High and Low episode 2 recap

Ben Wong look at Michael Miu’s goggle and found out he’s also a cop. Derek Kwok grabs Ben Wong and said if Michael Miu dies, he won’t forgive him. MC Jin and Kate sell bras in the street. Ben Wong confromts Kate and MC Jin. Ella Koon come up to Raymond as a new police member. Michael Miu, being injured go in the unlicensed doctor to treat his wound. Derek Kwok, Law Lok Lam, and Jazz confront a suspects about his boss. Raymond Lam told Derek that he doesn’t think before he acts and Michael sacrificed himself to be an undercover. Raymond told Derek to do something more mature if he wants to help Michael. Raymond, Jazz, Law Lok Lam, and Derek fix the cabinet and take care of Michael Miu’s family for him. Ella chase the butcher as she interrogates him. Raymond told Ella he has mental problem. Raymond’s colleague told Ella Raymond is so smart for letting her catch the butcher so Bragging Fai will call his son at the Fish Stall. Raymond Lam’s subordinate gives Ben Wong Wong and his men drinks. Michael dreamed of his son and wakes up. Ben Wong and hes men search for Lee Bing Lung and saw Raymond’s cup of drink. MC Jin and Kate helped Kate’s friend Jenny who is on drug. Kate cries seeing her friend die from the top. Kate look a the photo album and remembers the good time with her best friend. Kate find Uncle Kin at the bar to confront about her best friend’s deadth but MC Jin prevents her. Kate told Raymond she wants to be an undercover to revenge for Jenny. Raymond and Ella go in the bar to investigate Uncle Kin. Ella pretends to be drunk in front of Uncle Kin. Uncle Kin gave Ella drug. Raymond let Uncle Kin escape and said it isn’t time to arrest him yet. Kate yelled at Raymond.


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