High and Low episode 12 recap

Raymond leaves HK for a while. Raymond thinks about the case of the black cops. Raymond asked the waiter at restaurant how come the tea leaves are different than the ones he usually drink. Kate’s brother massage MC Jin and asked MC Jin if he likes Kate. Michael and his friends plan to watch Yeung Yeung perform a play. Elaine Ng brought some books and asks Michael to spend more time with his son about studying. When Yeung Yeung asks his mom where is Raymond, Michael Miu got nervous and discuss with the three black cops that Raymond might be investigating them. Kate prayed in front of her mom that her dad finally got in prison. Kate showed his brother the meaning of the marks on the wall about their heights every year. Kate hug her brother and says their dad loves them very much. Raymond drank Kate’s bottle of tea and said it taste weird. Kate joked that it taste weird because she drank half of it. During the play, Elaine Ng forgot her line. Michael Miu joked “Just call me honey!”. The fence fell, and Michael, back up for Elaine and his son. Ella sings a song in english as a fairy. Ben Wong look at Ella attractively. Elaine Ng understands why Michael wouldn’t leave his friends and his jobs. Raymond Kate eat hotpot. MC Jin went hop got sad seeing Kate so close to Raymond. MC Jin plays rock, paper, and scissor with Raymond, and drinks a lot. Raymond told Kate perhaps he shouldn’t have doubted Michale and his friends. Raymond said he’ll have no friends at the end if he use his bias. Kate told Raymond her parents used to teach her and her brother to sing but everything has changed. Raymond showed Kate a picture of farm land on his cell phone. Raymond said there can still be flowers even if no one takes car of it. Ella change the chrysanthemum flowers for Raymond. Ben Wong and Michael Miu investigate the drug dealers. Michael Miu saw MC Jin talking to the drug dealer. Ben Wong told Michael that he doesn’t need to inform Raymond about MC Jin since Raymond knows so many gangsters. Raymond and Kate fertilized the flowers. Kate’s brother cried and told Kate that the kids doesn’t want to play with him. Raymond and Kate play hide and seek with Kate’s brother. Kate and Raymond hide on the same closet. Kate accidentally bumped into Raymond. Kate received a call and told Raymond that his colleagues have arrested MC Jin. Ben Wong told MC Jin he’s going to charge him for helping the mainland drug trafficking. Ben Wong told MC Jin he will be free if he helped him be a spy. Raymond asks Ben if he has any proof of MC Jin’s drug dealing. Ben Wong yelled at Raymond and said he’s on a leave. Kate asks Raymond to promise him that MC Jin will be fine. Raymond decided to collaborate with Ben to take up the case to help MC Jin. Michael Miu’s friends laugh at Elaine Ng’s disguise for the drug case.


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