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Ghetto Justice 2 episode 13 recap

Christine’s secretary told her that Kevin is giving her false hope. King Kong gave Christine flowers and treat her to dinner. Kevin and Myolie saw Christine and King Kong at the restaurant. Myolie told Kevin that Christine is lucky to have a prince. Kevin told Myolie he’ll be happy for Christine if she’s dating him. Christine showed the baseball scenes of them that someone posted online. They laughed together. Kevin and Myolie they look sweet together. JJ Jia’s house got burned. JJ saw her grandma fainted. JJ’s grandma told JJ that she smelled a strong incense in her home. Raymond and Sam saw a bunch of bhudda in JJ’s neighbor’s house. The neighbor’s job is to store ancestor’s ashes. JJ’s grandma paid 80,000 dollars to store her ashes when she’s dead. Kevin and Myolie told JJ’s grandma that they will help find evidence that the neighbor’s incense business is illegal. Myolie said it is illegal to run a columbarium is against the scope of land use. Myolie said they are not regulated by the land ordinance. Myolie said JJ’s grandma can apply for judicial review. King Kong said he owns the land. King Kong said he let his friend rent the land. Kevin ask King Kong to persuade him to move the Buddha hall. King Kong said his friend only listens to his dad. Kevin and Myolie spied for the neighbor’s dad. Kevin and Myolie saw Evergreen Mak paid 2 million dollars to a man since his son wreck his car. Evergreen Mak’s men hit the man’s car. Evergreen Mak’s men hit the man for hitting his son. Evergreen Mak’s son asks Evergreen Mak if he should continue running the columbarium since it affects many people’s health. Evergreen Mak told his son the people complained about him because they are poor. Myolie argued with Evergreen Mak’s son that his business affect many people’s health. Evergreen Mak said they can move if they don’t like it. Kevin told him that he repeats everything that his dad says. Myolie said it is a columbarium in disguise to make profit from selling niches. Kevin said the land use of right doesn’t include storage for ashes. Evergreen Mak’s son told Myolie that they should use their money to renovate their office. Kevin told Myolie they should get a new ping pong table. Myolie asks the neighbors to show her their contracts of buying niches. The neighbors doesn’t want to testify in the court. Kevin told them he understand that they don’t want to testify in the court because they are afraid of losing their niches. Kevin doesn’t want them to testify in the court cause Evergreen Mak’s son will run the columbarium somewhere else if he is forced to move out. Myolie asks Sam to asks JJ to persuade her grandma to go to the court. Sam goes hiking with JJ. JJ told Sam she will try to persuade her grandma. JJ said she also love Sam besides her grandma. Sam talks to his dead girlfriend at the grave while drinking wine. JJ talks to her boyfriend while drinking wine. JJ got robbed. Sam saves JJ and wash the wound for JJ. JJ thought of how her boyfriend washed her legs. Sam thought about Sharon. JJ said she finally found her happiness. Evergreen Mak took JJ’s grandma to an island and told her he will give her this island. Evergreen Mak said she can rest in peace and bury alive in this place. Evergreen Mak and his men leave her on the island. Sam Lee, Kevin,and JJ confront Evergreen Mak about JJ’s grandma missing. Evergreen Mak told them the longitude and latitude of the sea that JJ’s grandma location.

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Ghetto Justice 2 episode 12 recap

Sam and JJ meet each other again in a restaurant. They talk about Wing’s case and ask each other if anyone told them to mind their own business. Sam and JJ stares at each other smiling and thought about their ex. Kevin and Myolie’s family talks about Wing while eating dinner. Myolie’s mom let Myolie’s brother be friend with Wing. Myolie told Kevin she hopes that he will keep a good record of being her boyfriend and won’t be like Wing’s boyfriend. Myolie told Wing’s boyfriend he will be charge with drug trafficking. Myolie told him to be the witness for the drug gang. Myolie said in the court that Wing didn’t take drugs for 6 months when she was pregnant. Myolie said Wing managed to quit drug without joining the rehab. When Myolie asks Wing’s boyfriend if Wing was forced into taking drug, Wing’s boyfriend boss came in the court. Wing’s boyfriend look at them and got nervous. Wing’s boyfriend answered that no one is behind the drug ring. Wing yelled at her boyfriend and ask him to testify against those thugs. Kevin asks the judge to move the testimony to another day. Wing fainted. Myolie ask Raymond why did he let the triad in the court. Myolie bit Kevin’s arm. Kevin bit Raymond’s arm. Wing told Kevin she wants to plead guilty to get rid from those thugs. Myolie told Kevin he should have told Wing to fight till the end. Kevin told Myolie’s brother to look at another angle that Wing wants to start a new life after going to jail. Myolie told Kevin that she doesn’t have to plead guilty to redeem herself. Kevin and Myolie argue with each other. Myolie told her mom and her brother that she will respect Wing’s decision. Kevin told Wing she will be in jail for 8 years. Myolie’s mother apologized to Wing for breaking up her and her son. Raymond handcuffed the thug and ask where is the witness. The thug fainted. Raymond got a complaint from the thug for beating him. Here goes the Adele:Love Song played on the background when Myollie is working. Kevin gave Myolie a meal in her office. Myolie made milk tea for Kevin. Kevin and Myolie ask each other to go to the movie. When Christine sat withe Kevin and Myolie, Raymond sat with them. Raymond said the police found the drug triad. Christine look sad when everyone hugged their lover. Jazz’s car got stuck while driving Raymond and Grace. Raymond helped Grace when her ankle sprained. Raymond piggyback Grace on the stairs. Raymond fixed the joint for Grace. Grace told Raymond she feels relaxing being with Jazz but she feels safe being with him. Raymond told Grace he wants to learn english because he likes this girl who is educated and professional. Raymond and JJ Jia’s grandma take an english lesson with Grace. Raymond is happy that Grace put a stamp on his hand. Raymond told Kevin it is the stamp of love.

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Ghetto Justice 2 episode 11 recap

Myolie told Wing’s boyfriend to promise not to make Wing do drug trafficking again in exchange for the package of drug. Wing’s boyfriend fought with Myolie. Raymond handcuffed Wing’s boyfriend. Kevin told Myolie she shouldn’t have gone alone since it is dangerous. Raymond said his boss doesn’t have enough evidence to charge Wing of drug trafficking. In the court, Wing said she was pregnant with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend forced her to swallow the drug. Wing said that her boyfriend told her if she plays any tricks then he would kill her and drive her baby away. Wing said he locked her in the car. She said he prepared a strong laxative. She refused to take it so she climbed out of the bathroom window. The lawyer said Wing was pregnant a long time ago and got a miscarriage. He said the laxative caused her miscarriage. The lawyer said she took a dose of drugs to take out all the drugs inside of her. Myolie told Wing that she hid the truth on purpose and use her sympathy so she can help her. Wing said she voluntarily did it last time. Wing asks Myolie would she tell people if she was pregnant with her boyfriend before getting married and was forced by him to used the baby to take drugs for money. Wing said she cared about her boyfriend and she didn’t meant to lie to her. Kevin and Christine bought food for the sick people. Christine brought her medical material to help a sick man. Christine said the environment is not good so they have disease. She gave them medicines. Kevin drank with Christine. Kevin took Christine home. Myolie happily brought food and went to Kevin’s house. Myolie saw Christine kissed Kevin in his house. Kevin chased after Myolie. Kevin climbs up on the top of Myolie’s mom’s house. Kevin’s pants fell. Kevin explained the truth about him and Christine to Myolie, Sam, Jazz, and Raymond. Myolie forgives Kevin temporarily. Myolie reads Christine’s blog. Christine wants to move to a place closer to her clinic. Christine saw Myolie and walked away. Myolie told Christine she knows Kevin cared for her a lot since she climbed the ceiling trying to find her. Myolie said she wouln’t believe if Christine said she didn’t have any feeling for him. Christine told Myolie to give her a few days to forget Kevin. Myolie said she was just joking and she trusts Christine. Myolie ate hotpot with Kevin, Sam, Raymond, and Jazz. Wing told Kevin the first time she did drugs was for her boyfriend but the second time she refused. JJ told Wing’s mom that Wing got arrested for drugs. JJ said she’s pregnant and she wanted to see her. Sam tries to persuade Wing’s father to see her. Wing’s parents visit her in jail. Sam stares at JJ after they visit Wing.