HK-Korean Drama Expression

Witness Insecurity episode 16 recap

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Bosco said perhaps she took Linda as his girlfriend that’s why he was confused about his feeling. Bosco told Linda to forget him. Linda goes to the church. Paul told Ram Chiang he’s surprised that Linda did not cry; he said loves Linda the most and can sacrafice anything for her. Cilla told Linda that Bosco only focus on his work and didn’t think of other girls. Linda told Cilla that it is worth for her to wait for Bosco. Linda said Bosco will forget his ex someday. Linda told Bosco that they are the two of a kind because they are devoted to love. Linda said she only loves Bosco. Bosco told Linda to promise that she will be well. Linda gave Bosco a new helmet. Linda told Bosco if he likes her then wear the new helmet when he rides the motorbike. Bosco look at his blue helmet. Bosco told Ronald maybe he’s not cold hearted enough and the more hope the more disappointment. Ronald told Bosco don’t overestimate his charm; perhaps a more handsome boy will come to Linda. Linda told Paul she wants to help with the charity fund. Queenie told Paul that Linda wants to work so she doesn’t think about anything else. She hopes Bosco will change his mind. Linda wants to raise charity funds for the orphans. Paul’s assistant told Linda that his son graduated from Princeton and his daughter likes to play the piano like her. Linda pray in the church. The doctor told Paul’s assistant that he has cancer. Ronald told Bosco that his sister gave birth to a twin; he’s now an uncle. Bosco and Ronald look at the twin babies in the hospital. Law Lok Lam told Paul Chun that Sapura will meet him face to face in Hongkong in a couple of days. Sapura called Paul to meet him tonight with Ram Chiang. Sapura tied both Paul and Ram Chiang to and wants to kill him to keep his mouth shut about the robbery incident.Sapura told Paul to sign a document to transfer 20 billion dollars to another company. Sapura told Paul to sign it if he doesn’t want anything to happen to Linda. Paul’s assistant came and shot Sapura. Sapura escape using a speedboat. Paul’s assistant take Paul to the hospital without telling Linda.Paul ordered his assistant to kill Sapura. Paul’s assistant search for Sapura seeing his blood on the sand.

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