Witness Insecurity episode 6 recap

Not sure if I will do recaps of Back to 3 Kingdom since currently I have too many dramas to watch at the moment. I usually watch one or two tvb new tvb series,but with Tiger Cubs I will have 3 to watch. Quite busy. Nevertheless I’m enjoying Witness Insecurity right now for entertainment. This series just gets better and better.

Bosco and Brian saw the new telescope that Ronald bought for Cilla. Rachel Kan called Bosco that she lost 60,000 dollars and blamed it to the bodyguards. Paul Chun told Rachel Kan to drop the case since it is just a small amount of money. Paul Chun told Bosco that not everything is black and white; there is also gray in it.Paul said without gray, there will be chaos in this world. That statement makes me wonder about if this word is black and white. I remember in E.U and other police series saying that police cannot be friends with gangster I believe that there is also gray. Linda wants to investigate the missing 60,000 dollars to clear the name for Bosco. Linda look at the set of dollar bills in Ram Chiang’s room. Linda asks Ram Chiang if he remembers something about losing and winning money at the snooker game. Ram Chiang remembers how he took Rachel’s money to play snooker without her being aware. Ram Chiang told Rachel that he was too happy playing snooker that he forgot he borrowed money from her. Paul Chun confronts Ram Chiang about not taking medicine to cure his brain injury. Bosco bought Linda a cactus instead of flowers. Hung Yung and Hung Yee visits his brother in jail. Hung Yung’s lawyer told Hung Fei that there will be a witness charging him of murderer but Paul promised him that he will be safe. Hung Fei yelled at his two brothers saying that they are useless and can’t even get rid of Linda. Hung Fei got mad and threw a chair but it hit a lawyer’s forrhead. Hung Yung and Hung Yee told Paul they hope to settle the matter amicably. Linda asks her dad for permission to go to the piano concert to see Hack Martin. Bosco objects saying the concert is very crowded and it will be hard to protect her. In the woods,Bosco saw a dead body with a backpack and the ring, and he cried. Ram Chiang told Linda that he found out through reporters that the victim is Bosco’s girlfriend who went missing eight years ago. Ram Chiang told Linda that Bosco’s girlfriend died in a big storm while hiking. Bosco would go hiking to look for her. Ram Chiang said Bosco searched for his girlfriend in the wrong hiking trail all along. Bosco told Linda he will take two days off for the funeral. Bosco throws petal in the sea. While riding the motorcycle, Bosco remembers the happy times he spent with his girlfriend. The psychologist showed Linda’s drawing to Paul and said that Linda is more comfortable going out and her psychological state is more stable.


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