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Cinderella Man episode 15 recap


Se Un asked Dae San if he is really Oh Dae San. She asked him how could he toyed with her. Se Un cried and regretted seeing him and hope he will never be happy. Jae Min told Joon Hee’s assistant he will deal with him after the chairwoman wakes up. Joon Hee’s assistant asks Jae Min if he will let Dae San reunites with his family. Jae Min said he has nothing to do with Dae San and they will live a separate life. Jae Min told Dae San to never come back again. Se Un said Dae San dated her for money and people will do anything for money. Jae Min asked his worker to find Jeong Yu Hee, a stockholder with e percent shares. Dae San and Joon Hee’s assistant visits the chairwoman at the hospital.Dae San said he’s not sure if he’s willing to reunite with the chairwoman. He said the chairwoman must have been upset to have him as her grandson. Joon Hee’s assistant explains to Yeo Jin that Dae San took Joon Hee’s place to help her with the store. Joon Hee’s assitant told Yeo Jin that Dae San stayed as Joon Hee to help his brother fulfilling his wishes. Joon Hee’s assistant asks Yeo Jin to persuade Dae San to come back. Dae San’s foster father gave Dae San money that Dae San’s mom left it for him. The lawyer gave Joon Hee’s will to Jae Min and his mother. The will said Joon Hee will give all his money to charity. Jae Min’s mother remembers how she traded Jae Min and Joon Hee from Joon Hee’s birth mom. Jae Min asks the lawyer to find out what will happen if Dae San shows up for the shares without telling his mother. The lawyer told Jae Min there’s something fishy about the will that Joon Hee didn’t donate his estate. People in the stores nagged Dae San for taking their stores. Yeo Jin told Dae San he helped Joon Hee because he knew how lonely he was. She asks Dae San why does he always run away from her when she wanted to to tell him how she feels about him. Dae San told Joon Hee’s assistant he will come back to the market and help the chairwoman. Dae San chases Yeo Jin wanting to see her diary. Se Un asks Dae San if he has ever been sincere to her. Dae San said she doesn’t dislike her. Se Un asks Dae San why is he always with Yeo Jin. Dae San said he can’t forget Yeo Jin. He said if he didn’t know Yeo Jin, he will be with Se Un. Yeo Jin asks Jae Min to give Dae San his store back. Yeo Jin told Jae Min she’s sorry but she can’t leave Dae San. Jae Min asks Yeo Jin if she’s going to give up her future for Dae San. Yeo Jin’s mom told Yeo Jin that if she hears about her dating Dae San again, she will die. Jae Min told Dae San that he’s ruining Yeo Jin’s future. Dae San punched Jae Min and said if grandma wakes up, he will tell her he is her grandson. Yeo Jin told Dae San he should apologize to Se Un until she forgives him. Jae Min heard Joon Hee’s assistant saying to his mom that Joon Hee wouldn’t do this if she left Joon Hee’s mother dying. Jae Min confronts his mom about leaving Joon Hee’s mother dying. Jae Min’s mom said he wouldn’t know the feeling of how hurtful it is not being loved by her husband. Jae Min said he is like her. Mr.Elegance praised Yeo Jin’s design. Velvet put her design in order for the contest. Yeo Jin happily told Dae San about Mr. Elegance and Velvet liked her design. Dae San told Yeo Jin to give him a postcard with an Eiffel tower when she leaves to Paris. Yeo Jin’s friend told her that Velvet couldn’t find her fabric cause a store owner bought them all. Se Un told Dae San she will use any dirty scheme to make him stay with her.

2 thoughts on “Cinderella Man episode 15 recap

  1. I love this drama beautiful staff

  2. I love this drama beautiful.kwon sang woo got the moves

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