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Faith episode 1 recap

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The beginning of this episodes talk about a doctor named Hwa Ta who can cure any disease by cutting organs. He had a chronic illness which was a severe headache and he cured himself using several needles. he feel in love with Jojo. Jojo wanted to make him her doctor but he ran away. Jojo’s men chased Hwa Ta but Hwa Ta doesn’t wan to be a doctor only for Jojo. Hwa Ta jumped through the door of heaven. Lee Min Ho and his men guard the queen in the rain. He couldn’t find a ship to travel by the river so he stayed in an inn overnight. Lee Min Ho and the warriors fight with the assassin. The queen got hurt. Lee Min Ho uses his power to heal the queen. The majesty asks Lee Min Ho what does he think about him as a king. Lee Min Ho responds the late king was 14 and got dethroned because he was young; he is 21 years old, he still think he’s young. People would be unfortunate to have him as the king of Goryeo. Lee Min Ho said he doesn’t hate him. Lee Min Ho jumps in the magical door and appears in the present. Lee Min Ho asks a monk for a doctor named Hwa Ta. Lee Min Ho walks in the middle of the street without looking at the cars. He go in the hospital searching for a doctor. Lee Min Ho go in during a doctor’s presentation. The officer drives him out. Lee punched a man who touched his sword. Lee Min Ho look at the doctor in the camera and tries to find her. Lee Min Ho asks the doctor to cure his patient. Lee Min Ho hurt a man and told the doctor his patient’s wound is the same as his. He asks her to cure the man now. The police are on the way while the doctor did a surgery for the man. The doctor successfully cured the man. Lee Min Ho told her to come with him. Lee Min Ho drags the doctor with him. Lee Min Ho uses his power on the police. Lee Min Ho and Eun Soo jumps in the magical door. Eun Soo asks the fortune teller about who will be her future husband. He said it is a man from the past. Lee Min Ho returns in an ancient time and slept in an inn for 3 days.

One thought on “Faith episode 1 recap

  1. this episode was really good, I laughed so hard about that part with Eun Soo and the fortune teller with his pink outfit XD

    great series : )

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