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Witness Insecurity episode 15 recap

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Law Lok Lam ask Paul Chun if he heard the news about Sapura’as account problem. Law Lok Lam said the police asked Sapura to filed a detailed account about his company. Law Lok Lam said it is lucky that the Indonesian airport is closed so they don’t have to sign contract with Sapura and give money to him. Ram Chiang told Paul that if Sapura failed to invest money then his business will corrupt and it will give him trouble. Sapura invited Paul and Ram Chiang to his house. Sapura told Ram Chiang and Paul that his oldest son is running his business in Indonesia. His daughter graduated from Stanford and now doing charity work. Sapura told Paul that others call him the market magician. Ram Chiang asks Sapura to say what he wants and they don’t have time to play games with him. Ram Chiang called him Lai Shu Fong. Sapura said no one called him by that name for 30 years. Sapura said he almost forgot his real name. He said he changed his name to Sapura to start over again. He said his financial in U.S and Europe has corrupted. He said he bribed all those laywers and kill those laywers couldn’t bribe. Sapura said he’s lucky to meet Shawn. Shawn has rich uncles and introduced him to rich businessmen to invest money for him. Sapura couldn’t believe that Shawn is Tong Sai Ping. Sapura told Paul that they haven’t met each other because of Tong Sai Ping, and now they meet again because of his son. Sapura asks Paul to lend him 20 billion dollars. Sapura said because of Bosco digging his past about the armored truck and found about his wife and him, he has to go back to Indonesia to prevent them revealing his identity. Paul said Sapura wanted his wife to work as a mole for him. Paul said he can lend him at most 2 billion dollars. Sapura said they did the same thing 33 years ago. He said will Bosco be interested in another case since he’s so interested in the robbery case. Sapura said does Bosco know who Tong Sai Wing was. Sapura told Paul if he lends him 29 million dollars, they will all survive. Sapura told Paul to give him 20 million dollars in 48 hours. Paul remembers he sold picture of movie stars and met Linda’s mom. There’s even a photo of Adam and Liza in a 1970s or 1980s drama. Paul got hit by some men. Sapura bought the photo from Ram Chiang. Paul’s van doesn’t work. Paul doesn’t have enough money to repair his van. Sapura asks Paul if he knows who Tong Sai Ping is. Sapura asks Paul to collaborate with him to rob Tong Sai Ping. Sapura, Paul, and Ram Chiang captured Tong Sai Ping. Sapura killed Tong Sai Ping by putting his knife toward his belly. Sapura, Ram Chiang, and Paul shared Tong Sai Ping’s money. Linda’s mom told Paul that Sapura left her and went to Indonesia after he got the money. Ronald Law wanted to buy a watch for Jojo. Linda texts Bosco she’ll return to Hongkong soon and call her when he have time. Bosco told Ronald sometimes it is not a good thing to have a choice. Paul angrily want to see Rachel but Rachel called and said she is playing mahjong. Paul’s assistant told him that the U.S SEC has settled him 30 million dollars; now the case is over. Paul watch the news that the U.S is in a big financial debt and president Clinton is discussing about this. I’m assuming Witness Insecurity set place many years ago since it mentioned President Clinton as the hired Brian Burrell to check his background. Eric complained to Paul that he knew something happened to Sapura but he didn’t tell him. Paul sends Eric to Malaysia.Paul told Ram Chiang that Eric became poor because he killed Tong Sai Ping, then he felt guilty so he took care of Eric. Now because of Eric, Sapura met Paul. Paul said they have to beware of Bosco, and it will be risky for him to be with Linda. Paul said he won’t allow Bosco to date Linda. Paul told he wants to have a son in law and he will hand him his business. Paul asks Bosco if he can try everything to get what he wants and run the business for him. Paul said the money he got from Sapura are from loan sharks and he made profit. Paul told Bosco if he wants Linda to be happy then make a choice. Bosco calls Linda to meet her. Bosco lied to Linda that he can’t forget his ex-girlfriend.

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