Last Steep Ascent episode 14 recap

I’m enjoying both Last Steep Ascent and High and Low despite I’m busy with University work. It’s when I recap every episode, I get picky on dramas. I don’t really like Silver Spoons at the moment although many fans love it. We’ll see if I will recap more Silver Spoons.I’m behind on Last Steep since I’ve been busy watching High and Low but will catch up. 🙂

Moses wake up and look at his clean blue outfit and remember Maggie
took it and wash it for him. Edwin listens to Maggie telling Moses about he should take a day off. Sometimes I wonder while watching this series, does Edwin Siu has better things to do than bothering Maggie’s company? Edwin’s wife complained to Edwin that his dad always yell at everyone at home and is picky on every little thing. Edwin’s wife said his dad his maid poured tea for her and he got angry and broke the cup. Edwin’s wife complain that Edwin only cares for his dad and not her. Edwin tells his dad gently that he bought a new cane for her. His dad grumpily yelled at Edwin that he’s not free like him, he’s embarrassed to go out. Edwin’s dad yelled at him that he should have burned Maggie’s company. Edwin yelled at his dad to go to jail if he wants to do that. Edwin told his dad they can ruin Maggie’s company easily but Moses is in their way. Edwin told his dad he can tell that Moses and Maggie likes each other. Edwin’s dad told Edwin that Maggie is a widow and 40 years old, Moses wouldn’t fall for her. Edwin said everyone has different taste, and he is not Moses. Edwin told his dad to casually mention to the elders that Maggie washes Moses clothes. Edwin is cute and his acting as a villain is good but I don’t think this villain role is that strong to win best supporting actor. I like Edwin in Daddy Good Deeds though. Maggie made congee for Moses. Moses told Maggie that Edwin misinterpret something in his plan, that is Chuen is not a drinker but just drinks to ease his back pain. Moses said Edwin hired a northerner to do his work which is hard to trace him. Moses told Maggie that one of them has to be in the shop to make sure Edwin doesn’t destroy their company. Maggie told Moses he owes him no matter what. Maggie’s servant told Maggie and her mother in law that the kids will be happy to know that Moses is joining them for dinner. Haha what a warm family. Katy Kung and Matt Yeung argues with each other before dinner. Katy Kung told her mother in law that Matt broke his promise and wants to go back to his house. Matt told Katy’s mom he’s bored and have nothing to do. Katy’s mom wants to bring Matt’s family to stay with them. Haha I ejoy watching the scenes of Joel Chan and Samantha Ko. Joel discuss with a western man about the black hair cream secret ingredient which is flower root. Samantha is so cute when she talks to Joel. The western man said he needs 20,000 catties every six months and he wants to sign a contract for five years. Joel told him that five years is too long and what if somehting happens to the herb. Joel is a man who just wants faces but is kind on the inside. Wow the rumors of Maggie wash Moses clothes is so fast. Joel heard it. Joel heard the men in the restaurant blabbing about Moses moved to Maggie’s company because of her. Joel yelled at the men that they gossip like women. Joel yelled at the business man to focus on how to run his business better instead of complaining about it. Matt Yeung asked Moses how long will he be able to know the names of the herbs. Moses told Matt that it took him more than 20 years to learn. Moses told Matt that Chinese Herbs are not something to slack about. The kids asked Moses to play with him since they finished their homework. Maggie told the kids they can play with Moses after they finish eating dinner. Katy Kung told Moses he finally met him. Matt Yeung tries to memorize the herb during dinner. Maggie’s mom told Moses she should serve him tea to thank him. Moses gives a toast of wine to Maggie’s family. Maggie asked Moses about him acting weird after she gave him the letter. Maggie read the letter saying that Kenny and the neighbors are not doing well due to the drought. Kenny stayed to look after Aimee who is sick. Moses said no matter how smart he is, there is a natural disaster in Kenny’s village which he can’t do anything about it. Maggie told Moses to drink tea instead of wine before sleeping. Maggie told Moses to have faith on heaven.Maggie prayed for Moses to have a good sleep. Mr. Thomas discuss with Maggie about business. Edwin told Uncle Chan he will see how Maggie mess up. Matt told Maggie not to accept the deal since the business is risky. Maggie desperately asked Moses to come back. Moses accept the deal. Moses told Maggie that they will grow the fleece flower roots if they don’t have enough. Moses told Maggie they will grow 30,000 catties so they can make 10,000 profit. Maggie told Moses she should come with him and tell the good news. Moses brought a gift for Joel to thank him for inviting the western man to deal with him.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 1 recap

Bear with me on the Silver Spoon recaps since I have too many series to recap at the moment. You guys probably read the recaps in some other blogs already.

The series set in the 1920s where the British took over the chinese. Idy Chan dropped her pearl necklace and blocked the British’s car. The British man slapped Idy but Damien came and said “A gentleman never strike a lady or let his wife get hurt.” First time I heard Damien speak english. Damien told the British ” I am a lawyer, I can assure you will be charge of crime unless you apologize to my wife in chinese .” The British man’s friend told him that Damien never lose a case. Damien said there are many people who saw the British’s car bumped in to Idy. Ooh Cafe Fleur, How Romantic! Idy told Damien at the Cafe that the pearl necklace was given by her father from Emperor Guangzhou but it’s now broken. Idy said the Quing Dynasty has fallen and she is now a princess. She is Madam Yee of the Chung Family and she is only the second wife. Damien said Idy is the most beloved among his wives. Mary Hon and Elena Kong wait for Idy. Mary Hon yelled at the servants that the maids should have reminded the mistress (Idy) that it is Guanying’s birthday. The executive Minister told Damien about the lack of rice. Kenneth told the British that slavery has been abolished in 1933 but now the women are still being abused. Damien told Kenneth he haven’t thought about things carefully. Damien told Kenneth to keep things low. When Damien comes home, Elena told him that Mary Hon is not feeling well. Vincent happily said he’s lucky he grew up in a wealthy family. Mary Hon got mad at Damien for missing the Guanyin offering. Damien walked with Mary down the stairs. Vincent told Kenneth and Angela to let Damien handle the situation. Kenneth smiled and watch Damien holding both Elena and Mary’s hands. Ron and other people tries to steal the rice. The businessmen discuss and laughed the the price of rice have gone up and they will earn a lot of money. Damien told Lau Kong that they should make money but not by making people starve. Damien said if people starve then they will become robbers. Kenneth suggest Damien to open a rice business in Shanghai and Wuhu region to break Lau Kong’s rice monopoly. Damien asked Kenneth to hire some martial arts opera dancers to celebrate Idy’s brithday and he wants to make it as big as possible. Tavia’s nose is pretty big or is it because it is too close up onscreen? Tavia asked Kenneth why did he tell her to perform for Damien’s family. Tavia asked Kenneth for 3000 silver but her trip has to be kept in secret. Tavia said she will not attend the press or interview and if he trip is known, she will leave. Tavia told Kenneth that she didn’t wear make up. Kenneth told Tavia that she looks like one of his friend. Tavia happily smells the bun and said it has been more than ten years. Rebecca Zhu plead the manager in the hotel and said she did not steal the watch. Tavia asked the manager if he really saw Rebecca steal the watch. Tavia said he has no evidence. Rebecca thanked Tavia. Tavia gave Rebecca some bun and said only those who have been hungry knows when they are hungry. Tavia’s servant yelled at Rebecca of what she is doing in Tavia’s room. Tavia touched the embroidery and is pleased with what Rebecca made. Tavia told Rebecca that what if she doesn’t like her embroidery, she could get in trouble. Tavia said she stood up for her because she didn’t like the manager. Tavia is teaching Rebecca a lesson about if she is weak, many people will strike her down. Tavia told Rebecca to not trust anyone so easily. I really like Tavia’s charac ter in this series. I agree with Tavia that it is hard to find a true friend. Idy celebrate her birthday with Damien.Idy was surprised that the food is so good at such a small restaurant. Supervisor Lai bowed to Idy. Supervisor Lai said Damien asked him to cook for her. Lau Kong budge in the restaurant and bother Damien. Idy told Lau Kong to respect his wife. Lau Kong accused Damien of being a foreigner and hang out with the British. Damien yelld that he is eligible to be the chairman. Idy’s godfather attend her birthday party. As the people in Damien’s party watch the play, Lau Kong ordered the police to arrest Tavia. Lau Kong told Kenneth that Tavia used to be her servant.

High and Low episode 20 recap

Raymond yelled at Ben Wong that he knew that Chiu Sam Kau kidnapped Kate’s brother but he didn’t do anything about it and now she’s helping both Chiu Sam Kau and the police. Ben Wong said he will let Chiu Sam Kau deal with Vincent Lam and they will be outsiders. Raymond confront Ben about letting those 2 gangster fight and then Kate’s brother might get in trouble. Ben said when Chiu Sam Kau has the good, he will let Kate’s brother go. Ben said he will arrest Chiu Sam Kau after her brother is safe. Raymond called Patrick and said he objects Ben’s mission plan but Patrick told him not to ruin Ben’s plan or he won’t be reinstated. Kate gave Vincent some coctails. Kate told Vincent’s cousin to go with her friend, who is prettier than Ella and her, to the seafood store near the soy sauce factory the following day. Kate told Chiu Sam Kau that Vincent has a deal tomorrow. Ben told the police he plans to let Chiu Sam Kau runs with the good. They will arrest Vincent Lam at that time and will let another team follow Chiu Sam Kau and save Kate’s brother. Ben Wong told Ella that the situation might change, and Ben is too sure about it. I also agree with Raymond, plans might not go accordingly. Chiu Sam Kau brings Kate to the sauce factory and blackmails Vincent Lam to give up his goods. Raymond yelled at Ben to go in and arrest them since Kate is in danger. Chiu Sam Kau told Kate to give him the goods. Kate made a signal to Vincent. Vincent shoots at Chiu Sam Kau and his men. Ben ordered the cops to come in. Vincent Lam hides and heard Raymond asked the police if anyone has seen Kate. Vincent saw Kate run away with the goods. Vincent pointed a gun toward Kate’s back. He didn’t have the gut to kill Kate and let her go. I feel poor for Vincent Lam; he loves Kate so much. The police shoots at Vincent. The police arrests Vincent Lam for drug dealings. The other team chase Chiu Sam Kau. Chiu Sam Kau ran away with the goods. Vincent Lam said the police doesn’t have any evidence to arrest him. Ben Wong ordered his men to look for Kate. Derek yells at Ben that it is his fault that Chiu Sam Kau got away. Raymond yell at Ben that Kate is in danger. MC Jin told Raymond that the cops came in his house with a search warrant and now his house is a mess. He asked Raymond why did she let her work with Chiu Sam Kau. Kate called Chiu Sam Kau and came with the goods. I thought Kate was a really brave girl who would do anything to save her brother and I can feel how she struggled with her life. Kate cried and want to see her brother. Kate remembered Chiu Sam Kau made a call he will see his gang at pier. Kate gave Chiu Sam Kau the goods and asked him to release her brother. MC asked Raymond who tore Kate’s calendar with the DAY 12 on it since it is only DAY 11. Raymond decipher the handwriting on the paper. Raymond and MC get out of the house to see Auntie Moon but they have to hide from the police. MC Jin drives Raymond and drops him off on the street. Ben watch Raymond enter the taxi. Raymond goes in Auntie Moon’s house and prevents Kate from bringing the drugs. Raymond yelled at Kate that she is wanted by the police and the drug dealers. Raymond told Kate that no matter what happens, he still loves her. Kate cried and kissed Raymond and then knocked him. Kate hugged Raymond and said she’s sorry. Ben Wong watch her behind the window. Ella called Ben and said a cop found Lau Fook and he got beaten by Chiu Sam Kau. Ella said Lau Fook said Kate is his spy. Ben follow Kate and wants to arrest Chiu Sam Kau alone to take the credit. Kate got kidnapped by Chiu sam Kau’s men. Ben search for Kate. The 3 black cops told Michael that Lau Fook got strangled. Chiu Sam Kau slapped Kate and said Lau Kau told him that she sent him to jail. Raymond saw Ben’s footprint on the sand and was wondering who was watching Kate from the outside. Raymond took the dogs to smell the drugs and follow where Kate went. Kate tries to escape while Chiu Sam Kau’s men gambled. Kate saw her brother dead in the bedroom. Kate cried and asked Chiu Sam Kau why did he beat her brother up. Chiu Sam Kau knocked Kate. Chiu Sam Kau was about to kill Kate but the police came in. Chiu Sam Kau grabbed Kate with him. Chiu Sam Kau pointed a gun toward Kate’s head and told the police to put the gun down or he will shoot her. Raymond desperately holds Chiu Sam Kau’s gun and pointed toward himself and ask him to shoot him instead of Kate. Raymond points the gun toward Ben and ask the police to put their guns away. Derek yelled at Chiu Sam Kau he won’t get away. Law Lok Lam yelled at Derek that he will cause Kate to die. Michael Miu tries shoot at Chiu Sam Kau. The police and gangsters shoot at each other. Ella look at Raymond worry for Kate.

TVB 2013 Calendar Illegally Leaked Online, Seeks Legal Assistance

Yesterday TVB’s 2013 Calendar was leaked online illegally, which had greatly shocked the company. TVB immediately went to seek legal assistance, requesting websites and Weibo users to delete the photos. Each year, TVB gathers all of their popular artists to be part of the calendar and then give the copies to their clients. Earlier, the artists secretly went through the photo shoot, but yesterday morning the entire calendar was spreading around on Weibo.

Yesterday morning, a Netizen posted the entire TVB 2013 Calendar on Weibo, including the cover with the big group picture and the back page of the calendar with credits and list of production staff. The photos were marked to have been supplied by TVB. Many artists including Dodo Cheng, Tracy Ip and Samantha Ko were part of the reposting and spreading of the calendar photos. They praised the photos were beautiful, but their Weibo posts were later deleted. However, it was too late, the calendar was already madly spreading online.

TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Tsang Sing Ming, expressed it was confirmed that the release yesterday was illegal and it was theft. The legal department is currently investigating. The outsourced company that produced the TVB 2013 Calendar wants to investigate to the source of the leakage. Mr. Tsang expressed the calendar is currently under post-production and has not reach competition of the final version yet.

Yesterday after the leakage, TVB quickly seeks legal assistance and issued letters out to Weibo and websites to delete the photos and stop spreading them. As this is illegal activity, TVB will get to the bottom of this and may seek assistance from the police.

Photoshopped Too Much & Weird Poses

The calendar is the index for favored artists, TV King and Queen hot favorites Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui took the lead, joining Bosco Wong, Aimee Chan and Linda Chung on the month of January; Myolie Wu’s status was clearly implied as she was grouped with three TV Kings, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai and Kevin Cheng on November; Kate’s greatest TV Queen competitor Tavia Yeung was paired with Fala Chen on February. However, the calendar appeared to have been photoshopped too much, which made the artists look somewhat “plastic” and unnatural! In addition, the artists had strange poses, like on January, Linda Chung was standing away from the group. Wonder if its because she’s afraid of rumors with Raymond Lam again? Eliza Sam, Samantha Ko and Natalie Tong showed off their legs, but that did not compare to Fala Chen and Suki Tsui in the 2009 calendar, where they were dressed in bathing suits and showing off their legs.

credit: AEU

Note: Please remove the 2013 calendar and do not post it because you can get in trouble for copyright by TVB.

High and Low episode 19 recap

Law Lok Lam, Derek Kwok, Jazz Lam, and Michael Miu eat hot pot together. Derek, Jazz, and Law Lok Lam teased Michael that he will get back with Elaine soon. Law Lok Lam told Michael that he saved 200,000 dollars and will pay him back the 600,000 dollars he owes him soon. Derek said he borrowed 500,000 dollars from Michael whereas Jazz borrowed 4000,000 dollars from Michael. Michael said he mortgaged his flat to lend them money. Michael made coffee for Amy Fan and asked her who gave her drugs but Amy wouldn’t tell. Amy said it is Wilson Wu; he organizes concerts for singers. Ben Wong got mad that Wilson Wu is only a small drug dealer. Michael ask Amy Fan why did she lie to him. Amy Fan said Michael only wants her to have a bad reputation if others found out she take drugs. Derek, Law Lok Lam, and Jazz ask Michael why did he lie about mortgaging his flat since he paid for his flat 3 years ago. Michael said he borrowed money from the financial institution and have to pay 40,000 dollars for his flat each month. Michael meet with the masked guy and told him that the 3 black cops didn’t suspect him and he thanked him for preparing the documents. The masked guy told Michael that the 3 black cops loyally worked for him and he gave them money. The masked guy said he likes the fact that Michael is greedy. MC Jin lured Kate to see Raymond and Ella. Raymond told Kate that her mission is dangerous. Ella told Kate to quit. Vincent Lam’s subordinate told Vincent that he saw Kate secretly going up the rooftop. Ella told Raymond, Kate and MC she will run to distract Vincent. Vincent confront Ella why did she run. Kate came up and slapped Ella and told Vincent that Ella used to work at her at the bar. Kate said Ella lost money during her gamble in Macau with her boyfriend and now she asked her for money. That was so close, Kate is so smart everytime to solve the problem but not sure how lucky she can get. This mission is pretty dangerous. Vincent hired Ella. Ella better not screw Kate’s plan you know. Kate said her friend really did that so she used her story. Vincent’s cousin is really happy about Ella being the dealer because he always win. Kate told Ella to pay attention to Vincent’s cousin. Ben Wong yelled at Ella that it is dangerous for he to be a spy. Ben asked Ella who ordered her to do it. Ben told Ella to be careful. Ben yelled at Raymond for making Ella a spy. Raymond told Ben that he cares for Ella but doesn’t have confidence in her. Ben worries that Ella is too nice. Raymond suggest Ben to work as an undercover too. Vincent’s uncle showed Ella around the factory while Raymond, MC Jin and Kate checks the village. Kate accidentally dropped a box of Vincent’s doll. Raymond holds Kate while the workers look around. MC Jin turn on the car alarm. Ella told Raymond, Kate, and MC that she saw a plaster in the factory. Kate lied to Raymond that she didn’t find anything odd in the sauce factory. Amy Fan speak during the interview that she wants to retire happily and live a normal life after this concert. She thanked fans who supported her. The director told Amy to think carefully since she made a lot of money for the studio. Amy told Michael she thought about it carefully and she wants to spend time with her family. Amy asked Michael if he will support her. Ben yelled at Michael and Elaine that they failed to be undercover. Derek told Ben if he’s unhappy, then find someone else do the job. Derek, Jazz, and Law Lok Lam pay Michael his money back and said their wives saved money for them. Michael and Elaine interrogate a drug dealer for running over his girlfriend. The drug dealer told Michael and Elaine that Amy Fan takes drugs and even traffic drugs and she isn’t as innocent as she looks. Elaine arrested Amy Fan for drug trafficking. Michael said sorry to Amy and he gave her many chances.Amy thanked Michael for teaching her many things about life. Ben Wong asked Michael who is his outstanding spy for helping him solve the case. Michael told the masked guy he got rid of the singing industry to build his cocaine business. The masked guy gave Michael more money and said he took all the money while the 3 black cops work so hard for him. Raymond followed Kate. Kate told Chiu Sam Kau she wondered why Vincent kept a bunch of ceramic dolls. Raymond asked Kate who is she talking to. Kate prevented Raymond from chasing Chiu Sam Kau.Kate told Raymond that Chiu Sam Kau kidnapped her brother. Raymond asked Kate why didn’t she tell him. Kate told Raymond to stay about of her business. Raymond asked Kate if she thinks Ben doesn’t know about this.

High and Low episode 18 recap

Ella go the restroom and cram a bunch of toilet paper in the toilet as Raymond instructed. The casino stinks which disturbed Vincent Lam which makes him leave. Raymond worries that if something like that happens to Kate again, no one will be able to help her. Raymond told Ella to keep him informed about Ben’s move. Vincent gave Kate a flower shop. Kate asked the cashier if there are any receipt of the flowers being bought. Some gang come up and attacked Vincent and his men. Vincent Lam’s man found out that it is Chiu Sam Kau’s men who hurted them. Hey guys, do you think Vincent Lam is a good boyfriend to Kate? This series is getting more interesting. MC Jin told Kate that Raymond him that she is a spy and he wants her to be safe. Kate told Raymond to not tell anyone that she’s a snitch. Raymond told Kate that she must be careful when getting near Vincent Lam. Kate told Raymond the police gave her money while Vincent Lam loves her. Raymond told Kate to not argue with him everytime; he said her mission is dangerous. Raymond said Vincent has many enemies and she might get hurt any minute. Kate said perhaps she might even sleep with Vincent. Raymond asked Kate if she agreed to be a spy because of their relationship. Kate said there’s nothing between her and Raymond. Kate told Raymond she works for anyone who gives her a high pay. Raymond told Ben Wong he wants Kate to quit her job as a spy. Ben said Kate is willing to be his spy, and it is her decision not his. Raymond yelled at Ben that if Kate gets hurt, he will get in trouble too. Patrick told Raymond he is wrong for bothering Kate. Patrick told Raymond he can extend his leave if he interfere in Ben Wong’s case again. Chiu Sam Kau’s men and Vincent’s gang fight each other in jail. Vincent heard the news Chiu Sam Kau escaped from jail. Vincent got mad. When Kate returned home, she saw Chiu Sam Kau wounded and grabbing her. Kate made a flower tea for Vincent and asked him to give him his house key so she can go and make tea for him. Vincent smiled and said he will drink the flower tea even if it has poison. Chiu Sam Kau asked Kate if she found anything in Vincent’s house. Chiu Sam Kau told Kate that Vincent seized his territory. Chiu Sam Kau wants to kill Vincent and seized his good. Kate told Chiu Sam Kau she can work for him but she wants to see her brother. Chiu Sam Kau told Kate he will kill his friend Fook for double crossing him. Amy Fan complained to the director that she is the last one to sing. The director said a new young singer that they are going to promote, will sing first. Amy Fan got mad and said she will see how long that young singer will be popular. Amy Fan is sick and told Michael she doesn’t want to see the doctor. Amy Fan hugged Michael.Michael called Elaine but her phone is off. Michael saw Amy Fan use drugs and he splashed water on her. Amy sighed to Michael that she has to smile in front of the paparazzi. Amy said she doesn’t have any friend in the entertainment. Michael told Amy, he can console her. Kate heard Vincent’s men telling him about the Walled Village. MC Jin asked Vincent to let him work for him. Kate lied to MC Jin that she sent her brother to a chinese herbalist in Guangzhou. Kate followed Vincent Lam to the Walled Village and was about to get raped by two men but Vincent and his men came. Kate lied to Vincent that she followed him because she’s afraid he has another woman. Vincent introduced Kate to his uncles. An uncle gave Vincent another doll. Ben Wong asked Kate why didn’t she report that she went to the walled village and got Vincent’s house keys. Chiu Sam Kau told Kate she has to solve the case faster since he will leave HK soon and she might not see her brother again. MC Jin told Kate that he saw Chiu Sam Kau on the street that Kate walked by. Ben Wong placed a recorder in Kate’s house. Ben listen to Kate’s convo about Chiu Sam Kau and doubt that she’s hiding something from him. Ben Wong saw Kate’s number in Chiu Sam Kau’s account.

High and Low episode 17 recap

Elaine Ng search for evidence in Amy Fan’s office then hide under her desk when she returns to pick up her cough drops. Elaine’s phone drops as Amy gets out of her office. Amy comes near her desk but then Michael Miu shows up as an officer. Amy remembers Michael was her schoolmate. Vincent Lam watch Kate Tsui drink for her bar customer. Kate argues with a gangster and told him to go to a club if he wants to flirt with girls. The gangster was about to hit Kate but Vincent Lam prevent him. Vincent gives Kate his card and said he likes her guts and she should work for him. Vincent Lam told Kate she serves his customer well at the casino.MC Jin told Kate that he worries that Vincent Lam might go for her since he’s a womanizer. Ben Wong told his subordinates that he put a spy near Vincent Lam but he won’t reveal to them. Ben asked Ella to practice shooting with him. Ben said Ella will be his partner for the ASC again. Ben asked Ella to call him by his first name. Ben asked Ella to go the the gun exhibition with him. Ella told Raymond that Ben is investigating criminals using his way and not using Raymond’s ways. Raymond told Ella every boss has his way. Ella told Raymond they are investigating Vincent Lam but has not evidence yet. Ella told Raymond he should pay her for cleaning his house. Ben called Ella to go to the gun exhibition together but Ella said it’s too late. Ben called Lily Ho and had sex with her. Lily asked Ben if they can start over and Ben agreed. Amy Fan asked Jazz to clean up the chewing gum on the floor. A person tries to hit Amy Fan with a car. Michael Miu saved Amy, and Elaine took a picture of the car. Amy Fan thinks it’s a drunk driver and doesn’t want to call the police. Amy hired Michael has a bodyguard for 40,000 dollars. Michael, Jazz, and Derek joked that Amy likes Michael. Kate’s brother called Raymond saying that Kate and MC Jin left him alone at home,and he asked Raymond to teach him how to cook rice. Raymond saw Kate walking with Vincent Lam. Raymond and Ella follow Kate.Raymond and Kate saw Ben talking with Kate. Ben told Kate he chose her as his informer because Vincent Lam is flattered with her and she need money. Ben gave Kate 10,000 dollars as her first payment. Kate said she won’t do it because it is too dangerous. Ben told Kate he knows a brain specialist overseas who can cure her brother. Kate took the money and agreed to be Ben’s spy. Raymond worries the task is too hard for Kate. Ella told Raymond that Kate is a smart girl, and no one can take advantage of her. Raymond told Ella he wished he could walk so he can help Kate.Michael walked with Amy Fan to her company. The fans surrounded her. An anti fan threw red paints on Amy Fan. Amy fan stared at Michael Miu, and got jealous of Elaine when she held Michael’s heart cup. Ben Wong yelled at Jazz, Derek, and Law Lok Lam for not finding any clues. Michael told Ben that he needs to be patient and investigate the case carefully. Michael asked Jazz about skipping lunch to go to the finance company. Jazz said he was saving money to buy a house. Michael told Jazz he will lend him money. Ella sent Raymond the recorder of Kate and the triad. Vincent drinks with Kate and tries to make out with her.

High and Low episode 16 recap

Ben Wong asked Raymond and Ella to pass their job to him to arrest the three drug dealers. Raymond asked Ben to let him do the job since he is dressed as a waiter. The drug dealer saw Raymond’s hand signal to the police. He grabbed Raymond. The police and the drug dealers shoot at teach other. Michael saw Ivan’s car and Yeung Yeung’s backpack in his car. Raymond fights with the drug dealer while Raymond drives. Raymond fell out of the car while the drug dealer fainted. Raymond saw Yeung Yeung running away from a drug dealer. Raymond took a shot for Yeung Yeung against the drug dealer. Michael goes to the house and pointed a gun toward Ivan while Ivan is grabbing Elaine. Ivan then pointed a gun toward Michael and said if it wasn’t for him then he would have left with Elaine and Yeung Yeung. Michael told Ivan to kill him so Elaine would miss him. Michael and Ivan fights. Ivan tries to kill Michael with a knife. Elaine untied herself using a scissors blade. Elaine shot Ivan. Ivan is dead. Raymond enters the house wounded bringing Yeung Yeung. Michael held Raymond. Raymond told Michael that he told him he would protect him. After Raymond sat on the wheel chair and told Michael there are some things he can’t handle alone. Kate visists Raymond while he is sleeping in the hospital. Ell helped Raymond tie his shoelace. Ben Wong asked Michael why didn’t he report to the police that Elaine and his son got kidnapped. Michael said he wanted to keep it low because he wanted to gain Ivan’s trust. Ben Wong confront Raymond about setting the drug dealer free on purpose. Raymond said he set the drug dealer Peter Wong free because he knew he would contact Ivan. Ben Wong said it is a coincidence that Ivan sold his share to his parents while his team were investigating the case. Ben Wong showed the Bank of Balken corporation laundering money and said Elaine didn’t inform the cops right away but made a copy of it. Ben Wong told Patrick Dunn he suspects Elaine gave a copy of the document to Ivan. Patrick said he will ask the IT Colleagues to check the record in the copying machine. The police checks the copy machine and only found music sheets. Jazz told Michael he hacked the copier’s document to his laptop and switch it with the music sheets. MC Jin got arrested by the police for frauding females to sign up to be a model. Kate complained to MC Jin that she always has to bail him out. Kate saw the red words of the debt owners on her apartment’s wall. Kate threw MC Jin’s clothes out. Kate told MC Jin she has enough already; she took many jobs to pay for her brother’s medical expenses, and MC Jin now borrows money from the loan shark. MC Jin gambled at the casino. MC Jin cheat and got hit by the men. Vincent Lam finally appears! Kate pay Vincent Lam money but he threw it away. Vincent Lam asked the men to chop MC Jin’s hands. Kate took a knife and was about to chop her hands but Vincent stopped her. Vincent said the knife is precious to him and have never been filled with blood. Vincent said he admires her gut and she can leave with MC Jin. Vincent stared at Kate and MC from his house. Amy Fan complained about the director making a bad job filming the music video. Elaine Ng pose as a freelance writer for Amy Fan. Amy Fan complained to Elaine that she cut apples like she cut oranges. Jazz teased Michael that he can be a security guard while Elaine be a freelance writer and work on a case together.

Last Steep Ascent episode 13 recap

Joel and Samantha came to Maggie’s company to see Moses but Moses stay in his office working. Joel told Maggie to asked for a price for the tainted herbs, he will pay for them. Joel told Maggie to give him a discount of 40%. Joel told Samantha Ko he is so happy that Maggie’s company is down. Joel told Samantha they should have monkey brain for dinner since they think they have a brain but they ends up on the plate. Katy Kung prayed in front of KK’s portrait and cried, and said she will never forget how he loved her. Matt Yeung prayed that he and Katy will take care of Katy’s family. Katy told her mom that her mother and father in law loves her very much. Katy’s mom asked Katy to ask her in laws to lend her some money. Matt dragged Katy in her room and asked her why didn’t she ask him first before agreeing with her mom. Katy yelled at Matt what does he wanted her to tell her mom, that he doesn’t have any money, he doesn’t want to lend her money, or his plantation is going down. Katy said he stole her dowries to pay the debts, and now he returns to Maggie’s family to ask for a job. Katy slapped Matt that it’s because of him that she couldn’t see KK for the last time, and now he wants to burden her mom more. Katy Kung asked Matt if he remember he told her that if he has ten dollars, he would give her nine. She said that he told her he would make sure she was well fed. Matt told Katy he only used her dowry to save his plantation, and he couldn’t marry her if he didn’t lie. Katy told him to stop talking since her mom has good hearing. Katy Kung read a letter that there’s a fire on her family’s plantation. Maggie told her mom that because she cares for her, she didn’t tell her all her worries. Maggie’s mom told Maggie to just say yes and do what she says. Maggie plans to sell her house to pay the company’s debt. Moses plan to ask Joel to lend him money. Moses told his friend that Maggie didn’t borrow money from Katy’s in laws since she knows their bird nest got burnt and Maggie wanted to sell her house. A worker told Maggie that Moses went to ask Joel for help. The worker told Maggie he has something to tell her that’s bothering him. Moses sits and wait for Joel. Samantha turn off the music for Joel since it is too loud. Samantha asked Joel to come see Moses. Joel told Moses he wants 50% discount. Joel told Moses if he helps him then Moses owes him another favor. Moses signed a contract with Joel that he owes him his life. Joel increased the herb price to 10 percent. Joel bought Moses stock with 30 percent discount. Maggie cooked food for Moses. Maggie told Moses she didn’t mean to bother him but she didn’t know anyone who can help her run the company. Maggie told Moses that Uncle Chuen told her that he found out the thorow root with cotton seed powder has been laced. Uncle Chuen told Maggie and Moses that he fainted after he drinks then he realize the thorow root with cotton seed powder has been laced Moses look for the wine store owner to ask him if Uncel Chuen’s wine has been laced. Bonnie, a worker in the wine store told his boss and Moses he didn’t meant to sell fake wine. Moses celebrate with Maggie and his workers that they cleared their name of selling fake roots.