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High and Low episode 26 recap

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Ben asked Ella why doesn’t she believe him but he believes what Raymond say. Ben said Raymond framed him because he doesn’t want him to arrest Kate selling a bunch of drugs. Ella asked Ben why doesn’t he admit his mistake. Ben Wong told Ella he knows she likes Raymond so she believes what Raymond says.Ben Wong told Ella she won’t deny if Raymond asked her to sleep with him. Ella slapped Ben. Ben told Ella he always thought they had a chance together but this slap means they don’t. Ella said she never thought she will go out with Ben. Ella said she hopes Ben won’t make anymore mistake. Ben said his resignation is NB’s loss. Ben got mad finding out that Jazz and Law Lok Lam checked his room. Brother Lung told Kate that Raymond wouldn’t let her go and keep on investigating them and the drug is delivering very slow. MC Jin gave Kate an applicaton where she can locate the whereabout of the cops. Kate told MC that they made million of dollars in a few days. Kate said she would have paid for her brother’s medication if he was still alive right now. Kate told MC she wants everyone to buy her drugs and she will get rid of whoever is in her way. Michael told Derek at the funeral that he wants to get back with Elaine. Elaine will be in charge of the Operation Unit temporary. Michael asked Elaine to go eat with him at a new restaurant on saturday. Michael,Jazz, and Law Lok Lam attends Uncle Chan’s wedding. Michael is Uncle’s Chan’s best man while Elaine is Granny Sung’s maid of honor. Michael told Elaine she looks pretty. Michael told Elaine he wants to live with her forever and take care of her when she is sick. Michael asked Elaine if she will marry him. Elaine agreed and everyone applauded. Ben saw Lily and asked him if she doesn’t like him anymore because he quit his job. Lily told Ben she broke up with him because he’s like a different person.Ben grabbed Lily. Jazz came and told Ben he is her boyfriend. Ben messed with a gangster’s girlfriend and got beat up at the bar. Elaine tried the wedding dress and asked Ella how’s her relationship with Raymond. Ella told Elaine that Raymond likes Kate. Before Michael’s wedding, Jazz texted Lily that she is gorgeous.Ben came up and congratulate Michael and said what he’s done will follow him.Michael received a video of Law Lok Lam taking money from the drug dealer.Michael apologized to Elaine and said he can’t marry her. Michael told Jazz and Law Lok Lam he thinks that someone got hold of the agent. Elaine gave Michael a checque and said she doesn’t want to owe him anything.Elaine told Michael she wants to know the reason for cancelling the wedding. Michael said he doesn’t feel comfortable living with a higher ranked wife.Michael said he couldn’t love her as he loves himself. Michael said he’s not hiding anything from her but he’s doing this because he loves her. Elaine told Michael why can’t he be honest with her. Elaine said she hopes that he will tell her what happened someday. Michael told Raymond he doesn’t care what happens to Kate but he must know he’s on both sides of the law. Raymond said he will arrest Kate if she did something wrong. Michael suggested to Elaine to break up Kate’s thug to arrest them easier. Law Lok Lam and Jazz laughed and told Michael they are surprised that Elaine agreed with his method although she was mad at him. Michael received a text to meet him at the factory. Michael pointed a gun toward the new agent which is Ben Wong. Ben Wong told Michael “Surprised?”. Michael asked Ben where did he got the evidence. Ben said he found them himself. Ben said he has proof in his hands of all the illegal things Michael did. Ben told Michael to keep in touch with him cause he needs his help and don’t turn the chip when he goes to bed. Ben told Michael he found Ram Chiang and the hitman’s body during the rain and he found the chip. Kate told his brother that he won’t forget who killed him. Kate is not that bad, she just went the wrong way to revenge for her brother cause she thinks being the drug queen is the only way she can revenge other drug dealers. MC Jin told Kate she sent someone to kill Chiu Sam Kau. MC told Kate that Chiu Sam Kau is well protected in prison so the gangsters couldn’t kill him. MC Jin told Kate Chiu Sam Kau beat up her father to warn her. Kate visited her father.Kate’s father told Kate that Chiu Sam Kau will beat him up more if Kate do it again. Kate’s father told Kate he told her this so she can be prepared. Kate said she will take care of it and she told MC Jin not to do anything.

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