High and Low episode 29 recap

Mc Jin thought about how he couldn’t protect Kate. MC Jin got drunk and said he’s not afraid of dying. MC Jin climbed on the pipe sneakily in front of Ben Wong’s house. That’s so dumb. Ben Wong saw MC Jin. Ben Wong threw a trophy out of the glass. MC Jin hang on the windwow. Ben Wong came up to MC Jin and asked asked MC Jin who oredered him to do that. Ben Wong told MC Jin he is so dumb to try to kill him for Kate. Ben Wong pushed MC Jin down. Kate saw MC Jin wounded on the street. MC Jin told Kate he’s sorry he can’t take care of her. Kate cried and MC Jin said it is worth it. Poor Kate for losing all the people around her. MC Jin said he promise he will take good care of her baby. Kate pour some water for MC Jin. MC Jin spit out blood and died. Ben told Kate to leave since NB is coming. Ben asked Kate he wants to know why does MC Jin wants to kill him. Kate walked in the restroom and took some drugs. Ella asked Raymond how can Ben steal the drugs with so many security guards. Michael asked Ben if he can really steal the drugs. Ben Wong told Michael to follow his plan and asked Law Lok Lam and Jazz to join him as well. Ben told Michael to do something about Raymond. As Michael enters the warehouse, some officers asked Raymond for his ID and said they received complaints he’s been blocking the public lot. Raymond texted Ella he’s been taken by the police and something’s not right. Ben turned on the sprinkler and told Michael to ask his men to take out the drugs to the parking lot. Raymond pretends to tell the police he wants to pee. Raymond got out of the police car, pretended to pee and ran away. The Columbian guy pointed a gun toward Michael. The Columbian guys and the police shoot at each other. Ella took the shot for Raymond and got in coma. Raymond angrily punched Michael and said he knows he’s involved in this incident. Raymond told Michael the Columbian men shot everyone but him. Raymond told Michael he treat him as his big brother and won’t let anything happen to him. Michael told Raymond he treat him as his younger brother and won’t let anything happen to him either. Law Lok Lam told Michael he thinks Ben is only using him.Jazz said Ben only wants Raymond and Elaine to pick on Michael to revenge. Law Lok Lam said they are Ben’s puppets now. Michael said if Ben dies, then all the evidence of them being a dirty cop will be released. Jazz angrily throw the chair. Ben is only using Michael to help him get the goods cause he’s a cop.At least the dirty cops got a lot of money from Ben although they are being blackmailed. Ben told Michael it is easy to make money but hard to get a good assistant so he will make sure nothing happens to him. Ben told Michael stop caring for his people then he can accomplish big tasks like him. Ben told Michael the police are not his colleagues but his enemies. Kate visists Ella in the hospital. Kate thanked Ella for helping her. Kate told Ella she knows she is a good person and is a perfect match with Raymond. This scene reminds me of how Myolie visited Christine in Ghetto Justice 2. Kate cried and held Ella’s hand and said she must take good care of Raymond after she leaves. Kate poured MC Jin, her parents, and her brother’s ashes in the sea. Kate look at some documents in Ben’s room. Ella wakes up. Raymond visits Ella. Ella told Raymond she remembered she heard Kate’s voice telling her to hang on. Ella said it sounded that Kate won’t come back. Ben set up for the 3 black cops to meet each other and asked Raymond to come. Ben told Michael to ask his buddies not to hack into his computer again. Raymond knocked on the door asking Michael to open. Michael, Jazz, and Law Lok Lam leave by the back door. Raymond enters the room and got locked the room full of fire. Ben called Michael and said Raymond is trapped, and it is not late to rescue him. The 3 black cops saved Raymond out of the fire. Raymond look at their backs and faint. Ben told the three black cops that the drug dealers will cause their harm if they turn themselves in. Kate called Raymond and said she found the ambulance in the garage that store cocaine. Ben saw Kate and sent a video of him placing a bomb by Kate. Ben gave Michael and bomb and said to press it when the Columbian men come inside the ambulance. Raymond yelled at Michael that Kate is inside. Then there’s an explosion. Raymond saw Michael run with Ben. Michael yelled at Ben that Ben pressed the button. Ben told Michael that Raymond thought Michael was the one who pressed the button because he was holding the remote. Ben told Michael that Raymond will assume they are partners. Ben is causing so much misunderstandings. Ben said he wants Michael and Raymond to kill each other. Raymond pointed the gun toward Ben. Michael pointed the gun toward Raymond.


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