Whatever It Takes episode 12 recap

Chin Hor Wai gave Benny some meat but he refused to eat it. Benny pick up some rice and vegetable and eat and said god won’t play him. Annie came up to Benny and asked Benny to look at the mirror in the cave. Benny said there’s a yellow and purple light in the mirror which means the yellow light blocked the purple light which is why Evergreen Ma k showed up in the mirror which means Evergreen Mak is not the royal prince. Evergreen Mak’s mom wants to eat the bride’s tea. Evergreen Mak told his mom he is not his mom but just his nanny since he is a royal prince. Evergreen Mak drove his mom away. Annie confront Evergreen Mak’s mom about Evergreen Mak being a fake prince. Evergreen Mak’s mom cried and said Evergreen Mak doesn’t want to reunite with her again. Evergreen Mak’s mother said the world will be in chaos if Evergreen Mak becomes the king. Evergreen Mak and Tavia did the wedding ceremony. Benny came up and made Evergreen Mak stop the wedding. Benny told Evergreen Mak to give up. Benny told Evergreen Mak he knows he’s not the royal prince. Evergreen Mak told Benny that he’s his savior and he’s a bastard if he wants to revenge him. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Eveergreen Mak that he’s so bad for pretendng to be the royal prince to marry Tavia. Evergreen Mak slapped his mother. Evergreen Ma asked his men to arrest Benny. Annie froze everyone. Annie and Benny close to Evergreen Mak. Annie made Evergreen Mak kneel down in front of the god at home. Evergreen Mak said if they revealed that he is the fake prince, the wyon’t get any benefit. Evergreen Mak suggest that Benny continue to be the prince’s brother and his mom keep on being his mother and he will share his wealth with them. Benny told Evergreen Mak he has to announce that he’s not the real prince. Annie said she will turn him into a pig if he doesn’t tell. Annie gives Evergreen Mak 3 days to tell everyone he’s not the royal prince. Benny told Evergreen Mak he has to annul the wedding between him and Tavia. Evergreen Mak told Tavia’s dad that his men were just having fun during the wedding so his wedding is a mess.Tavia lefta letter to his dad that she is running away because she doesn’t want to marry Evergreen Mak. Benny told Tavia that Evergreen Mak promised him that he won’t bug her. Evergreen Mak stole some treasures in the palace. Lee Kwok Lun told Evergreen Mak that if he’s leaving that means he admit he’s not the royal prince and the majesty will find someone to arrest him. Lee Kwok Lun said he can help Evergreen Mak staying as a prince.Annie saw Evergreen Mak playing with the maids in the palace. Annie held Evergreen Mak’s hands and it was Lee Kwok Lun disguised into Evergreen Mak. Lee Kwok Lun sat on the majesty’s chair and said he came here to ruin the dynasty. Annie fought with Lee Kwok Lun. Benny had a nightmare of Annie asking him for help. Benny asked Evergreen Mak where is Annie. Evergreen Mak told Benny that Tavia dissappeared after fighting with Lee Kwok Lun on a farm. Benny thought Annie became a chicken. Benny search for Annie and wants to buy all the chicken but doesn’t have the money. Benny got beat up when he tried to prevent the people to selll the chickens. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Benny a chicken came up to her house. Evergreen Mak’s mother showed Benny a chicken that she cooked. Benny said she is Annie. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Benny nothing will happen to Annie. Benny wined that he was late to save Annie. Annie tapped behind Benny. Annie called Benny’s name. Benny hugged the chicken and said he thought she died. Benny saw Annie. Annie told Benny that when she was fighting with Lee Kwok Lun, it was lucky that the god recovered her back to normal. Evergreen Mak asked the maids to message him while he is eating fruits. Evergreen Mak daydream of Tavia. Lee Kwok Lun is excited for Evergreen Mak to be king and him taking over the world. Annie and Benny go together to the palace. The soldiers grabbed Evergreen Mak’s mother.The majesty made Evergreen Mak the royal prince.Lee Kwok Lun asked the majesty to give some of her task to Evergreen Mak. The majesty told Lee Kwok Lun she also have some concern about Evergreen Mak. The majesty told Evergreen Mak she heard a rumor that he’s not the real prince. The majesty brought Evergreen Mak’s mother to confront him.

Whatever It Takes episode 11 recap

Benny told Tavia she can live in the foster home with the other kids. Tavia told Benny that she is already an oprhan since she is running away from home. Tavia asked Benny to run away with her. Evergreen Mak yelled at Tavia’s dad for being useless to let Tavia escape the house. The servant told Evergreen Mak that Benny did visit Tavia. Evergreen Mak doesn’t believe that Benny took Tavia. Evergreen Mak asked Annie to find Tavia. Annie used her power by putting Tavia’s hairpin on the map. Tavia anxiously waited for Benny by the boat. Benny came up to Tavia and said he can’t go with her. Evergreen Mak saw Benny and Tavia, and accused Benny of seducing Tavia. Evergreen Mak held Tavia and asked her why she doesn’t like him. Benny hit Evergreen Mak on the rock. Evergreen Mak fainted. Benny told Tavia he won’t go with her and he won’t leave Evergreen Mak. Tavia said Evergreen Mak won’t forgive him. Benny said he has to explain to Evergreen Mak. Tavia said she won’t run away since Benny is not coming with her. Benny told Tavia that if she doesn’t run away then she has to marry Evergreen Mak. Tavia went on the boat. When Evergreen Mak woke up, he asked Benny to go away and it’s because of him that Tavia doesn’t like him. Evergreen Mak’s mom told Evergreen Mak that he can’t treat his brother like that. Evergreen Mak said Benny deserves to be beheaded since he stole his lover. Evergreen Mak’s mom said Benny is also her son. Evergreen Mak is so dumb. Disliking people doesn’t mean we have to behead them. Evergreen Mak gave his mom some money to buy food and he said she only come with him because of money. Evergreen Mak’s mother visits Benny in jail and said he knows he is filial to her and his brother. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Benny she will try to persuade him. Evergreen Mak told Lee Kwok Lun that he’s pissed at Benny for helping Tavia run away. Lee Kwok Lun told Eveergreen Mak to make Benny dissappear. Evergreen Mak took Benny to the place that he found him. Evergreen Mak told Benny he can’t believe he betrayed him.Evergreen Mak asked his men to take off Benny’s clothes and put him on a bucket and pushed him into the sea. Benny asked Evergreen Mak what did he do to Benny. Tavia listen to Evergreen Mak and Annie’s conversation. Evergreen Mak told Annie that if she go find Beny then he won’t rule the world. Tavia returned and told Evergreen Mak she will marry him but he has to forgive Benny. Tavia told Evergreen Mak she knows he’s very good to her. Tavia asked Evergreen Mak to save Benny since she doesn’t want them to fight. Evergreen Mak asked Annie to save Benny. Benny almost got bitten by a shark in the sea. Annie saved Benny using her powerhand.Annie told Benny that Evergreen Mak asked her to save him for Tavia. Tavia told Benny if Annie can’t find Benny then she will feel regret. Benny came in the palace. Evergreen Mak told Benny he will marry Tavia. Tavia told Benny that he truly loves Evergreen Mak and she was just being stubborn before. Annie thought a royal prince is supposed to have a good character but Evergreen Mak isn’t like that. Annie go back in the cave and fix the mirror. Benny helped Evergreen Mak’s mom managing the food stall. While Evergreen Mak eat dinner with Tavia’s dad and his men, Tavia told Evergreen Mak she isn’t feeling well. Tavia walked around the street and saw Benny and Evergreen Mak’s mom selling buns. Tavia helped Benny seelling buns. The magistrates talk to each other and complained that Evergreen Mak ate too much food and he’s already greedy when he’s not even the king.Evergreen Mak walked around the street and saw Tavia and Benny selling buns. Evergreen Mak got mad at Tavia and tried to hit her. Evergreen Mak asked his men to hit Benny. Evergreen Mak held Tavia’s hand tightly and told her the more she plead for her the more he has to hit Benny. Tavia cried. Evergreen Mak told his men to stop; he told Benny if he go with Tavia again he will kick him out of town. Benny asked Evergreen Mak in what power. Evergreen Mak said he is the royal prince. Evergreen Mak announced to the people that he makes Benny living in poverty the rest of his life, and if someone helps him he will punish him really hard. Evergreen Mak grabbed Tavia’s hadn and said he will marry her right away to stop her from dreaming. Everyone in the street nitpicked at Benny.Everyone refused to give a bowl of food to Benny. They even beat up Benny. Benny fainted on the street. Chin Hor Wai rescued Benny.Benny look at the buddha and remember how Evergreen Mak helped him in the past. Tavia got mad at Evergreen Mak and wants to stay in her room. Evergreen Mak asked Tavia to change her clothes and get ready to marry him.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 16 recap

Rebecca sighed to Kenneth at the hospital that Ron left her house. Rebecca cried and asked Kenneth if she’s selfish for wanting Ron by her side. Kenneth look at the balcony. Kenneth asked Sire if she would feel sad if she got married. Sire told Kenneth she loves him as her sibling. Ron peeked at the foreign man and beat him up. Ron took the foreign man’s watch to the pawn shop. The pawn shop worker told Ron he can receive 20 dollars. Ron told his friend that the pawn shop worker knows that he stole the watch so he gave him such a low price.Ron told his friend to give the doll to Rebecca. Ron’s friend told Ron that he’s so cold to Rebecca because he’s afraid he will miss her. Adrian came in Ron’s house and told him he’s under arrest for murdering the foreigner named Cliff. Adrian told Ron that the pawn shop owner said he pawned the watch. At the police station Ron told the police he only hit the foreigner hard and he was greedy so he stole the watch. Ron told Adrian that Brother Hai ordered him to beat Cliff up. Ron showed the police the note that Brother Hai sent him. Ron told the police that the money is for Rebecca. Ron told Adrian that he should have known that he would admit his crime if he did it.Adrian told Rebecca that he’s charging Ron for murder. Rebecca beg Adrian and said Ron is hard headed but wouldn’t kill anyone. Adrian told Rebecca that Ron will be sentence to dead if he is guilty. Rebecca wants to see Ron. Adrian told Rebecca Ron doesn’t want to see anyone, and they have to find ways to help him. Rebecca begged Kenneth to help her. Kenneth told Rebecca that he has to ask Ron first before he go see Brother Hai. Kenneth told Rebecca the problem is if Ron wants his help. Kenneth visits Ron and told him he will be at disadvantage without a lawyer. Ron told Kenneth to leave and he said he doesn’t have money to hire a lawyer. Kenneth told Ron he knows he has pride but he will be sentence to death. Ron told Kenneth he didn’t kill anyone and the problem is he is poor. Kenneth told Ron the evidence will say if he’s guilty and he will be his defense lawyer and try his best to help him. Ron thanked Kenneth and said who’s he to him to help. Kenneth told Ron that he just feel happy seeing the guilty in jail and don’t want any injustice. Kenneth told Ron that his family member is trying to help him but all he does is yelling out his anger. Ron let Kenneth help him and told him he just beat the foreign man up and stole his watch but he didn’t kill him. Ron told Kenneth he made sure not one was there that night to see him beat him up. Kenneth said there must be a passerby. Kenneth told Ron to think carefully if he saw anyone passing by. Ron told Kenneth he saw two people passing by but he didn’t turn around because he doesn’t want them to see his face. Ron told Kenneth the passerby is a westerner and he has a large bump on his face. Ron told Kenneth to tell Rebecca to wait for him. Brother Hai told Kenneth, Rebecca, and Adrian that he won’t go in the court because he doesn’t know the story. Rebecca begged brother Hai to help Ron. Brother Hai told her to get out or he will call the cops. Brother Hai told his wife that he wants to help Ron but he doesn’t want to disclose his boss because he doesn’t want his kids to live in fear. In the study room, Damien told Kenneth he doesn’t know if he should praise him or belittle him because he always take up cases that are hard to win and is free. Damien asked Kenneth if Ron is worth his help. Damien reminds Kenneth not to be too emotional. Kenneth told Damien that he browsed through Ron’s case and it’s hard to prove his innocent but the police can’t prove he’s guilty. Kenneth told Damien that Brother Hai ordered Ron to kill Cliff so it means that Ron doesn’t know Cliff at all. Damien said Ron might have hit Cliff too hard. Ron told Damien that Ron beats up people all the time which he also make a living out of it so he wouldn’t be stupid to kill someone. Damien asked Kenneth how would he know if Ron is really telling the truth. Damien said it will depends if the judge believe Ron. Damien said Cliff is a westerner while Ron is a thug and the jury wouldn’t believe him. Kenneth asked Damien to close his eyes; he asked him what was he like when he was young. Damien said he was chubby, fair,and cute. Kenneth said imagine if he’s an orphan and had to do chores and live in a hut with small kids, and not enough food to eat. Kenneth said if he has no home and no educaton he will not have a chance for a better life. Kenneth said everyone thinks he’s a thug but he wish he has parents too and become a lawyer. Kenneth said it is just luck hasn’t been on his side and he has to do everything himself.Kenneth said everyone thinks scums and thugs are bad but not everyone is like that.Kenneth said they have families and they have people that they love. Kenneth told Damien to not judge them by their background and be fair to them. Damien opened his eyes and told Kenneth he would never accept this case cause he doesn’t want to lose. Damien said he would like to see how Kenneth solve this case. Damien told Kenneth he took the effort to take this case and he nurtured him well. Damien told Kenneth he admired him for holding justice. In jail, Adrian told Ron they used to fight over the red bean but now he brought him some red beans. Adrian said Rebecca and him made it together. Ron said he doesn’t want see Rebecca at this state, and he will stay in Hongkong to look after her. Adrian told Ron to remember he’s not alone and he got him, Rebecca, and his grandma. Adrian cried. Ron said he’s just a sissy. Adrian and Ron stuffed some red beans in each others mouth. Ron at the red bean pudding and said it is good. A police officer enter the prison and told him that he knows him. Kenneth’s lawyer friend told him that he borrowed Mrs. Cliff photos while he made an excuse to go the bathroom when she wasn’t watching. He told Kenneth the man with the bump his Cliff’s friend but he doesn’t really know him. Rebecca brought Ron some clothes. Ron told Rebecca she was never is burden. Rebecca told Ron that no one can ever replace him and she asked him not to go to Shanghai. Ron hugged Rebecca and asked her why do they have to be so poor and work so hard while the rich have an easy life. Ron said he will be rich in his next life. Ron said he can take care of grandma, her, and Adrian if he’s rich. Ron told Rebecca not to trust Kenneth. Ron made a picky swear with Rebecca that if they can’t be together, she will look at the moon and remember he was the closest person near her. Ron pleaded guilty before the case started. Ron remembered the police officer who visited him in jail told him to not be gullible and believe in Kenneth, and he can exchange his life for the safety of his family and brother Hai. Rebecca stopped the jail truck. Ron told Rebecca to take care and forget about him and he failed to take care of her. Rebecca told Ron she fell in love with him. Ron held Rebecca’s hands and said he loves her too and he will marry her if there’s a next life. Rebecca cried and yelled Ron’s name when the jail car left.

Whatever It Takes episode 10 recap

The empress told Benny that she rather he calls her “Miss Man” than “Your Marjesty”. The empress told Benny that he and his mother helped her realize that the love of a family is important. Having a kind heart does have an impact to people. TVB always have some kind of moral. The empress said she has power but she doesn’t have any close person in return. Benny said the empress is powerful so she has to be careful when she makes a decision. The empress told Benny she envies the normal people because they can say whatever they want. Benny told the empress that people would rather be a king than being a normal person. The empress said people don’t understand the feeling of being lonely as a king. The empress hoped Benny can help Evergreen Mak be a good king. The people gave Evergreen Mak a lot of gifts. Evergreen Mak told Benny that those people only wants to climb up.Evergreen Mak said they bullied the weak but praise the rich. Evergreen Mak told his mother if he has to reward someone, he has to give awards for his mom for doing the spell. Evergreen Mak told his mom he is a prince but he is still her son. Evergreen Mak told Benny he will propose to Tavia. Tavia doesn’t want to marry Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak visit Tavia and her dad. Tavia’s dad asked Tavia to hang out with Evergreen Mak. Tavia denied Evergreen Mak and said she’s not feeling well.The empress hoped that Evergreen Mak to learn how to rule. The magistrate asked Evergreen Mak to learn how to greet other foreign officials. Evergreen Mak asked Benny to give Tavia the hairclip.Tavia happily look at the hairclip that Benny is giving her thinking it was him who bought for her. Tavia got upset after Benny told her it is from Evergreen Mak.Tavia asked Benny if he wants to see her. Benny told Tavia he’s only taking order from Evergreen Mak and did not thing of other things. Benny told Tavia that they are only normal friends. Benny told Tavia that Evergreen Mak will propose to her and he will wish them happiness. Tavia told Benny she won’t marry Evergreen Mak. Tavia threw the pin at Benny. Evergreen Mak gave the captain a bunch of palace food for him to eat. Evergreen Mak pissed the captain when he said the meal is prepared by having a pork who is less than one year old put on a hot steeel for the four legs to be weak then chop it. The captain was mad and said he dared to mock him and this conflict will not be solved. Evergreen Mak asked Benny if Tavia liked her hairpin. Evergreen Mak said the meeting went well but he doesn’t get why the captain got angry after eating that meal. The majesty angrily told Evergreen Mak that the captain doesn’t like to eat pork and they take pork as thing to pray. Evergreen Mak asked Annie to make the captain’s men disappear then everything will be solved. Annie said he doesn’t have that much power. Annie told Benny she doesn’t know what kind of Royal Prince he is. Benny asked the captain to try to eat the pork meal again. Benny asked the chef to explain to the captain the ingredients that were used to make the meal. The chef told the captain the pork meal was made of some soybean, some tofu and some mushroom but he didn’t use any pork but it just smell like a pork. Benny told the captain that he didn’t listen to the full story of Evergreen Mak and only heard the word pork and left. The captain ate the meal again. Evergreen Mak took the credit and told the empress that he made the pork meal earlier. The empress told Evergreen Mak he may leave. The empress asked Benny if he was mad that she praised Evergreen Mak. Benny replied “No”. The empress laughed and said “Good, I love your noncompetent personality.” The empress told Benny she knew he planned everything and she is disappointed in Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak played soccer with his servant and then kicked the ball at Lee Kwok Lun. Evergreen Mak asked Lee Kwok Lun to pick up the ball for him. Lee Kwok Lun pick up the ball and about to grab Evergreen Mak’s arm. Evergreen Mak avoid him and yelled at him “What are you trying to do? You dare to scare me?”; then he told Lee Kwok Lun to leave. After Evergreen Mak finished playing soccer with his servants, he joked with Lee Kwok Lun alone to pick up the ball again. Lee Kwok Lun throw Evergreen Mak back and forth. Lee Kwok Lun told Evergreen Mak he knows that he is a fake prince. Lee Kwok Lun said Annie’s power is weak so she didn’t know. Lee Kwok Lun showed Evergreen Mak the scratched that he made on his arm when he picked up the ball for him. Lee Kwok Lun said Evergreen Mak doesn’t have the royal blood. Lee Kwok Lun told Evergreen Mak he wants him to be an obedient prince. Evergren Mak asked his men to drive away everyone in the restaurant so he and Tavia can eat together alone. Tavia doesn’t have the mood to eat with Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak asked his men to find people to eat in the restaurant. Tavia got mad that Evergreen Mak forced them to eat. Evergreen Mak asked the people to eat happily or he will spank them 50 times. Evergreen Mak told Tavia that he can order people around now since he has the power. Evergreen Mak held Tavia’s hands and said he can’t believe that he got to eat with the person he loves the most. Tavia slapped Evergreen Mak and left the restaurant.Evergreen Mak told Tavia that they are almost married. Tavia told Evergreen Mak that she doesn’t like him and she did not accept the hairpin. Tavia told Evergreen Mak she doesn’t want to see him again. The people laughed. Evergreen Mak asked his men to slap them. Evergreen Mak told Tavia he will force her to marry him even if she doesn’t like him. Evergreen Mak told Tavia that many girls want to marry him but he only loves her. Evergreen Mak asked his men to guard Tavia at her house until he marries her. Tavia’s dad got happy that Evergreen Mak is going to marry Tavia. Tavia’s servant told Benny that Evergreen Mak asked his men to guard Tavia. Evergreen Mak told Annie he doesn’t get why Tavia doesn’t like him. Benny took Evergreen Mak out to hotpot. Evergreen Mak told Benny not to eat at that dirty food stall anymore. Benny told Evergreen Mak that he will be happy for him if Tavia and him truly love each other but he doesn’t have to guard Tavia like that if he likes her. Benny told Evergreen Mak that he worries that he and Tavia won’t get along.Benny asked Tavia to pack her stuff and prepare to run away from home.

Whatever It Takes episode 9 recap

Evergreen Mak got mad and asked Annie to help him again by stopping the time. Annie look so tired, and Benny told Evergreen Mak he doesn’t need to demand Annie so much. Evergreen Mak said he never seen such a weak fairy. The empress is mad at a magistrate for leaving the poor families alone. She asked the magistrate to take care of the poor family. Lee Kwok Lun told the empress he suspects someone stopped the time since everyone is in chaos.He said it didn’t affect.Evergreen Mak told Annie to turn the guards into mouse to revenge for him preventing him from stealing golds. Evergreen Mak asked Annie to stop the time again to let him take the golds.Lee Kwok Lun investigage the time frozen case. Annie create a whole on the wall so Evergreen Mak to steal the gold. Evergreen Mak asked how come the gold are heavier than usual. Annie replied that she used her power to help him so it has to be heavier. Lee Kwok Lun use his power to figure out who stopped the time. Annie got tired but Evergreen Mak only got some gold. Evergreen Mak asked Annie to use her power again. Benny told Evergreen Mak to let Annie go since her power haven’t recovered. Evergreen Mak told Annie to help him again tomorrow. Lee Kwok Lun sense the Annie’s power in the gold storage. Evergreen Mak asked a restaurant owner to find some ladies to dance and sing.Lee Kwok Lun asked the restaurant owner why he has the gold. Lee Kwok Lun killed the restaurant owner and took the gold. Lee Kwok Lun asked a jade store owner where he got the gold. The jade store owner said someone bought a jade and gave him the gold. Lee Kwok Lun killed the jade store owner. A man told Evergreen Mak his jade is pretty. He asked him to help him win the gamble. A gambler tried to steal Evergreen Mak’s jade. Lee Kwok Lun killed the gambler. Benny told Annie she shouldn’t have helped Evergreen Mak since he just wants money. Evergreen Mak’s mom told Benny and Annie that someone kidnapped Evergreen Mak.Evergreen Mak told Lee Kwok Lun he’s the royal prince and he got a fairy to help him. The empress visits Evergreen Mak in jail and asked Lee Kwok Lun if he’s her grandson. The empress let Lee Kwok Lun deal with Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak said he’s not the royal prince. Annie went in the cellar to rescue Evergreen Mak but got trapped by Lee Kwok Lun. Annie chased Lee Kwok Lun. Annie fought with Lee Kwok Lun. Annie got hurt by Lee Kwok Lun’s power. Benny fond Annie and carried her. Annie told Benny she’s almost dying. Benny held Annie tightly. Benny brought Annie home. Evergreen Mak’s mother begged Annie to save Evergreen Mak. Benny asked Annie to heal her wound first. Benny’s dad begged the empress to not behead Evergreen Mak. Benny’s dad asked the empress to not make anymore mistake. The empress asked the guards to pull Benny’s dad out. Benny’s dad told the empress to remember that he’s blood related to her. Benny told the empress he’s buying medicine for his mom because she’s sick since his borther got arrested. The Empress asked Benny who did his brother has conflicted with.Benny told the empress that Evergreen Mak is the royal prince. Evergreen Mak’s mother wants to jump in the sea and die. The Empress watch Evergreen Mak told Benny that a mother wouldn’t want her son to die. The empress asked Evergreen Mak’s mother that she is willing to sacraficed to die for her son. Evergreen Mak’s mother said a mother must love her son. Benny rather jump down. The empress told Benny and Evergreen Mak’s mother she has a way to save Evergreen Mak.Lee Kwok Lun beat up Evergreen Mak. The empress asked Lee Kwok Lun to stop. The empress told Lee Kwok Lun she can’t kill her grandson. The empress gave Evergreen Mak and Benny a rank. The empress asked Benny to assit Evergreen Mak.

Whatever It Takes episode 8 recap

The mirror broke. Annie only saw the nose and mouth if the person in the mirror. Annie showed Benny her drawing of the mouth and nose of the person in the mirror and discussed with Benny. Anny held the drawing and asked other people to open their mouths. A man was about to hit Annie; Annie and Benny ran. Benny got an idea by giving money to other people to make facial expression. At home, Evergreen Mak asked Benny to bow; he said he’s the royal prince. Evergreen Mak asked Annie touched his heart. Annie stomped on Evergreen Mak’s foot and asked Benny to look at his facial expression. Annie told Evergreen Mak he’s the prince. Evergreen Mak’s mother pretends to cry and tell Evergreen Mak that he’s not her biological son. Evergreen Mak asked Annie to perform magic to prove she’s a fairy. Annie spread Evergreen Mak’s top and bottom apart. Annie told Evergreen Mak his job is to overthrow the Zhou Dynasty and to make it peaceful. Annie asked Evergreen Mak to help her put back the pearl in the dragon sculpture. Evergreen Mak ate in the restaurant and asked Annie how did she become a god. Annie said she just knows that she did many good deeds. Annie told Evergreen Mak if she tries then her power can be powerful.Evergreen Mak bought a lot of fabric, ate a pear and threw up and wouldn’t pay the stall owner. Evergreen Mak look at the fan ask a kid to buzz off. Evergreen Mak asked a man to step out for blocking his way. Evergreen Mak yelled at Annie to obey him. Evergreen Mak asked Annie to transform the house into a mansion. Annie created a magical door and told Evergreen Mak he can go anywhere he wants when he enters the door. Evergreen Mak go in the gold storage. Evergreen Mak threw the gold at the gold store owner and asked Annie to help him get out of the door. Evergreen Mak lied to Annie that he went checking the detention camps and feel poor for the people so they pulled his shoes. Lee Kwok Lun investigate the case of rocks turning into gold. The majesty’s maid accidently tored a hair of the majesty while she combed her hair. The majesty forgive her and said old people hair will fall. Lee Kwok Lun told the majesty that she has changed. Lee Kwok Lun said he’s afraid Benny will affect her point of view and she shouldn’t hang out with him. The empresss got mad. Benny got upset and told the empress that Evergreen Mak and Annie got a task but he’s at home wandering around. Benny told the empress he wants to search for his parents. Benny told the empress she dress elegant and seems like a high ranked person, and asked her where is her family. The empress told Benny sometimes she can honestly converse with people she doesn’t really know. Evergreen Mak showed Annie and arrogant rich man who wouldn’t share his money with other people. Evergreen Mak asked Annie to move the clock in one hour advanced. Evergreen Mak splashed tea on Mr. Wong in the restaurant. Mr. Wong and his men was about to punch Evergreen Mak but Annie exasperatedly stopped the time. Everyone froze. Evergreen Mak beat up Mr. Wong and his men. Evergreen Mak moved over people’s arms around and steal some jades, and some ginseng. Evergreen Mak go into the gold storage and stack up some gold but it was too heavy so he took off some of the silver. Evergreen Mak carries a stack of gold along with his basket of ginseng and fabrics. Annie got so tired and let go of the timer. The guards saw Evergreen Mak holding his goods.

Whatever it Takes episode 7 recap

Evergreen Mak asked Benny to give him more money. Benny told Evergreen Mak that loving someone isn’t only because of money. Benny told Evergreen Mak he doesn’t need money to flatter Tavia. Evergreen Mak told that story to Benny again about him saving Benny by the shore. The queen told the two princes that she is really had fun chatting with Benny. The two princess worried that Benny might be a bad guy. The queen said she knows how to look at people. The queen found out she lost her jade. The empress told the princes that it is just a jade an she’ll let Benny have it. Evergreen Mak told Annie he wants to help her find the second light. Evergreen Mak asked Annie to help him win the gamble.Evergreen Mak lost on the last round after winning many rounds. Annie said she is teaching him a lesson.Annie uses magic on Evergreen Mak to make him stand still. Annie told Evergreen Mak that she is pissed that he con an honest guy like Benny. The kids rode on Evergreen Mak. The empress saw a poor family and envy them because they are warm. The empress said she is rich but her family isn’t happy. Benny sits and waits at the food stall to give the queen the jade. Benny gives the empress the jade. Evergreen Mak went home and blamed Benny. Benny told Evergreen Mak he’s greedy. Evergreen Mak told Benny the story of how he saved him by the sea. Evergreen Mak search for money at home. The majesty gave Benny some gifts. Evergreen Mak happily holds the gold. Benny return the gift. Benny said he won’t accept the gifts with unknown identity. The servant bowed and said Benny has to accept this gift or he will receive a severe punishment. Evergreen Mak accepts the gift for Benny. Evergreen Mak told Benny that it will be so pity for the maids to receive the punishment for him. Benny told Evergreen Mak he can’t introduce this special person to him. Benny gave Annie the box of gold and thought she was the one who gave him. Annie told Benny “Are you serious, how do I have the free time to transform the gold for you?” Annie asked Benny to help her find the royal prince. Benny told Annie he will help her in 3 days. Evergreen Mak heard Benny and Annie’s conversation about finding the royal prince. The magistrates told the empress that the village is peaceful is because of her. The empress got mad that the magistrate hired two men to pretends that the village is peaceful because of her. The empress heard some kids singing then she met a mother of more than ten kids. The mother said she is sewing clothes for her foster kids.The mother told the empress that a guy gave her plenty of gold to fix her house. Benny told the kids they don’t need to thank him but they only need to thank the empress. The empress met Benny. Benny told the empress he gave the gold for the kids to fix their house, the ginseng to make medicine for them and the fabric to make clothes. A kid gave the empress a batch of flowers. Benny told the empress she doesn’t need to look serious all the time. The empress told the kids she will buy them more clothes since their foster mother don’t have enough time to sew. The handkerchief shined and Benny found the second sunlight. Annie told Benny she will be able to see who is the royal prince by midnight. Evergreen Mak took his mother to the cave. Evergreen Mak’s mother stared at the mirror. Evergreen Mak asked his mom to make him the Royal Prince. Evergreen Mak’s mother told him that it is a crime. Evergreen Mak told his mom that he will have anything he wants after he becomes the prince. Benny took Annie’s bowl of noodle while she concentrates on finding the prince. Evergreen Mak’s mom read the spell book to figure how to make Evergreen Mak the Royal Prince. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Evergreen Mak that his face have to appear in the mirror. Annie told Benny to guard outside the cave while she concentrates in finding the royal prince. Evergreen Mak makes a spell. The purple light came out of the mirror. Annie is waiting to see the prince in the mirror. Evergreen Mak’s mother direct the red light out of the bowl. Benny peek at the mirror. The purple light came toward Benny behind his black but the red light came to block the purple light. Annie control the lights while Evergreen Mak’s mom tries to direct both lights. Annie look at the mirror.

Whatver It Takes episode 6 recap

When I watch the old tvb series in viet dubbed, I can listen to it without paying attention to read the eng subbed. I can also recap old Korean Dramas if I watch it in viet dubbed but too bad I dislike the viet dubbed of Korean dramas so I tend to watch it in eng subbed. TVB has good viet dubbed. Sometimes when I watch old mainland and taiwanese drama in eng subbed, TVB fans would ask me why I don’t watch it in viet dubbed like them. haha.

Evergreen Mak told Benny he can find another carriage for him next time. Annie got mad. Tavia’s dad told Evergreen Mak a special person is coming to town and everyone wants to see her. Tavia’s dad asked Evergreen Mak to buy him an elegant gift for her. Evergreen Mak asked the store owner for the sculpture. Evergreen Mak told the store owner the sculpture is too bland. The store owner told Evergreen Mak it is special because only western countries possess it. The story owner told Evergreen Mak the sculpture cost 30,000 golds. Tavia’s dad asked Evergreen Mak to bring this sculpture 3 days later. Evergreen Mak asked Benny to do him a favor again. Annie showed Benny a mirror in the cave where she will use it to find the savior. Annie showed Benny a handkerchief where when she finds the savior, it will shine. Benny takes Annie to a rice distributor. Annie told Benny that what he sees many not be real. Annie pretends to be poor and asked the rice distributor for some rice after he finished, the rice distributor wouldn’t give her rice. When Annie fainted, the rice distributor wouldn’t look after her but just left. Annie told Benny that the rice distributor just wants some fame. Benny brought food for Chin Hor Wai. Chin Hor Wai gave her bowl of food for the poor people. Chin Hor Wai told Benny that they are even poorer than her. The hankerchief in Benny’s pocket shined. Benny put the light from Chin Hor Wai to the bag. Annie put the lights in the mirror and told Benny she needs one more light. Benny went home and saw the house got into a mess and Evergreen Mak and his mother gone. Benny saw Evergreen Mak got beat up by some men and the men said his mother owe them money. Evergreen Mak said his mom been lending money. The men told Evergreen Mak and Benny they 30,000 golds to get Evergreen Mak’s mother back. Looks like it is a set up by Evergreen Mak. Benny told Evergreen Mak he will try to get the money. Benny asked Annie for help. Benny told Annie to transform 30,000 golds. Annie transform the rocks into gold and told him that the golds can only stay for 3 hours or it will become rocks. Evergreen Maks gave all the gold to the store owner and bought a bunch of expensive gingseng and sculpture. Evergreen Mak took the expensive goods to another store owner in exchange for the white sculpture. Evergreen Mak gave Tavia’s dad the white scuplture. Tavia’s dad told Evergreen Mak the special person won’t let anyone visit her. Tavia’s dad let Evergreen Mak go out with Tavia. Evergreen Mak’s mother went home and told Benny she bought so many things while travelling. She told Benny that Evergreen Mak gave her 20,000 dollars to travel. Evergreen Mak said Benny also helped him investing money. Evergreen Mak told Benny he always has a way to find money. Benny told Evergreen Mak those money can be used for anything. A restaurant owner told Evergreen Mak all restaurant will be closed because the chef are visiting a special person. The princes reserved all the restaurant for the majesty. Tavia’s dad gave the white sculpture to the majesty. The empress yelled at Tavia’s dad that he only wants to impress her by giving her this gift. She scold him to take his stuff away. At the food stall, the people told the empress that the life current economy isn’t as good as it used to be. They used to eat three bowls but now they eat one bowl. The people said there’s been a lot of burden since the majesty is a woman, and the bribery official bullied the citizens. The people said the empress stole the king’s reign and killed her own kin. The people was about to punch the empress but Benny said there’s no right or own point of view. Benny told the empress that she shouldn’t have fought with them. Benny ate with the empress. Benny told the empress that there’s rarely any woman who discuss about the business with other people. Benny said woman can also be the majesty and the strongest will survive. Benny told the empress his job is to catch ghost. The empress told Benny he will one day be famous if he grabs the chance. Benny picked up the empress’s jade on the ground.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 15 recap

Ron went to the hospital to see Rebecca’s sister. Kenneth told Ron her tongue injury is dangerous. Rebecca tried to killed herself by biting her tongue. Ron wanted to beat up the raper. Kenneth told Ron to calm down. Rebecca slapped Ron and said he always keep things to himself. Adrian told Ron he should have discussed with them. Ron said poor people can only rob and steal to raise money. Ron decided to take Brother Hai’s offer and work in Shanghai. Brother Hai gave Ron some money.Rebecca’s sister woke up. Rebecca told her sister “Don’t you recognize me, I’m your sister, Sum Sum”. Siu Yu hugged Rebecca. Rebecca thanked Kenneth for rescuing her sister. Kenneth told Rebecca that Ron helped her sister so much by trying to redeem her. Rebecca told Kenneth that other people thinks Ron is unreasonable and cocky but he’s actually loyal and faithful. Rebecca told Kenneth Ron used to lend her his jacket while he was freezing in the cold in the orphanage. Rebecca bought the dough doll and told Kenneth that Ron used to buy those dolls to cheer her up. Rebecca showed Ron the figurine dolls she bought and she mentioned the dolls as Ron, Siu Yu, and her as a family. Ron told Rebecca that family will be seperate from each other eventually and he will go to Shanghai. Ron told Rebecca a career his important to him. Ron spread himself in the figurine from Rebecca and her sister. Rebecca looked at the figurine and cried. Idy told her servant she is thrilled receiving letters from her buyer. Idy told her servant she can’t always rely on her for encouragement. Idy must be feeling really lonely living at the house. I really like Idy’s honesty for accepting that he doesn’t love Damien. Idy read the lettter saying that she feels embarassed intruding her life but she just wants a friend to talk to. Looks like she’s bored like Idy. Idy realized it was Ben who wrote the letter as she reads it. Was it Ben he bought Idy’s painting and pretends to be her pen pal?Tavia visited her family and fainted in her house. Tavia’s friend told Tavia that she is pregnant. Tavia told her friend that in this world she has to fight for her happiness. Damien is happy that Tavia is pregnant. Everyone in the family congratulated Tavia. Mary told her maid she can never compete with Tavia. Elena told Mary that it is only them and Tavia competing with each other. Tavia told Mary she wants to teach Sire Peking Opera. Mary gave Tavia and amulet and said she hopes that no one will bully her. Damien’s servant misplaced Id’s letter with his letters. Damien’s servant told him that Idy been receiving letters each week. Damien reads Ben’s letters. Damien told Idy she’s the most open minded woman in his house. Damien asked Idy to take Tavia for a check up. Tavia thanked Idy for helping her get into the family and taking her for a check up. The doctor told Tavia she just has a menstrual disorder. The doctor asked Tavia if she’s been traumatized. The doctor said it could affect her pregnancy chance. Tavia remembered she got raped by some men when she was an opera artist. Idy console Tavia and said she’ll be by her side. Tavia told Elena and Mary that she’s not pregnant. Idy told Elena to spare Tavia some kindness since she already have two kids. Damien Told Tavia in her room that he still have her if she’s not pregnant. Damien hugged Tavia in her room while she is sleeping.

Friendly Fire or Missing You

These are the first 2 TVB series for 2013. Which poster looks nicer and which series are you looking forward?

Friendly Fire Poster

– air on December 18, 2012 – January18, 2013 [Replacing: The Confidant]
Cast: Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Sammy Leung, Louis Yuen, Alice Chan, Oscar Leung, Vincent Wong, Benz Hui, Derek Kwok, Jack Wu, Kimmy Kwan, Mandy Wong (guest), JJ Jia (guest)

Missing You Poster

– 20 episodes
– air on December 17, 2012 – January 11, 2013 [Replacing: Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles]

Cast: Linda Chung, Jason Chan, Lin Xiawei, Cilla Kung, Susan Tse, KK Cheung, Patrick Dunn, Roanna Lui, Ram Tseung, Brian Chu, Calvin Chan, Law Lok Lam, (Guests: Raymond Wong, Oscar Leung, Elaine Yiu, Law Lan, Chow Chun)