High and low episode 1 recap

Michael Miu promised his son he will attend his son’s birthday or else he will lose all his teeth. Michael Miu showed his torn dollar bills to the drug dealer. On his way, he got chased by Raymond Lam and the police. Raymond fights with Michael. Michael grabbed his suitcase of money and tells everyone to go in the car and escaped. While the police discuss about the criminals, Raymond put a cup of drink by his cheeks saying it really hurts. Jazz, Derek, Law Lok Lam, and Raymond get ready for their mission. Jazz Lam, Law Lok Lam, and Derek Kwok spin the pen and decided Michael Miu will be the spy. Michael Miu and his guys meet Lee Bing Lung, the most wanted fugitive. Lee Min Bing Lung smells Michael Miu and beat him and asks him if he’s an undercover cop. Michael Miu place a knife toward Lee Bing Lun’s neck and said no one will gain anything from it and he will never find a chef like him. Lee Bing Lung taps Michael Miu and said he likes him since he has gut. Raymond and his men uses someone’s house to observe the suspects. Michael Miu make drugs. MC Jin and Kate return home and saw Raymond and the crew at her house. MC Jin drink and flirts with the girls at the bar. The police are on their way to catch Lee Min Bing. Raymond and his men saw Pun Sir in the camera to catch Lee Min Bing. Raymond Lam told Kate’s brother to stop the OCTB’s car. Raymond fights with Ben Wong and said if he goes up there, they will all be dead. Ben Wong saw a camera on the top of the building. The police are all curious to see the boss coming. They saw the boss step his food out then step in the car. Lee Bing Lung pointed a gun toward Michael Miu. Michael fights with Lee Bing Lung refusing to make more drugs for them since the Boss wouldn’t pay him. Lee Bing Lun step on the wire and all the police signals lost. Raymond told Patrick Dunn that Michael can handle it. Patrick told Raymond and the men to arrest Lee Bing Lung. Kate bought food for the police. Raymond takes a nap after being full. Raymond, Derek, Law Lok Lam, and Jazz dress as clown celebrating a Michael Miu’s son birthday party. Ben Wong asks them if they are supposed to be working. Raymond put a mask on Ben Wong and said a new clown celebrates with them. Raymond asks Michael Miu’s son to show his drawing sign that he loves him, when his dad pass by. Michael remembers the good time with his son. MC Jin spills coffee of Ben Wong. Kate and MC take Ben’s box and called out police and yell at other people to run. The drug dealers and the police shoot each other.

Faith episode 1 recap

The beginning of this episodes talk about a doctor named Hwa Ta who can cure any disease by cutting organs. He had a chronic illness which was a severe headache and he cured himself using several needles. he feel in love with Jojo. Jojo wanted to make him her doctor but he ran away. Jojo’s men chased Hwa Ta but Hwa Ta doesn’t wan to be a doctor only for Jojo. Hwa Ta jumped through the door of heaven. Lee Min Ho and his men guard the queen in the rain. He couldn’t find a ship to travel by the river so he stayed in an inn overnight. Lee Min Ho and the warriors fight with the assassin. The queen got hurt. Lee Min Ho uses his power to heal the queen. The majesty asks Lee Min Ho what does he think about him as a king. Lee Min Ho responds the late king was 14 and got dethroned because he was young; he is 21 years old, he still think he’s young. People would be unfortunate to have him as the king of Goryeo. Lee Min Ho said he doesn’t hate him. Lee Min Ho jumps in the magical door and appears in the present. Lee Min Ho asks a monk for a doctor named Hwa Ta. Lee Min Ho walks in the middle of the street without looking at the cars. He go in the hospital searching for a doctor. Lee Min Ho go in during a doctor’s presentation. The officer drives him out. Lee punched a man who touched his sword. Lee Min Ho look at the doctor in the camera and tries to find her. Lee Min Ho asks the doctor to cure his patient. Lee Min Ho hurt a man and told the doctor his patient’s wound is the same as his. He asks her to cure the man now. The police are on the way while the doctor did a surgery for the man. The doctor successfully cured the man. Lee Min Ho told her to come with him. Lee Min Ho drags the doctor with him. Lee Min Ho uses his power on the police. Lee Min Ho and Eun Soo jumps in the magical door. Eun Soo asks the fortune teller about who will be her future husband. He said it is a man from the past. Lee Min Ho returns in an ancient time and slept in an inn for 3 days.

Last Steep Ascent episode 4 recap

I heard this series will get really good. I like this series so far. 🙂

KK’s family have a gathering. The manager said he doesn’t want his share of money and told the elder to feed it to the dogs. The elders are mad at KK for throwing the manager out. KK apologize to the manager in front of everyone. Moses gives 50 cents to the workers. KK deal with Moses to buy his fleeceflowers. Moses told KK that the manager played dirty tricks and ruin his herbs. KK lend Moses 3,000 dollars and said he will think of how he can repay him later. Moses stares at KK, Maggie and their children, and smiled. Moses pay money to his workers. A girl told Moses she helped a lady with her direction and receive a bag of peanuts. Aimee’s parents house got wrecked. Aimee does the burial for her parents. Moses and Kenny let Aimee stay at their house. Moses’s neighbor baby is born. Aimee happily stares at Kenny holding the baby. Kenny cleans the grave for his baby who died 3 days after he was born. Moses said one night, Kenny had fun and was drunk at his friend’s house, his baby got a cold. He took the baby to many doctors but it was too late. Kenny blamed himself. Aimee said got usually take away the thing you treasure the most. Aimee told Moses she got a proper burial for her parents for 80 dollars. Aimee told Moses she helped her mom with the laundry and bean sprout and never left the village. Aimee told Moses she goes to Foshan to find a job. Moses saw KK Cheung walking with Aimee.

Cinderella Man episode 15 recap

Se Un asked Dae San if he is really Oh Dae San. She asked him how could he toyed with her. Se Un cried and regretted seeing him and hope he will never be happy. Jae Min told Joon Hee’s assistant he will deal with him after the chairwoman wakes up. Joon Hee’s assistant asks Jae Min if he will let Dae San reunites with his family. Jae Min said he has nothing to do with Dae San and they will live a separate life. Jae Min told Dae San to never come back again. Se Un said Dae San dated her for money and people will do anything for money. Jae Min asked his worker to find Jeong Yu Hee, a stockholder with e percent shares. Dae San and Joon Hee’s assistant visits the chairwoman at the hospital.Dae San said he’s not sure if he’s willing to reunite with the chairwoman. He said the chairwoman must have been upset to have him as her grandson. Joon Hee’s assistant explains to Yeo Jin that Dae San took Joon Hee’s place to help her with the store. Joon Hee’s assitant told Yeo Jin that Dae San stayed as Joon Hee to help his brother fulfilling his wishes. Joon Hee’s assistant asks Yeo Jin to persuade Dae San to come back. Dae San’s foster father gave Dae San money that Dae San’s mom left it for him. The lawyer gave Joon Hee’s will to Jae Min and his mother. The will said Joon Hee will give all his money to charity. Jae Min’s mother remembers how she traded Jae Min and Joon Hee from Joon Hee’s birth mom. Jae Min asks the lawyer to find out what will happen if Dae San shows up for the shares without telling his mother. The lawyer told Jae Min there’s something fishy about the will that Joon Hee didn’t donate his estate. People in the stores nagged Dae San for taking their stores. Yeo Jin told Dae San he helped Joon Hee because he knew how lonely he was. She asks Dae San why does he always run away from her when she wanted to to tell him how she feels about him. Dae San told Joon Hee’s assistant he will come back to the market and help the chairwoman. Dae San chases Yeo Jin wanting to see her diary. Se Un asks Dae San if he has ever been sincere to her. Dae San said she doesn’t dislike her. Se Un asks Dae San why is he always with Yeo Jin. Dae San said he can’t forget Yeo Jin. He said if he didn’t know Yeo Jin, he will be with Se Un. Yeo Jin asks Jae Min to give Dae San his store back. Yeo Jin told Jae Min she’s sorry but she can’t leave Dae San. Jae Min asks Yeo Jin if she’s going to give up her future for Dae San. Yeo Jin’s mom told Yeo Jin that if she hears about her dating Dae San again, she will die. Jae Min told Dae San that he’s ruining Yeo Jin’s future. Dae San punched Jae Min and said if grandma wakes up, he will tell her he is her grandson. Yeo Jin told Dae San he should apologize to Se Un until she forgives him. Jae Min heard Joon Hee’s assistant saying to his mom that Joon Hee wouldn’t do this if she left Joon Hee’s mother dying. Jae Min confronts his mom about leaving Joon Hee’s mother dying. Jae Min’s mom said he wouldn’t know the feeling of how hurtful it is not being loved by her husband. Jae Min said he is like her. Mr.Elegance praised Yeo Jin’s design. Velvet put her design in order for the contest. Yeo Jin happily told Dae San about Mr. Elegance and Velvet liked her design. Dae San told Yeo Jin to give him a postcard with an Eiffel tower when she leaves to Paris. Yeo Jin’s friend told her that Velvet couldn’t find her fabric cause a store owner bought them all. Se Un told Dae San she will use any dirty scheme to make him stay with her.

Last Steep Ascent episode 3 recap

KK Cheung told Benjamin Yuen he can’t believe the manage would cheat that much money. Benjamin said his uncle and cousin wouldn’t let him touch the book and the person KK Cheung hired got a fight with them and left. KK got mad and said they are taking advantage of his weakness.KK Cheung told Benjamin Yuen to stay strong. KK slapped his son for accidentally breaking the window. Moses saw KK’s son and help him during the rain. Moses piggy back the kid since he twisted his foot. Maggie came out of her house in the rain to thank Moses but didn’t see him. KK Cheung’s son apologized to KK looking sad. Maggie told KK that he couldn’t take his anger from the shop to the kids. Maggie said his son is not happy with his lost tooth. KK Cheung gave gifts for his kids. The daughter received a pair of earrings, the two sons received blocks and a toy car. KK Cheung told his son when his tooth grows back, he will be handsome again. Moses helped a man and he gave Moses a peanut. Moses took the peanut hawker to the police in exchange for Kenny. An officer told the police that Edwin fainted halfway when he took his statement. Kenny got locked in jail again. In jail, Kenny told Moses to tell his family that he died from illness if he gets executed. Moses told Kenny to hang on. Moses heard Edwin’s wife told Edwin that he pretended to faint. Edwin told Moses that the judge will sentence Kenny to 10 years in prison. Maggie saw a necklace in KK’s shirt. KK took Maggie and the kids out to eat. KK gave Maggie a necklace. Moses read the bribery letter to the manager and his friend. Moses told the manager to tell Edwin to admit he’s alive or he will give the letter to the police. The manager tore the letter, and Moses said he can rewrite it. Kenny got released. KK Cheung fired the manager’s cashier for not keeping up with the book. Kk said he should have known Mose’s fleece flower is in good quality. KK asked the manager why did Boss Chu gave him 270 dollars after he went to the To House. KK hired back his cashier. The manager told KK Cheung he can leave if he doesn’t trust him. Maggie told KK at home that the granduncles complained to his mom that KK didn’t respect his uncle. Moses and his men are thrilled that the rain didn’t ruin the herb once again. Moses and his men checked the herb and they are all ruin. Moses and his men bowed in the rain to give their herb back. Moses told his men to work hard to go home and feed their family.

Cinderella Man episode 14 recap

Dae San told Joon Hee’s assistant he can’t lose SOPIA since he lost Yeo Jin. Dae San said to report Joon Hee’s dead under his name. Yeo Jin told her mom she doesn’t care if Dae San is Joon Hee; she only wants him. Dae San and his colleagues work hard for SOPIA. Jae Min asked Joon Hee’s assistant about Joon Hee. Jae Min told him that whatever happends to Joon Hee is his responsibility. Se Un asks Yeo Jin if she likes Dae San. Se Un said Dae San and she is engaged. She told Yeo Jin to stop seeing Dae San. Yeo Jin walk outside and cried. Dae San told Joon Hee’s assistant he will be good to Se Un as he can. Se Un is thrilled to hear Dae San saying he agreed to marry her. Jae Min ask his work that he bought 20 percent of the shares.Yeo Jin told Jae Min that she’s sorry she can’t be with him. Jae Min told Yeo Jin he will make Joon Hee pay for it. Yeo Jin congratulate Dae San of being engaged. Yeo Jin cried outside of Dae San’s house. Dae San cried in his house. Yeo Jin and Se Un participate in the design contest where they have to make 2 designs in 24 hours. Yi San called Dae San saying that all the stores are bought under Joon Hee’s name. Yeo Jin told Se Un she envied her when she went to school in Paris. Se Un told Yeo Jin they could have been friends if it wasn’t because of the plagiarism incident. Yeo Jin told Se Un it’s because of her that she is more careful with her design. Yeo Jin said she still thinks Se Un is a good designer. A man god mad trying to find Dae San. He said Dae San sells clothes without taking returns. Jae Min told the chairwoman that Joon Hee’s imposter sold clubbing clothes. Yi San told Dae San that Jae Min asked his worker to buy all the shops under Joon Hee’s name. The store owners are mad at Dae San thinking he bought all the stores. The chairwoman asks Dae San if he is really Lee Joon Hee. She showed him Dae San’s profile and ask him if he’s Joon Hee or Dae San. Joon Hee’s assistant told the chairwoman everything. The chairwoman fainted. Jae Min told Joon Hee’s assistant he will turn Dae San to the police. Joon Hee’s assistant told Jae Min Dae San is Joon Hee’s twin brother. Jae Min takes up the post as the chairman temporarily. Jae Min told Yeo Jin that Joon Hee is not Dae San. Yeo Jin’s mom told Yeo Jin that Dae San bought all of the stores under Joon Hee’s name. Jae Min told Yeo Jin that Dae San posed as Joon Hee and got caught. Jae Min showed a picture of Joon Hee to Yeo Jin. Se Un asks Yi San to help her meet Dae San. Yeo Jin asks Dae San if he was Dae San from the beginning and if he pretended to be Joon Hee for money. Dae San said he got greedy and was sad about being an orphan. Dae San told Yeo Jin not to see him again. Yeo Jin said she regretted knowing him. Dae San cries.

Last Steep Ascent episode 2 recap

This episode starts with Granny asks Maggie when she will take over her as the head of the house. Maggie said the kids are still young and she’s busy teaching them. Moses told his men to cover the herb with oil paper because it’s going to rain. Maggie’s kids are happy that it’s raining because there’s nos school. Haha I know that feeling. Maggie’s daughter said she isn’t happpy it is raining because they have to take care of the dumpling stall. Maggie said the rain sucks for the poor since some construction workers had to work outside so they can’t buy food when they are hungry. Maggie has a point though. I like the rain but the rain would sucks for for farmers right? Maggie and Moses happily look at the sky when it stopped raining. Moses told his men to take a sample of herb and find buyers. The granny pay money to the servant but miscount the money to one of the servants. The granny bumped into the table and injured her wrist. Maggie took the granny’s glasses while the granny was busy whining to the servant about how she’s forgetful. Tsui Wing heard a businessmen dealing with the manager at the store said they will sell for 80 cents on paper and they will actually get 50 cents. Moses thought about dealing with the villagers that they will sell their herb for 90 cents a catty and they will get 30 cents while the villagers will get 60 cents. The manager told Moses that they will sell the herb for 90s cents on paper and they will receive actual 30 cents. Moses told the manager that their herbs are in good quality and it is worth 90 cents. KK Cheung stares at Kenny arguing with the manager. KK Cheung held Moses herb and smell it and told his man to not tell anyone he returned. The granny complained to KK Cheung, Matt Yeung, and Katy Kung about her memory loss and blurry eyes. Maggie Cheung brought the granny four new pairs of glasses for her to choose. Maggie told the granny that she took her glasses to add 20 more degrees since the last time she checked her eyes was 2 years ago. Moses decided to come back and deal with the manager that he will sell the fleece flowers for 30 cents. Edwin Siu came and dealed with Moses to sell their cattle for 10 cents. Edwin laughed and told them to sell it for five cents. Kenny pushed Edwin. Edwin fainted and got a bruise on his face.

Ghetto Justice 2 review

First of all, I would like to emphasize that I really struggled finishing every episode of this drama or is it because Tiger Cubs and Witness Insecurity was too good?

There were a lot of connection to the first one and tvb even were able to pull off Christine Kuo’s relationship in this one smoothly without mentioning her in the first one. The Adele song was overused although it was supposed to show the romantic love between Kevin and Christine in the flashbacks.

Kevin Cheng: I didn’t like his character as much as himself in the first one. I couldn’t sense his righteous like he was in the first one. Maybe because there were too many intimate scenes between Kevin and Myolie or he’s just seems lazier in this sequel.

Myolie Wu: Her acting is still always stable as usual. She has to deal with her friend Christine like how she promised she would give up on Kevin after Christine wakes up from coma. I felt her role in the first one was more important than this one.

Sam Lee: I liked his chemistry with JJ and the scenes with them in the dandelions where they console each other about their exes. I couldn’t help but keep on yelling at him in my head about not noticing his mother’s illness and kept on helping Sis Han seeing her husband in jail. Helping people is good, but is that too much?

JJ Jia: This series made me like JJ. She’s sweet and helps her grandmother financially instead of worrying about herself.

Christine Kuo: I thought she lacks both the acting skills and the charisma but she still have time to improve. I didn’t really like her in Super Snoops, Tiger Cubs, and this drama. I did feel poor for her character about waiting for Kevin for 10 years but then suddenly found out he has a girlfriend. She tries hard to win Kevin back from Myolie. In one’s perpective, we might dislike her bug in Kevin and Myolie’s relationship but on the other hand we also feel poor for her. I liked how King Kong always cheered her up. I felt it is also Kevin’s fault for not clarifying this love triangle.

Crystal Li, Raymond Cho, and Jazz Lam: Raymond just makes me laugh in this drama about stealing Jazz’s letter and said how chicken Jazz is for not able to tell Crystal he likes her. Also I thought it was funny how he wore that purple shirt with the yellow tie and would always budge in between Jazz and Crystal. I thought Crystal was cute and acting is pretty okay for a newbie. I felt that Crystal did have a more enjoyable time with Jazz though cause how she always give him advice for the cases. Jazz’s acting is as good as he was in the first one. Funny how he always get teased by Kevin, Raymond, and Sam. I liked how Jazz was righteous in the court. Nevertheless the love triangle between Raymond, Jazz, and Crystal brings entertainment in this series.

KK Cheung: He plays the role of an attorney who would protect his daughter from being hurt by Kevin. I agreed with him about King Kong should be with Christine.

Evergreen Mak’s acting has always been stable and he did a good job in here as a villain. Would you guys want Evergreen Mak to die or to stay in prison?

Cases thoughts:

I didn’t really care for the cases but the Raymond Cho’s police case was my favorite. Myolie pretending to be evil to save Kevin in the Raymond Cho’s case reminds me of her first case in Ghetto Justice I when she tries to help Kevin win the case since she knows Claire is guilty. Lol. The social worker cases were such a drag to me. I felt kinda bored watching the problems of the social workers talking in the office. If Kevin and Myolie’s character had better script, then this series could be better. What I liked about the first one is how Law Ba was righteous and his intelligence. I enjoyed watching the court scenes in the first one more than this one.

Ending: Thought the ending was pretty rushed and the last case (Evergreen Mak’s case) used to the same scapegoat concept as the first one.

Ghetto Justice 2 was good for entertainment but not a recommended series if you want something exciting to watch.

I would rate this drama 3.5 out of 5 stars.

TVB Series 2012 thoughts!

I’m going to list my thoughts about tvb series this year.

Series that I finished fast

-Daddy Good Deeds- Good for light entertainment.

-Queens of Diamonds and Hearts- Love the background music and it’s an ancient comedy.

-Tiger Cubs: Good cinematography!

-Witness Insecurity: ❤ Bosco and Linda!

-Bottled Passion: Nice theme song and touching story of Niki and Raymond.

-Hippocratic Crush: ❤ Kenneth's character and his chemistry with Tavia

-Wish and Switch: Good for comedy although last 5 episodes was different.

Series that I really struggled to finish

-Sergeant Tabloids: I watched the first 2 episodes and it was so struggling for me to finish because of the lack of direct plot.

– House of Harmony and Vengeance: I liked the chinese dance but I really struggled finishing the 2nd half of this series.

– Master of Play: So drag!

-L’Escargot: I struggled watching the family conflict of Michael Miu although it was supposed to be related to reality.

-Ghetto Justice 2: Good to watch if you’re bored.

Series that I did not watched

-When Heaven Burns

-Let It Be Love

-Gloves Come Off

-No Good Either Way

-Three Kingdom RPG

-King Makers

-Divas Distress