High and Low episode 27 recap

Raymond told Patrick Dunn that he found out that Kate has an application where it follows what the cops are doing so they can sell drug easier.Raymond said the cops can hack into their application and find their location of drugs. Ella told Raymond he wants to arrest Kate because he doesn’t want her to get killed by the drug dealers. Ben watch Kate and MC Jin run from the cops. Ben texts Michael to let Kate go. Michael texts Ben to let Kate and MC Jin go in the boat. I’m surprised that Ben is helping Kate and MC Jin. When did they collaborate? Raymond and MC Jin shoot at each other, and the explosion cause MC Jin to lose an eye. Kate helps MC Jin escape on the boat. Raymond told Michael he thinks someone secretly helps Kate. Ben Wong sit down eating with Raymond and Michael and said he thought they became enemies after Derek died. Ben said he was framed being a police. Ben said those remaining cops aren’t good either. Ben praised Raymond of promoting Kate to drug queen. Raymond got mad at Ben. Ben told Raymond he knows how they work. Kate asked Raymond if he needs to be so evil. MC Jin almost died and lost an eye because of him. Kate told Raymond that MC Jin is not lucky to escape, the cops are just incompetent. Kate told Raymond if he hurt the people are her, she will hurt him ten times. Kate told Raymond to not talk about the past when her brother didn’t die, she didn’t get raped by Chiu Sam Kau’s men and he didn’t get her addicted to drugs. Kate said all the flowers in llama has been dead and there is no turning back. Kate said she hurt all the people around her including Raymond. Ben walked in the room and told Brother Lung that he helped Kate escaped. Ben showed Kate a news that Chiu Sam Kau hung himself to dead. Ben said he showed Chiu Sam Kau a photo of his illegitimate son. Ben told Kate he will work with her selling drugs. Ben is an intelligent person that he can blackmail Michael and help Kate. This makes the police dumb. Ben gave Michael 300,000 dollars. Ben told Michael, Jazz, and Law Lok Lam to obediently work for him. Ben told the drug dealers that MC Jin lost one eye but hasn’t complaint and he has brotherhood. Raymond came and asked Kate why does she hang out with them. Kate said they are the same kind of people as her. I think Kate is sensitive about herself and think she belongs to that drug clique. You know how Kate always feel inferior to Ella because Ella is the daughter of the police superintendent.Kate told Raymond if Ben told her about Chiu Sam Kau’s plan then she would also rescue her brother and end up in the same way. Brother Lung and Ben plans to use the cops to suppress the Columbian guys who stole their drugs. I was thinking the same as Law Lok Lam and Jazz when they asked Michael if they are supposed to be blackmail forever. I was thinking they should do something to try to get the video back or they will be blackmail by other people. Law Lok Lam said they didn’t know who was the last agent but now they know Ben Wong is the agent so they have to plan something to get the evidence back. I agree with Michael that Ben is a smart guy and can cause them harm. Ben sent Michael a text to arrest Brother Lung. That what it means the closest person to you will cause you the most harm. The drug dealers slapped Kate.That’s why Raymond is so worried for Kate getting in trouble with the drug dealers. The drug dealers hold Kate and was about to cut her finger for betraying Brother Lung. Ben Wong came and said he’s the one who betrayed Brother Lung. Ben Wong is so cunning to collaborate with the Columbian drug dealers. I must laugh but applaud for his intelligence in this series although I don’t like his character. Ben asked Brother Lung’s men to work with the Columbian guys and make millions of dollars. Ben gave Michael money as a reward for getting rid of Brother Lung. Michael told Ben if he dies, he will make sure he dies before him. Ella told Ben that he sent his parents to China so they will safe that means he still has some conscience.Ella told Ben that it is not too late to quit. Ben asked Ella if he wasn’t a gangster would she still ask him out. Ben said he didn’t mind if his family was poor but why did he have to sell ice cream in front of his school and even treated his teacher and principal ice cream. Ben said he’s not that incompetent at school. Ben said he compete and worked hard in the police force but at the end he lost everything. Ben said some people in the police force made bigger mistakes but they are fine. Ben said it is because they are afraid he will get promoted so they had to get rid of him. Ben said he will be successful if he’s playing the bad guy. Ben said Ella is not capable of catching him. Ben told Kate he wants to make the recycling place a place for trafficking drug and he will take over the Southeast Asian Market. Raymond told Michael his move is unpredictable since he failed to arrest Kate but he managed to arrest Brother Lung. Kate visits her dad in jail. Kate’s dad ask her to not sell drugs since she will get in trouble. Kate told Ella that visiting her dad makes her thing of her sad past while Ella is like a princess. Kate is still sensitive that she’s not as good as Ella. Kate told Ella she is wicked while Ella is a princess. Ella told Kate she can be a princess and find a prince charming. Kate said princess charming is not meant for her. Kate thanked Ella for letting her see her dad. Kate’s dad got in coma. Ben’s dad remembers he sent some people to hit Kate’s dad for ask Kate to quit drugs. Kate look at her drawing of her and her dad and cried. Ben always has a two face where he pretends to be nice on the outside but evil on the inside. Ben look at Kate taking drugs and hug her and say she still have him. Ben raped Kate. MC Jin saw Ben and Kate naked in the room and walked out. MC Jin hit Raymond and said he got Kate into this situation.MC Jin said he fell for Kate but couldn’t help her. Raymond told MC Jin he’s the closest person to Kate.MC Jin begs Raymond to help Kate and said Kate only loves him.

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