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Cinderella Man episode 7 recap

I always say I love Korean Dramas whenever I watch one. The k-drama fans sometimes got influenced by my hype about dramas that they decided to put the dramas i am watching on the list. haha. I kept on praising Shining Inheritance is good and When It’s at Night is so funny so it kinda affect them. That’s why I say Korean Dramas are better than tvb because every time i finish a drama, I keep on thinking about it. Whenever i finish a tvb dramas, I would be like next drama.

Yeo Jin told Jae Min sometimes she miss her dad. Jae Min said his dad passed a way too. Yeo Jin said she has another fatherless person near her. Dae San gave the design info to Yeo Jin. Dae San asks Yeo Jin who’s the bag for. Man, I love the OSTs in korean dramas. Dae San asks Yeo Jin where she was last night. Yeo Jin asks Dae San how did he know her boss is a guy. Joon Hee’s grandma told Jae Min to take Dae San around his company and teach him the basics. Dae San told Joon Hee’s assistant that Joon Hee’s house is huge and probably a lot bigger than his store. Joon Hee’s assistant told Dae San not to make mistake like he did last time. Joon Hee’s stepmother told Dae San tha he knows how to upset people. Dae San gave Joon Hee’s stepmother a flower and a heart jewelry. Dae San told Joon Hee’s assistant that a stepmother is still a mother and Joon Hee should make her happy. The chairwoman told Dae San that he will learn from Jae Min from tomorrow and on. Jae Min asks Yeo Jin to help him with the sportwear design.He said she may go home early to think of ideas since she’s been running errands for her colleagues. Yeo Jin gave Jae Min a new necktie as a compensation for making his shirt dirty las time. Yeo Jin didn’t see Dae San at home and punched the punching bag. She read the sentence “Let’s Make 10 million dollars jackpot” on the punching bag. Dae San got mad when Yeo Jin said she gave Jae Min a gift. He asks her if she likes him.Dae San told Yeo Jin that Jae Min has tons of girls and wouldn’t like her.Yeo Jin got mad and told Dae San that she shouldn’t see him again. Yeo Jin sits outside the store and draw her design. Dae San cheer Yeo Jin up by giving her a drink. Dae San gave Yeo Jin a smiley key chain told her that he will come and get her design. Dae San presses the button up o the threadmill trying to compete with Jae Min at the gym. Dae San fell down. Jae Min told Dae San it is time for him to take his medicine. Dae San fall asleep during the conference. Joon Hee’s assistant told Dae San that Joon Hee is fluent in speaking 4 languages and can speak many languages. Joon Hee assistant asks Dae San if he thought of studying the languages. Dae San said Joon Hee and him look alike but come from different worlds and he’s also stressed about his life. Yeo Jin saw Jae Min wore the purple tie she gave him. A man praised Jae Min’s tie pretty.Jae Min told Yeo Jin in the elevator to not think too hard and sometimes the simple design gets pick. Dae Sand and the debt owner found out that they were high school friends after Dae San said his nickname. The debt owner asks Dae San what is the name of Se Un. A man told Se Un her design plagiarized other design. He told her not to ruin his name. Se Un said she’s not changing her design. Se Un told Joon Hee’s stepmother that she finished her design but she couldn’t find the fabric. Yeo Jin thought what Dae San said about women over the world wear clubbing clothes. Jae Min sends Se Un the fabric. Se Un asks Jae Min if Joon Hee is an illegimate child. Jae Min asks Se Un if she likes Joon Hee. Se Un said she feels really happy being with Joon Hee and she thinks she likes him. Jae Min has nowhere to go so he goes back to the company. Yeo Jin takes Jae Min for a walk. Jae Min told Yeo Jin that not all memories are good so we don’t have to remember them. Yeo Jin open the water fountain so they can both play on the water. Yeo Jin told Jae Min to jump with her to the trampoline to dry themselves. Yeo Jin watch Dae San sleeping in the store. Se Un bought Suchi and sandwich for Dae San. Dae San asks se Un if she likes Jae Min. Se Un said lots of girls like Jae Min. Dae San said Jae Min broke his engagement because he’s rich. Se Un asks Dae San if he’s jealous of Jae Min. Jae Min yelled at Se Un for lying to Yeo Jin that they don’t have enough fabric for her. A store owner gave Yeo Jin a fabric since she knows Dae San. Yeo Jin measure the fabric and work on the design. Dae San come home and saw Yeo Jin sleeping on her desk. Dae San told Yeo Jin that although he’s the owner of the store, he stil owe a lot of debt. Yeo Jin told Dae San that she will work hard in SOPIA to impress Jae Min. Yeo Jin asks Dae San why does he wants 10 million dollars. Dae San said he got into a fight with a kid when he was in high school but he got kicked out.That’s when he decided to make 10 million dollars so he can finish his studies. Dae San said he also have another dream. Dae San look at Yeojin and said he likes her.

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Witness Insecurity episode 14 recap

I don’t find Hippocratic Crush that great or a lot better than Witness Insecurity. Both Witness Insecurity and Hippocratic Crush are just good but I support Bosco and Linda so I hope that Witness Insecurity beats Hippocratic Crush rating.

Paul told Bosco he didn’t know his wife when the case happened. Paul said 33 years ago, his brother and him swam from hongkong to China and got bullied. His brother and him fought with the bullies and got injured and stayed in the hospital. He said he stayed in the hospital during Chinese New Years, and the robber occurs during that time when he was in the hospital. Paul told Bosco he will try to find the medical record to prove it. Ram Chiang worries that Bosco will investigate the case. Paul told Ram Chiang that Linda likes Bosco so it will be hard for Bosco to find out the truth. Bosco told Paul he found the medical record so he is clear. Paul said even if he is clear, Bosco will still investigate the case. Paul told Bosco that there’s just not black and white, there is also grey. He said as a businessmen he has to protect himself and survive and have to cross the line to make a deal. He said it is Darwin’s theory of Survival to the fittest. If he doesn’t want to be arrest, he has to be evil. Bosco said he’s a cop so he has to go by the law, and he hopes Paul understands. Paul suggests Bosco to quit his job as a cop so there won’t be a barrier between them. Paul said he can provide him a job in his company. He said if he doesn’t change his job, Linda will be unhappy. Linda told Bosco on the phone saying she will return to Hongkong soon. Linda hopes that Paul and Bosco will get along. Ronald told Bosco that Bosco came late to work today, and he never smiled at all. Bosco told Ronald that dating isn’t between two person, it is also about family background. Bosco said Linda’s dad cares about business profit while he cares about going by the law. Bosco said Paul find the rules unacceptable while he doesn’t agree with him as an officer. Bosco said if he lose his principle, would Linda still love him. Law Lok Lam told Paul that he wants to play poker with him, he said there’s a flood in Indonesia so the Indonesian man haven’t return to his country yet. Paul seems to want to drive away the Indonesian man right away. Eric told Paul and Ram Chiang that the Indonesian Airport was closed so the Indonesian guy couldn’t come back. Eric said the meeting is cancelled and the contract has been delayed. Paul told Ram Chiang that Sapura wanted to sign the contract today no matter what but the meeting is cancelled. Paul said he doesn’t know what he’s up to. Ram Chiang said perhaps Sapura will return to Indonesia after he signs the contract. Sapura impatiently wants to have a conference another day to sign the contract. Linda happily called Bosco that she will return to Hongkong soon and will buy him a large helmet. Linda gave Cilla a bag of cream as a gift. Linda asks Cilla to tell her more about Bosco. Cilla go with Linda to Tokwawan. Linda took picures of the place and asks Cilla what is her favorite place to eat and shop. Cilla asks Linda if any of her fan saw her. Linda told Cilla to look at 3 pair of jeans for 100 dollars. Linda goes to the temple street with Cilla. Cilla talk to her aunt Ha. Cilla’s relatives said Linda is as pretty as Miss Hongkong. The lady boss told Linda that Bosco would work in the studio part time when he was 14 or 15. She said Bosco would go offbeat everytime he sings and everyone kept laughing. The lady boss sings the song The Moon Represent My Heart on stage. Cilla records Linda and sends Bosco the video. Bosco told Ronald he doesn’t know if he should choose Linda or his career.

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Witness Insecurity episode 13 recap

I like this series but whenever I blog about this drama, I find some of the convo keeps on repeat. Can’t wait to see the lovey dovey scene between Bosco and Linda. xd. Have you noticed Back to Three Kingdom and Witness Insecurity has some of the same supporting casts. I noticed tvb lack of casts since 2009. I pick and choose tvb series to watch so I won’t go crazy seeing the same people over and over again. Korean Dramas helps me that. 🙂

Bosco brought flowers for Linda in the hospital. Bosco told Linda that he broke his wrist when playing soccer and it took a long time for him to recover; she told her to take good care of her arm. Bosco told Linda to ask him to go hiking with her next time. Bosco is so shy haha! Queenie told Linda that she felt protective toward Bosco so she got a feeling for him. Eric invited Paul to dine with the Indonesian tycoon. Paul told Ram Chiang that the tycoon still doesn’t want to leave Linda alone. The Indonesian tycoon ask Paul and Law Lok Lam to cooperate with him on the project. Paul told Ram Chiang that the Indonesian tycoon really doesn’t know him. Bosco saw the news about the Mongkok car crash. Bosco’s calleague called him and said it was Ronald who got in the car crash. Bosco asks Cilla if Ronald got into a car crash. He asks her how is he doing. Cilla said they haven’t hung out for a long time and he’s just one of her boyfriends. Bosco said so she just toyed with him. Cilla said she broke up with him because she knows she will become famous. She said she made it clear with Ronald but he wouldn’t listen. Bosco said Ronald got in a car crash because he got dumped. Ronald told Bosco that he sent a resignation letter to WPU already. He said he stayed in WPU to get a promotion to court Cilla. Bosco asks Ronald if he joined WPU to court Cilla or to be a good cop. Bosco told Ronald that he is determined to be a good cop while she is dreaming of marry a rich guy; he said they won’t work out. Bosco said he will ask Poon Sir for Ronald to join the Crime Unit with him. Linda wrote a love letter to Bosco. Linda said in the letter that it is her first love letter to him so she wrote it in paper and pencil. She showed him a picture of her at the hospital during the sunset in Germany. She said she will get well in a few days. A lady told Bosco her son was murdered 2 years ago. She showed him a letter from a driver who hit and run saying that he felt guilty. The lady said someone ordered the driver to kill his son. Bosco told Savio that the lady said her son got in a car crash in Indonesia and was a worker in Sapura. He said the Indonesian tycoon happens to be there to raise funds. Bosco saw Paul talking to the Indonesian tycoon. The Indonesian tyccoon said the victim was a bookkeeper. He said he heard that the CFO said it will be hard to find a good man like him after he leaves the company. The Indonesian tycoon said he has so many employee so he doesn’t know them very well. Bosco read the newspaper that Sapura got a case 30 years ago; a Hongkong woman made a scene in Chinatown accusing Sapura of being a cheater. Bosco saw the woman’s in the newspaper last name is Chai. Bosco remembers that Linda’s mom’s name is Chai and the signature on the poster is the same as her. Paul rejects the Sapura projects. Bosco’s female colleague told him that the lady told her newphew to write a confession letter to seek justice for her son. Bosco told Savio he guess that Linda’s mother and the Indonesian tycoon used to be lovers. The Indonesian tycoon told Eric and Law Lok Lam he will be in the new six stars Indonesian hotel to sign the contract and there’s a new opening of the aquarium. Savio told Bosco there used to be an armored truck robbery in February 20,1979. Three robbers walked away with more than 3 millions dollars. Savio said Mrs. Chai was one of the few who knew the route of the armored truck but there was no evidence to charge her. Savio said Paul and Linda’s mother went to Indonesia and came back the same day. Savio Tsang said during the interview the police never knew how Paul got rich. Savio Tsang suspects Paul is related to the robbery incident. Bosco asks Paul how long does he know the Indonesian tycoon. Paul said he met him through Eric when he was her to raise funds. Bosco told Paul that he’s interrogating him to find out how he got rich.

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Witness Insecurity episode 12 recap

Witness Insecurity is one of the better series this year for me. My favorite drama this year is still Daddy Good Deeds. Hope this series beat the Hippocratic Crush rating.

Cilla got slapped by her friend for not memorizing the line. Ram Chiang introduced Producer Wong to Cilla. Cilla thanked Ram Chiang for giving her a role. Ram Chiang told Cilla he helped her for Bosco. Cilla dreams of becoming an actress remnds me of herself in Daddy Good Deeds. Cilla told Ronald she wants to celebrate with him for the night. Linda saw someone playing the song “The Moon Represents My Hearts” on his saxophone. Linda thought about Bosco. She texted him about going hiking. Bosco deleted her messaged. Linda goes hiking during the rain. Linda wears a raincoat and texts Bosco. Paul worries about Linda since she hasn’t come home. Rachel told Paul that the florist and the bookstore owner said they didn’t see Linda. Paul said if Linda went to the mountain, she would find a way to call him. Paul call the police since he worries Linda got stuck in the mountain. Ram Chiang asks Bosco if he saw Linda. Ram Chiang said Linda went hiking during the big rainstorm. Bosco told Ram Chiang to find Linda in Tai Mong Sai in Sai Kung. Paul’s assistant told Paul that the taxi driver confirmed that Linda went hiking in Tai Mong Sai. Ram Chiang asks Bosco to help him find Linda. Bosco thought about his girlfriend when he arrived in Tai Mong Sai. Bosco search for Linda in the rain. Paul thinks in his mind that he will let Linda do whatever she likes when she gets back safe. Bosco found Linda fainted, and piggy backed her in the hill. Paul thanked Bosco for finding Linda. Paul stared at Linda in coma in the hospital. He told Ram Chiang that he thought about Bosco protecting him and Linda. He thought about Bosco saving Linda during the hike. He believed fate brought Bosco and Linda together. Bosco look at his hiking pictures with Linda, in his room. Paul told Linda that Bosco saved her. Ram Chiang told Linda that Bosco survived in the big rain while saving her, so he believed in fate and let her be with him. Ram Chiang told Linda that Bosco risked his life to save her; he doesn’t believe Bosco doesn’t like her. Ram Chiang told Bosco that Linda will go to Germany to treat her hands. Ram Chiang asks Bosco when is he going to meet her. He asks him if he likes her. Ram Chiang called Linda and said Bosco likes her.

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Witness Insecurity episode 11 recap

I’ll be busy these next few months for college exams but will try my best to update!

Paul told Cilla to tell Bosco to stop bothering Linda. Cilla said that Linda’s high status is not important and she can fall in love with Bosco. Cilla told Paul that Bosco and Linda makes a perfect pair. Paul got angry and said that Bosco is not even qualified to be Linda’s bodyguard. Paul said he doesn’t want to hear about Bosco and Linda as a couple anymore. Paul told Cilla to tell Bosco to look at the mirror. Cilla said that bodyguard is a good profession. Paul said Bosco took the opportunity of being a bodyguard to court Linda. Paul said Bosco is a scum and only cares about money. Cilla said that’s enough and even though they are poor, it doesn’t mean that they greed his money. Cilla told Paul that Linda is the one who is courting Bosco, and asked her to help her get near him. Paul slapped Cilla. Bosco came in; Paul told Bosco that he won’t allow him court his daughter. Linda told Paul that she likes Bosco and asked Cilla to help her. Bosco said he knows he’s not good enough for Linda. Bosco told Cilla that it’s all a misunderstanding and how could Linda likes him. Cilla told Bosco that Linda really likes him.Linda cried in her room. Ram Chiang told Paul to cheer Linda up. Ram Chiang told Paul that Linda said she fell in love with Bosco. Paul told Ram Chiang that Linda has no friends so Bosco took advantage of her. Bosco asks Cilla to call Linda to console her. Linda told Queenie that she couldn’t sleep for the past few days. Linda told Queenie that she keep on thinking about him when he’s not with her. Queenie told Linda that it is a misconception; she told her not to see Bosco. Linda texted Bosco apologizing him and asking him for dinner. Bosco said he has a lot of cases. Law Lok Lam laughed and asked Paul if he prevented Bosco from seeing Linda. Paul told Law Lok Lam that his daughter and her boyfriend are on the magazine cover and he still can let it slide. Linda went off beat during her cello rehearsal. Linda told Queenie that she doesn’t want to go to lunch with her. Linda booked 2 tickets of the orchestra concert in Vienna to go with Bosco. Cilla told Bosco that Linda and him make a good pair. Bosco rejects Linda’s offer. Bosco told Linda to find someone who really appreciate music. He said it is his job to protect her. Bosco said this misconception will fade. Linda asks Bosco why does he even think that it is a misunderstand. She said they can be friends. Bosco said even if they are friends, she will still misunderstand. Bosco told Linda to focus on her career. Paul saw Linda cried after she goes home; Paul asked her what did Bosco do to her. Linda told Paul to leave Bosco alone; and she likes him while he doesn’t like her back. Paul told his assistant that Linda never yelled at him. Savio Tsang told Bosco that Paul filed a complaint for harassing Linda. The gangsters mocked Bosco in the parking lot that he’s going to be Paul’s future son in law. Bosco yelled at the gangsters telling them to move their van. The gang leader told his boys not to offend Bosco because he will be Paul’s future son in law. Ram Chiang told Paul that Bosco saved Linda; he asks him why does he have to ruin his career. Ram Chiang told Paul that it doesn’t matter if Bosco and Linda are dating as long as they are happy. Ram Chiang told Linda to get up and eat breakfast with him. Ram Chiang told Linda that she has to face the reality and not running away from it. Ram Chiang said during his teen, he fell in love with a girl who sold marinated eggs and they broke up because he failed to cherish her. He said now she’s married. He said if he fell in love with her right now, he would cherish her. He told Linda that it is not the right time for her to date and she might meet another guy when she studies overseas. Ram Chiang told Linda he gives him one more day to calm down. Paul’s assistant told Paul that Linda has been normally going to the Sinfionetta and she has not called Bosco. Ram Chiang told Paul that Linda spends so much time practicing her cello and there is no upcoming concert. Paul said it is better than thinking about Bosco. Paul told Queenie to spend more time with Linda. Paul said Linda has recovered, and he doesn’t want to be back in depression. Ram Chiang told Bosco that he praised him in front of his two superior.

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Tiger Cubs episode 5 recap

Joe Ma told the SDU to split into two teams in the woods, and they must stop each other from going to the finish line. The team that gets to the finish line will win one point. The losing team will have to clean the barracks. Benjamin Yuen hits Oscar Leung hard to revenge for Joe. An old lady splashes water on Oscar Leung and Benjamin Yuen, saying they make too much noise. She yelled at the SDU saying that they ruined her crops. The old lady told Vincent Wong to push the hammer harder. She made snacks for the SDU. She asks Vincent for his number. Oscar Leung celebrated his promotion with Jessica Hsuan in his house. Oscar said Joe is a fair guy, he will recommend him to the board interview, and he will eventually know he didn’t still his girlfriend. Christine Kuo asks Oscar if she can stay overnight. She said she lost her wallet and cell phone. Jessica told Oscar that if Joe finds out then he will never forgive him. Oscar told his colleague that the bar that he never cheated on Joe. Joe told his colleagues that he believe in Oscar, and he can’t blame anyone about his breakup. Angelina showed the camera to the SDU. Joe saw Oscar giving the key to Christine, and Christine kiss Oscar. Benjamin’s friend asks Oscar if he slept with Christine. Dominic saw the SDU members fight together in the hallway. Joe recommends Oscar for the board interview. Dominic said he can’t recommend Oscar because he saw him fight with his members. Jessica told Oscar to hang in there. The SDU at the soup made by the old lady at the farm. She said there used to be a soy sauce factory at the end of the village. The old lady’s grandson cleans the taxi. The old lady’s grandson got infected by drug after wiping his hands with a towel. The old lady’s man drives Savio’s wife and daughter and got in an accident. Savio’s wife got mad at him for only care about his work; she asks him to get a transfer. Joe apologized to Savio for calling him on duty during his family day. The old lady’s grandson told the police that someone put the ketamine in his pocket when he went to disco. The old lady’s grandson told Vincent at the farm that he didn’t want his grandma to worry so he lied. He told Vincent that his parents died, so his grandma took care of him. he said he did drugs to earn more money. He told Vincent he can tell he is stressed too. The grandson bought drugs. Patrick Tang and his colleague tails him and the drug dealer. Jessica and the police arrests the drug dealers. The granny told Vincent that his grandson is a good guy;he just do drugs to take care of her. The granny yelled at a guy and told Vincent that guy taught his grandson to take drugs. The granny gave a bill of 10,000 dollars to Vincent Wong and said that they delivered the bill to the wrong place. Vincent said he will take the bill to the soy sauce factory. Vincent saw the bad guy that the granny mentioned. Vincent held the soy soyce drink. Vincent showed Joe the water waste document from the soy sauce factory. Vincent said the acid is the same as the ketamine. He said if the soy sauce factory was shut down, why do they use so much electricity. The police sends out two dogs to test the factory. Joe Ma ordered Oscar and Him to spy on the drug dealers. Joe told Jessica that he doesn’t revenge Oscar.Him told Oscar that they will split the power bar. Joe told Jessica that to avoid detection, he can’t send Him and Oscar food. Jessica said there’s a secret tunnel in the factory. Oscar fell down the hill and got chased by the two dogs. Oscar jumps down the pond. Oscar said the pond stinks. Joe told Jessica that it is a septic pond, and the dogs couldn’t pick up the scent. Vincent gets off his post to save the granny. The granny’s grandson got shot by the drug dealer. Joe Ma told Vincent that if something happens, then it would ruin their arrest plan. Vincent told Joe that if he wasn’t there, the grandma would have been killed. Patrick threw food to the dogs. The granny’s grandson told the grandma that the drug dealers have bombs and weapons in the factory.The cops and the drug dealers shoot at each other. Joe shoots the man who tried to shoot Jessica. The grandson promised his grandma he will turn a new leaf. Vincent has confident to be an SDU. Joe told Jessica he thinks she wants to suicide. Christine saw Oscar Leung held Mandy’s hand when visisting Jessica in the hospital.

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Family Honor episode 31 screencaps

So cute when Park Shi Hoo slapped the bear. Yoon Jung Hee called Park Shi Hoo saying she bet he slapped the valentine bear. So funny when Yoon Jung Hee’s aunt came in her room, and she close her phone. She pretends to say “Bye Professor!”. Park Shi Hoo asks Yoon Jung Hee why did she suddendly shut the phone. She said “It was grandma!”. Park Shi Hoo asked “How come she is still awake at this time?”. haha. So cute when Park Shi Hoo called Yoon Jung Hee to go out, he said repeat after me “Bye Professor Ha, I will be there right now!” Park Shi Hoo suddenly holds Yoon Jung Hee’s hand while walking on the street.