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Last Steep Ascent episode 2 recap

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This episode starts with Granny asks Maggie when she will take over her as the head of the house. Maggie said the kids are still young and she’s busy teaching them. Moses told his men to cover the herb with oil paper because it’s going to rain. Maggie’s kids are happy that it’s raining because there’s nos school. Haha I know that feeling. Maggie’s daughter said she isn’t happpy it is raining because they have to take care of the dumpling stall. Maggie said the rain sucks for the poor since some construction workers had to work outside so they can’t buy food when they are hungry. Maggie has a point though. I like the rain but the rain would sucks for for farmers right? Maggie and Moses happily look at the sky when it stopped raining. Moses told his men to take a sample of herb and find buyers. The granny pay money to the servant but miscount the money to one of the servants. The granny bumped into the table and injured her wrist. Maggie took the granny’s glasses while the granny was busy whining to the servant about how she’s forgetful. Tsui Wing heard a businessmen dealing with the manager at the store said they will sell for 80 cents on paper and they will actually get 50 cents. Moses thought about dealing with the villagers that they will sell their herb for 90 cents a catty and they will get 30 cents while the villagers will get 60 cents. The manager told Moses that they will sell the herb for 90s cents on paper and they will receive actual 30 cents. Moses told the manager that their herbs are in good quality and it is worth 90 cents. KK Cheung stares at Kenny arguing with the manager. KK Cheung held Moses herb and smell it and told his man to not tell anyone he returned. The granny complained to KK Cheung, Matt Yeung, and Katy Kung about her memory loss and blurry eyes. Maggie Cheung brought the granny four new pairs of glasses for her to choose. Maggie told the granny that she took her glasses to add 20 more degrees since the last time she checked her eyes was 2 years ago. Moses decided to come back and deal with the manager that he will sell the fleece flowers for 30 cents. Edwin Siu came and dealed with Moses to sell their cattle for 10 cents. Edwin laughed and told them to sell it for five cents. Kenny pushed Edwin. Edwin fainted and got a bruise on his face.

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