High and Low episode 24 recap

Raymond handcuffed Mok Wai Lam, a drug dealer who is related to the recycling yard case. Ella told Jazz and Law Lok Lam that Raymond is interrogating Mok Wai Lam to figure out the dirty cops. Derek told Law Lok Lam and Jazz even if he gets caught, he won’t reveal them out. Law Lok Lam told Derek to be careful since Raymond is investigating the dirty cops behind the recycling case. Derek’s family go to Macau for a vacation while he stays at home. Derek hugged his two children and asked them to take care. Derek took some money to go to Thailand and look at his family photo. The agent ordered a hit man to kill Derek. Michael asked Ram Chiang about the location of the battery factory in the forest. Ram Chiang look at Michael strangely after he leaves. Michael saw the hitman leaving the factory. Michael follows the hit man’s car and found himself in front of Derek’s house. Michael enters Derek’s house and saw Derek fainted lying down the sofa. Michael got pulled by the hit man by the neck with a rope. Michael fights and grabs the drug leader’s neck and knock him down. Michael reads the hit man’s text messages. Michael sent a a photo of Derek to the agent using the hitman’s phone. Michael handcuffed the hitman and took his coat off and his phone with him. Derek wakes up. Michael tells Derek that the agent thought Derek is dead after he sent him his photo. Michael said the agent sent him a number 2901 after he thought he killed Derek. Derek impulsively wants to kill the agent. Michael told Derek that Raymond is investigating the case, they will be exposed if they find the agent. Michael told Derek he will give him some money before he leaves for Thailand. Michael told Derek he took money from the agent but didn’t want to share with the 3 black cops because he didn’t want them to spend too much. Michael showed Derek where he puts his money he received from the agent. He said he never used a penny. Michael said he saved it so they can use it when they are retired but he didn’t expect they have to use it so early. Derek told Michael he kept all the money not because he wants to save it but because he wants to take the fall for them if they get in trouble. Michael is such a loyal friend and their good leader. Derek cries and say why is he always so impulsive. Raymond asked Michael why didn’t Derek leave to Macau with his family. Raymond told Michael it is a serious crime if he helped him hide. Michael asked Raymond why is he so hard on Derek. Raymond reminds Michael to not help Derek because he is his friend. Raymond said Mok Wai Lam told him he contacted the big brother middleman of the dirty cops. Michael told Jazz and Law Lok Lam not to contact Derek. Ben saw Jazz gave a red rose to Lily. Ben asked Jazz to make 70 copies of the info of the suspects by hands instead of printing it. Michael saw the number 58029517 on the newspaper in Derek’s house. Michael asked the hit man what those the numbers mean. Michael asked Jazz to help him decipher the code. MC Jin and Kate deliver a pack of 300 million dollars to the drug dealers. The drug dealers pointed a gun toward them and said it is fake money. The drug dealers asked them if they pocketed some of the money. The cops came. Kate told MC Jin to jump down from the ceiling. MC Jin and Kate jump down. MC Jin told Kate that Brother Wai set them up an they can run away with one million dollars. Kate said whoever mess up with them won’t have a happy ending and they will live. Jazz explains to Michael how he got to those two set of numbers. Michael saw the set of number on a sign near a plumbing factory. Michael found out that the hitman will meet the agent there. Elaine asked Michael if something is bothering him and if he’s been very busy. Elaine told Michael that he never tells her anything and always keep everything to himself. Brother Wai got mad and told his colleagues he wanted to frame Kate and MC Jin for taking the money but now he lost million of dollars. Brother Lung and his men pointed a gun toward Brother Wai. Kate and MC Jin came along. Kate pointed a gun toward Brother Wai and told him never to appear again. Brother Lung said he is not sure if they are putting on a show. Brother Lung told Kate to throw Brother Wai off the building to prove her loyalty. Brother Lung told Kate that if she doesn’t do it, he will throw her too. MC throw Brother Wai off the building. There’s no turning back for MC Jin Kate now.

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