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Witness Insecurity episode 18 recap

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Bosco assumes that Paul’s assistant killed Sapura and Ronald and got a way using the speedboat. Bosco said he shot the speedboat which sunk it and lost the evidence. Bosco assumes Paul ordered his assistant to kill Sapura. Bosco and Cilla visits Ronald’s grave. Bosco told Cilla he worries that an innocent person will get hurt.Linda prayed in the church for Bosco to catch the criminal. Bosco told the pollice that Paul was fine during the coctail party but his arm got injured after he interviewed him. Bosco follow Paul and Ram Chiang, and arrests the doctor without the license. Bosco told Paul that Paul’s shoulder got hurt the same night as Sapura got shot. Bosco and the police search Paul’s assistant’s house. Bosco checks the website that Sapura visited and found a land website that Sapura often checks. Bosco found out Paul’s assistant sank the speedboat in the deep sea passageway. Bosco told the unlicensed doctor that he found a witness to testify against him for selling ketamine for several days. Savio arrests Paul. I feel poor for Linda to see her lover Bosco arrests her dad.I feel so sorry for Linda’s character as Miss Kook, Seung Joi Sum, and Ji Lam where she got heartbroken by her lover. I gotta admit Linda’s acting always improved. Savio said he found Paul’s gun on the speedboat and the DNA match Sapura and Ronald. Bosco told Paul that the doctor witness him getting a gunshot. Paul showed the confession letter that his assistant wrote that he admits he killed Sapura and Ronald and Paul doesn’t have anything to do with this. Bosco said the letter might be written by Paul’s assistant but he’s loyal to Paul. Linda doubts why does the police suspect Paul. Paul told Linda that Bosco got mad at Paul for breaking him and Linda so he accused him of murder. Paul said it was lucky that he saw throught Bosco that he was playing Linda all along and miss his ex-girlfriend so he broke them up. Linda got confused. Savio told Bosco that Sapura has billions of dollars. Savio doubts why does Sapura wants to kill Paul for 20 billion dollars. Paul got nervous since Bosco is going to Indonesia to investigate. Someone told Bosco that his friend saw Paul’s assistant burried something in a deserted island. Bosco go to the deserted island but got surrounded by mainland police. Bosco told Savio that Paul set him up. Savio told Bosco that he broke the mainland law and he’s dismissed.

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