HK-Korean Drama Expression

Last Steep Ascent episode 3 recap

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KK Cheung told Benjamin Yuen he can’t believe the manage would cheat that much money. Benjamin said his uncle and cousin wouldn’t let him touch the book and the person KK Cheung hired got a fight with them and left. KK got mad and said they are taking advantage of his weakness.KK Cheung told Benjamin Yuen to stay strong. KK slapped his son for accidentally breaking the window. Moses saw KK’s son and help him during the rain. Moses piggy back the kid since he twisted his foot. Maggie came out of her house in the rain to thank Moses but didn’t see him. KK Cheung’s son apologized to KK looking sad. Maggie told KK that he couldn’t take his anger from the shop to the kids. Maggie said his son is not happy with his lost tooth. KK Cheung gave gifts for his kids. The daughter received a pair of earrings, the two sons received blocks and a toy car. KK Cheung told his son when his tooth grows back, he will be handsome again. Moses helped a man and he gave Moses a peanut. Moses took the peanut hawker to the police in exchange for Kenny. An officer told the police that Edwin fainted halfway when he took his statement. Kenny got locked in jail again. In jail, Kenny told Moses to tell his family that he died from illness if he gets executed. Moses told Kenny to hang on. Moses heard Edwin’s wife told Edwin that he pretended to faint. Edwin told Moses that the judge will sentence Kenny to 10 years in prison. Maggie saw a necklace in KK’s shirt. KK took Maggie and the kids out to eat. KK gave Maggie a necklace. Moses read the bribery letter to the manager and his friend. Moses told the manager to tell Edwin to admit he’s alive or he will give the letter to the police. The manager tore the letter, and Moses said he can rewrite it. Kenny got released. KK Cheung fired the manager’s cashier for not keeping up with the book. Kk said he should have known Mose’s fleece flower is in good quality. KK asked the manager why did Boss Chu gave him 270 dollars after he went to the To House. KK hired back his cashier. The manager told KK Cheung he can leave if he doesn’t trust him. Maggie told KK at home that the granduncles complained to his mom that KK didn’t respect his uncle. Moses and his men are thrilled that the rain didn’t ruin the herb once again. Moses and his men checked the herb and they are all ruin. Moses and his men bowed in the rain to give their herb back. Moses told his men to work hard to go home and feed their family.

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