since he represented for the person who killed Woo Shik by saying he killed him. Honey Lee and Kim Hyun Joo told Young Woo that this is very cruel to Lee Dong Wook. Honey asked Young Wook if he did this because he doesn’t want to lose Jin Sung. Kim Hyun Joo asks Young Woo if he remembers the drawing about his mother’s back that he drew when he was little. She said Lee Dong Wook took the drawing and tries to understand it and got upset. Kim Hyun Joo said he tried to understand his brother. She begged Young Woo to not let his brother relationship get worse. In the court, Young Woo said Woo Shik and Lee Dong Wook would always go to the casino. Young Woo said Lee Dong Wook taught Woo Shik to gamble. He said the twoo of them owed 1.2 billion won. He said Lee Dong Wook used the company’s money in a third account to pay for his debt. Young Woo said he saw them arguing on the roof because of money. Young Woo said Lee Dong Wook stole Woo Shik’s identity so all the debts is in Woo Shik’s name. Young Woo lied that Lee Dong Wook wasn’t happy about dragging him down after he found out that he stole his identity. Young Woo said he regretted about Woo Shik’s death. Honey Lee cried and asks Lee Dong Wook if he’s alright in jail. Honey Lee said she’s pregnant. She said she’s happy but she’s scared too and Lee Dong Wook is her only friend. She said she doesn’t want to tell Young Woo, and she just wants to live with her baby far away. Attorney Kim told Young Woo that the time where Woo Shik died was when the PNC pollution scandal happens. Lawyer Kim told Young woo that it is coincidental that the three lawyers in charge of the PNC case of the Jin Sung group, one is accused, one is is the victim, and one is the witness. lawyer Kim asks Young Woo what is the content of the PNC case. Yoon Woo said that Jin Sung was repaying damages to the residents who suffered in the village. Attorney Kim asks Young Woo so Woo Shik doesn’t care about his family in the village dying, but he only focused on his 1.2 billion gambling debts. Attorney Kim said Jin Sung spent 1.2 billion dollars to shut the mouth of the villagers to cover the embezzled funds and made someone a scapegoat. Attorney Kim yelled and said this is not a murder case but a lawyer protecting an organization forcing people to die, and Lee Dong Wook wants to investigate the organization. He said Young Woo is sitting here to witness his younger brother killed someone and this is the best example of how heartless Haeyoon is. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father asks Lee Dong Wook’s father if he wants to get his son killed. Lee Dong Wook’s father told Kim Hyun Joo’s father that if attorney Kim and he doesn’t investigate the PNC case, then the damage amount of the villager will be increased. Lee Jin Pyo said this time is the Jin Sung group against civillans. If Lee Dong Wook wins, then the other party will strengthen, but if he lose, then his side will be strengthen. Woo Shik’s mother prepared a meal for Lee Dong Wook and told Kim Hyun Joo to bring it to him. Wook Shik’s mother told Kim Hyun Joo to tell Lee Dong Wook to stay strong. Lee Dong Wook cried and asks Kim Hyun Joo if Woo Shik’s mother asks her if he killed her son. Woo Shik’s mother said in the court that the people in the village had difficulty breathing. She said his son worked hard in the PNC case. She said Lee Dong Wook helped Woo Shik with the case. She said that Lee Dong Wook said Woo Shik died wrongfully and he would investigate it. She said that Lee Dong Wook’s personality is similar to her son that he can’t let go of the person who is wronged. She said if she taught Woo Shik to live a simple life, he wouldn’t die. Lee Dong Wook cried; Woo Shik’s mother told him to not be like that. Mr. Han told the lawyer that ll the embezzled funds was done by Lee Dong Wook. He said Lee Dong Wook would feel uncomfortable if Woo Shik cleared his crime. Lee Jin Pyo told Lee Dong Wook to not say anything in the court to reduce his sentence. Kim Hyun Joo thanked Mr. Han for visiting his son in his hospital. She said it’s because of that she found the memory card in teh yoyo but too bad she can’t use it because it was stolen by the gangster. Kim Hyun Joo asks Mr. Han that he wouldn’t have thought that she kept the original copy of the document. She said document 1 contains information about them putting phenolic raisin waste in the village. After the phenolic resin has been debated, document 2 was immediately sent out about the termination of phenolic resin emission. She said the time between document one and document two is sixth months. Document 3 is the warning about serious excess phenolic resin released into the village which would cause serious damage to the body. All the public servant asks Jin Sung about it through document 4 in order they would omit the phenolic resin. She said document shows the bribery of the doctors which is 1.2 billion which is the same amount Woo Shik embezzled from the company. she said Woo Shik never embezzled money from the company. She said he wants to help the people in the village but he died innocently.Lee Dong Wook’s dad thinks Young Woo gave the document files from the USB drive to Kim Hyun Joo to save his brother. Kim Hyun Joo said that it was good enough for them to steal the USB drive but why did they frame Lee Dong Wook from murdering Woo Shik. Kim Hyun Joo asks Mr. Han if he really didn’t meet Woo Shik outside of work. Kim Hyun Joo told Mr. Han that someone saw him near Kim Woo Shik’s house. Kim Hyun Joo told Mr.Han to read a document aloud. Then Kim Hyun Joo open a recorder of Mr. Han yelling at Woo Shik. Lee Dong Wook got released. Young Woo got arrested for falsifying documents and bribery. Honey Lee moves somewhere far away to live with her baby. Yoon Joon wants to resign. Attorney Kim gave lawyer Yoon a balance and asked him to come back and work for them. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo holds each other hands while walking to work to do the PNC’s case. The End.

Great Drama!

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