Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 29 recap

Carol asked Adam to tell the truth. Carol told Adam that he will die since he is charged for murder.Adam apologized to Carol. Carol told Henry and Bowie they should find Maggie. Maggie asked her servant if she heard any news about Adam. The servant told Maggie that Adam got arrested for killing the French Captain.Maggie got out of her room and told Master Fung she has to admit her crime and can’t let Adam die. Maggie told Master Fung that he wants to use her to get rid of Adam. Master Fung slapped Maggie and said she wants to ruin his plan. Master Fung ordered his men to lock the door. Maggie wrote a letter. Bowie told Carol and Henry it is hard to investigate Master Fung’s house. Maggie hit the servant and the servant fainted. Maggie pretends to yell at the servant and told her to leave. Maggie dressed as a sevant and left the house. Maggie went to see Carol. Carol told Maggie they need some evidence. Maggie told Carol to give Adam a letter. Caro and Maggie went in the restaurant and saw Master Fung. Master Fung brought Maggie away. Maggie laughed. Master Fung asked Maggie why did she laughed. Maggie said she is cheap for marrying him. Maggie told Master Fung although she hated Adam but she also really loved him because he is a gentlemen while Master Fung is a bastard. Maggie asked Master Fung if he feels inferior to Adam. Maggie said Master Fung is not as good as Adam. Master Fung grabbed Maggie’s neck. Master Fung laughed.Carol gave Pierre his brother’s symbol and Maggie’s letter. Master Fung told Pierre that Maggie died due to her heart stroke. Carol told Emily they can find Maggie’s servant but she ran away. Adam got released from jail. Carol told Adam that Maggie died. Adam read Maggie’s letter. Adam went to the funeral for Maggie. Master Fung told Adam he can’t see Maggie. Adam told Master Fung he won’t let Maggie died innocently. Adam cried and told Carol that he caused Maggie to die. Sunny came to see Adam. Sunny told Adam he needs his power to help him defeat Master Fung. The reporters asked Master Fung what does he think of the pepole killing his own people. The reporters asked Master Fung what does he think about helping the Japanese to kill the Chinese. Sunny smiled looking at Master Fung. Master Fung’s assistant told Master Fung to set up a party to get the reporters on his side. Nadia sawa Sunny talking to the overseas people hoping they can help the Chinese. Sunny told Nadia that his dad has collaborated with the Japanese to go against the chinese. Sunny told Nadia she still doesn’t want to admit her dad’s dirty work. Gordon asked Master Fung why did he come back. Master Fung told Gordon he worries that Sunny will use Nadia. Nadia told Gordon that she thinks Sunny has a grudge on Master Fung. Florence told Sunny that he still likes Nadia. Florence told Sunny it is not easy to deal with Master Fung. Sunny created an anti-Japanese movement.

Inbound Troubles episode 9 recap

Roger and Angela celebrates the wedding engagement with the family. Roger’s friend drinks for himself. Roger thanked Joey for helping him with the wedding. Roger said Joey is kindhearted for setting up an HK trip for the poor kids in mainland. Ching Ching told Cho Lam not to be stubborn an accept Mimi has his new mother. Ching Ching told Cho Lam to try getting to know Mimi. Cho Lam and is friends told Mimi they are going to participate in the Voice. Ching Ching told Louis to not be so trendy when he meets her brother. Roger and Joey tour guides for the mainland kids. During the tour, some kids told Cho Lam that their mom lives in the stars. Cho Lam told the kids he will sing a song to make the stars shine bright. Joey and Roger told a girl she can look at the building using the fingers.Roger asked Joey if she thought about how many kids she would have. Roger told Joey he will pay his friend back for the money for the ring. Roger and Joey took the kids to disneyland.Cho Lam and his friend went to eat cotton candy and went on the carrousel. Joey took a picture of her with a mini mouse headband. Louis told Ching Ching that the six flag is so kiddish and he got lost. Ching Ching showed Roger to Louis. Louis put on a disguise when Ching Ching introduced him to Roger. Roger told the kids they are going to the concert. Roger told Joey that it is Angela’s brithday. Roger’s friend gave Angela a flower and said Roger forgot her brithday. Roger drinks with Angela. Roger’s friend called Roger that the kids are running out of tickets for the concert. Angela got mad that Roger only cares about the kids. Roger’s friend asked some servants to bring the brithday cakes to Angela.Angela throws a cake at Roger’s friend’s face. Angela drinks alone at her house. Angela hugged Roger’s friend thinking he is Roger. Angela asked Roger’s friend to stay with her. Joey told Cho Lam’s friend that Roger has been trying to bid tickets online all night. Cho Lam told Roger that his dad got tickets for him. Mimi said those are fake tickets. Cho Lam suggest he and his friends sing for the kids if there’s not tickets. The kids applauded after Cho Lam and his friends performed. The kids gave Cho Lam and his friend a drawing that they drew. Joey and Cho Lam looked at the photos that their photos. Roger thanked Cho Lam to teach him to be honest in front of the kids. Cho Lam thanked Roger for teaching him to be fun.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 28 recap

Maggie told Carol she will leave with Adam to Shanghai, and she hopes Carol will find a good guy who cares for her. Bowie told Maggie alone that Carol is with Adam. Maggie doesn’t believe it. Adam told Henry that Carol will understand. Henry told Adam that Carol will suffer. Adam told Carol he will wait for her.Maggie wishes Carol and Adam happiness. Carol went to the train station and told Adam that Maggie is currently weak but she will eventually accept the reality.At the restaurant, Maggie told Adam she knows how to take care of herself. Maggie whispered to a western man to arrest Master Fung’s men whom followed her. The western man took Maggie home and tries to rape her. Maggie shot the western man. Maggie gave her servant a gun and asked her to run away. Adam knocked on the door. Maggie nervously told Adam that she killed someone. Adam dug the western man. Maggie trembled at night in her room.Master Fung slapped Maggie. Maggie nervously said she didn’t mean to kill the French captain. Master Fung’s assistant asked Tin Yau to help him get something from Adam. Master Fung asked Maggie to leave temporary. Pierre wonder if something happened to his brother.Adam told Carol she is so careful and he doesn’t know what he’ll do without her. Patrick and the chief of police told Adam that he found his watch on the body of Pierre’s brother. Adam said it is his watch but he lost. Pierre asked Adam where was he from 9:00 pm to 12:00 midnight. Adam said he was on his personal business. Pierre got mad and ask the police to arrest Adam and investigate. Adam told Carol that he went on the street alone. Adam told Carol someone tries to frame him nor his watch wouldn’t be on the body. Carol said Adam knows a lot and looks like he’s hiding for someone. Henry said Adam worried about Maggie and then went home late. Maggie got locked in the room. Emily doesn’t know why Maggie suffered so much and she never seen her happy. Carol told Bowie she thinks Adam haven’t forgot Maggie. Carol asked Adam if she killed someone, would he sacrifice for her. Master Fung told Pierre he doesn’t get why Adam killed his brother. Carol told Pierre that he killed his brother and Adam gave her the watch. Carol told Adam that she’s not as good as Maggie and if she sacrifices for him, he will always remember her. Adam told Carol she is the most important person in his life, and he only helps Maggie for responsibilities and justice. Carol told Adam she wants to die with him if he won’t tell the truth. Master Fung told Tin Yau that after they get rid of Adam, they will share the casino together.Shirley told Patrick that the day that Pierre’s brother died, she met Carol at the play so she couldn’t have been the killer. Carol got the released.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 27 recap

Adam took Carol to the hospital. The doctor told Adam that Carol can’t be saved. Adam said he didn’t cherish Carol enough. Adam begged a western doctor to save Carol. The doctor said he haven’t done surgery for a long time but he will do it for him. The doctor told Bowie and Adam that he needs someone to donate Carol blood.Adam donated the blood for Carol.Adam told Carol he won’t let anyone hurt her anymore. The Japanese told Pierre he didn’t send anyone to kill Adam. The Japanese man said he will investigate this case. Adam took Carol out for fun. Carol was surprised Adam remembered she likes to fly kite. Adam said he will spend time with her from now on. Carol told Bowie they are still good friends. Bowie told Carol to take care of the restaurant since he is going back to his hometown. Bowie said he hate Shanghai since so much stuff happened there.Adam told Bowie he is capable of helping him. Adam told Bowie to gamble face and tail with him and if he wins then he can stay, but if he lose, then he has to stay with him. Adam won. Bowie said he can’t wait to help him. Florence told an old man that she feels that someone is following them. Sunny smoked. Florence ran. Sunny told Florence he hopes she hides the secret that he is in Shanghai. Sunny told Florence he wants to revenge Master Fung. Florence told Sunny he will give him his money back. Sunny asked the Chinese kungfu crew to help him kill Master Fung. Emily gave a servant some money to let her see Maggie. Emily yelled at Maggie for smoking tobacco.Adam asked Maggie to stop doing drugs. Maggie told Adam she regrets marrying Master Fung. Maggie asked Adam to stay with him. Carol told Bowie it is normal for Adam to see Maggie. Maggie asked Adam to leave Shanghai and live a peaceful life. Adam told Carol he only pity Maggie so he will go with Maggie. Carol said he will wait for him to return.

Message from Jac

I will be going on a vacation to Vietnam next week February the 8th. It’s a good time to celebrate Chinese New Years with my relatives in Vietnam. 🙂

I’m done with all my classes.I switched my major from Interdisciplinary Studies to General Studies emphasis on education and Reading. I will be graduating this May 2013 with a Bachelor Degree in General Studies specialized in Education and Reading.The Head of Special education told me that I can always go back and get a certificate in Interdisciplinary studies by applying for internship or have a teaching job at camp. There are a lot of ways for me to get the certificate in teaching. My friends and college teacher find it sad that I stopped doing the teaching internship and changing major and was worried I don’t like the career in General Studies. My friends said I’m a smart girl and is creative in doing lesson plans and have a kind heart and will be a good teacher. A General Studies degree is still a bachelor degree though.

The Head of Special Education, my education teacher, and I had a talk about what happened in that Elementary School. They said they know that I’m not a rude girl and was never impolite so they don’t understand when I told them my problem was I was impolite and didn’t speak much to other teachers. I got kicked out of student teaching. The Head of Special Education asked me if I wanted to apply internship to another school or just change my major to General Studies and graduate. People don’t do jobs related to major anyway.

I said:

-The teacher is mostly absent and I can’t learn much from her.
-There’s a window from the other side of the room, and the other classes can look at her class. The kids was looking at the kids from other classes.
-The teacher sometimes go out in the hallway while the kids were doing worksheet. Other teachers would come in and yelled at her students.
-Other teachers would sometimes come in and out to get snack in and out of the classroom.
– The students cannot sit by their friends at lunch; the teacher has to choose the seat for them.

My parents, sister, and friends laughed so much when I told them those things that happened in that school. lol.

Anyway, I will start looking for a job and do my resume when I’m back from Vietnam.

I’ve been watching TVB’s New Series Inbound Troubles and Friendly Fire.

Inbound Troubles episode 8 recap

Roger’s friend hid outside by the window. Roger gave breakfast to Angela apologizing to her. Roger saw a big thunder and wants to stay with Angela. Angela drove Roger away and asked him to leave for work. There’s the Drive of Life Sub theme by Raymond Lam. Roger walked with Angela in the rain. Roger’s friend wash himself in the bathroom. Joey told Roger to spend more time with Angela. Roger told Joey he is going to marry Angela but haven’t set up the wedding date. Joey told Roger to let her handle the tour and he decides the special proposal. Angela closed the door of the elevator when Roger’s friend came.Angela told Roger’s friend it was an accident. Roger’s friend told Angela she should have feel his love. Angela bit Roger’s friend arm. Angela told Roger’s friend they have never been a couple and just forget her. Roger told his friend he will propose to Angela.Mimi prepared food for Cho Lam. May, Corrina, and Ching Ching came and told Mimi that Cho Lam is not coming since he is attending her mom’s death anniversary in mainland. Mimi Lo called Cho Lam’s dad. Cho Lam’s dad impersonated the voicemail that he’s not here. Mimi asked Ching Ching, May, and Corina if Cho Lam’s dad was sad when he came with Cho Lam to mainland. Mimi told May, Ching Ching, and Corrina that she suspects that Cho Lam’s dad is preventing Cho Lam from coming to the singing contest. Mimi asked Ching Ching, May, and Corrina to collaborate to save Cho Lam. Ching Ching said they need a name for this rescue team. Ching Ching said “Oh Baby” sounds good. Wehn they arrived in Mainland, they don’t know Cho Lam’s address. Mimim, Ching Ching, May, and Corrina saw the policement drives away people in mainland. They disguised into celebrities to attract the policeman. The ladies went in the mention and yelled for Cho Lam. They grabbed the key from Cho Lam’s dad and opened the room for Cho Lam. Cho Lam’s dad asked Cho Lam to take his friends out for fun. Cho Lam’s dad told Mimi he won’t let his son waste time on singing. Cho Lam and his friends went out to eat and massage. Cho Lam asked May why did she bring Mimi along.Cho Lam doubt why Mimi wanted him to participate in the singing contest. Louis Cheung called Ching Ching and said she forgot his big day. Gwa Gwa told Louis to not be emotional but be professional on stage. Louis doubted if he should choose fashion job or Ching Ching. Cho Lam’s dad treat Cho Lam and his friend to dinner. Cho Lam’s dad told Mimi to smile for his son. Cho Lam was sad looking at his dad and Mimi together, he drank an expired wine and fainted. At the hospital, Cho Lam told Mimi he wants to join his mom. The doctor told Mimi that Cho Lam is fine and they were shot of bed so they put him on it. May told Ching Ching and Corrina that Mimi is really Cho Lam’s mom. Cho Lam’s dad told Cho Lam that Mimi is really his mom and he will him take part in the singing contest. Louis doubed if he should still be doing his current office job. Joey told Roger he should do ROFL. Roger asked if ROFL stand s for Rolling off the floor laughing. Joey said it means Diamond Ring Flowers and Money and Reason to marry you. Joey helped Roger picked up ring. Roger put on the ring on the finger for Joey. Roger smiled and told Joey to pay for him. Louis saw Roger and told him that he’s bankrupt be he’s buying an expensive ring. Roger told Louis that it is Joey’s credit card. Roger told Joey he can marry Angela after his bankrupt ends. Roger told Joey she should be able to be married very soon and she is pretty for girls. Roger brought a flower and told his family he decided to propose for Angela. Roger’s friend prepared food for Angela at her house. Angela asked him to leave and give back to keys. Roger brought the flower and proposed to Angela. Roger’s family cheered up. Angela happily hugged Roger.

Friendly Fire episode 2 recap

Tavia told Wei Fu’s mother that since she called JJ Jia a wicked which, it means that she doesn’t get along with her. Wei Fu’s mother said JJ Jia only married Wei Fu for money. Tavia said their relationship might turn bad so Wei Fu beats up JJ Jia. Tavia said Wei Fu’s mother has Alzheimer so her memory is not reliable. Ching Hung yelled at Michael for asking JJ Jia. Michael said love is blind since Ching Hung is protecting JJ Jia. After work, Bella called Michael to drink with her. Bella told Michael that she broke up with her boyfriend one month ago. Bella told Michael they can start over since people break up and make up all the time. Bella told Michael she misses those old times with him. Bella took Michael to see the moon. Bella seduced Michael in the car. The police told Michael and Bella they are charged of misconduct in a public place. The police recorded Michael and Bella for pornography and said it will be used as evidence in the court. Patrick Dunn came out and everyone sang Happy Birthday. Michael play with the polices. Two police officers came and asked Michael for his ID. Michael threw cupcakes at the police officer thinking he is one of them. Sammy told Michael that those two police officers are not their friends. At the party, Michael and his friends watch the video about him and Bella. Bella asked Michael if he is mad. Michael gave Tavia two graduation doll Mr. and Mrs. Owl. A massage girl seduced Sammy. Sammy asked her what is her relationship with JJ Jia and her husband. The massage girl saw a gun and ID on Sammy. At the court, Michael asked Miss Ho if JJ Jia is a faithful person. Miss Ho said JJ Jia also go out with other men after she got married. Miss Ho told Michael that she was going out with other men than Ching Hung. Michael asked Mr. Chan, JJ’s lover who worked as a part time trainer at a finess and beauty center. Mr. Chan said he knew JJ Jia has a husband but she said she would divorce him for Mr. Chan. Mr. Chan said they had sex together and she has a heart shaped brithmark on ther butt. Mr. Chan said JJ Jia said she was scared her husband might kill her so she asked him to confront him but he wasn’t serious about their relaitionship. Mr. Chan said JJ Jia avoided him after he denied to to confront Ching Hung. She dumped Mr. Chan after he was no use for her. Michael Tse said Ching Hung might have confronted Wei Fu for JJ Jia but killed him by mistake. Michael told Ching Hung if he was in someone’s order and accidentally killed him then he will have a lighter sentence than murder. Ching Hung said JJ Jia asked him to scare WeiFu.JJ Jia told Ching Hung to steal everything on Wei Fu’s body making it like a robbery. JJ Jia said if she turns herself in she can’t inherit Wei Fu’s fortune. JJ Jia told Ching Hung to admit guilty for self defense and she will take care of his mom. Sammy arrrested JJ Jia.Tavia told Michael that Ching Hung have used a weapon to kill Wei Fu then dispose it. It will be hard for the jury to believe Ching Hung. Th jury can believe Ching Hung used JJ to get out of guilt. Derek told Michael that his friend Albert will defend JJ Jia in the court and he will be his opponent. Ching Hung went in the court. In the court, Albert said Ching Hung was jealous so he killed Wei Fu. Sammy said the kife was found in the bay. Michael Tse said Wei Fu got stabbed twice but JJ Jia ordered him to stab him once. Michael asked Sammy if someone could have stabbed him again. Michael said JJ Jia gave Ching Hung a new knife so it couldn’t have been bent. It may be possible someone else stabbed the floor instead of him and bent the tip of the blade. Michael said it would take 15-20 minutes for Ching Hung to go back to the scene after calling JJ Jia. A person could have came and killed Ching Hung. JJ Jia could have been that person. JJ Jia’s servant told Albert that JJ Jia paid her in the house during that time. Fei Fei came back from mainland and stayed at Ben’s house. Ben asked Sammy how to get rid of her. Fei Fei told Ben she would clean the house but she is pregnant. Fei Fei said the house is too dirty. Fei Fei said Ben’s TV is clear and A Step Into The Past is showing and Louis Koo is good looking. Michael asked JJ Jia’s servant if she is using hearing aids. Michael asked JJ Jia’s servant if she takes off her hearing aids everytime she hears vaccum. Michael said JJ’s servant wouldn’t notice her if JJ lef that day. Michael said JJ Jia could have climbed out of the window. JJ Jia yelled that she is innocent. Albert told the judge and other lawyers in the conference room that JJ Jia is innocent and it was all Ching Hung’s doing. Albert told Tavia he hopes she doesn’t lose this case or she will get nothing. Michael said Albert is right, there is little evidence that JJ Jia is the murderer. Michael Tse told Tavia it is better to let JJ Jia out. Tavia asked JJ Jia if her husband bought an expensive jewelry before he died. Michael asked the judge to turn off the air conditioner because he is so hot. Michael pretends to fall down.

Once Upon a time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 26 recap

Noel told Sunny that she’s worried that Nadia will take him away. Sunny said he forgot what happened in Shanghai. Sunny came up to Nadia. Nadia asked Sunny if he met Noel in Hongkong. Nadia congratulate Sunny.Master Fung’s assistant told Master Fung that Sunny is still alive and is working in a journal industry. Master Fung told Nadia that Maggie is sick. Nadia told Maggie she can persuade her dad. Maggie told Nadia it is hard to find a person that she loves. Maggie told Nadia she needs to fight for her happiness. Tin Yau drinks with Master Fung. Master Fung told Tin Yau he can’t believe that Sunny now lives in Hongkong. Tin Yau said he will revenge Sunny for Heung Linh. Noel told his dad she will let him give her baby’s name. Noel told Sunny that he wouldn’t suffer so much without being with her. Noel asked Sunny if he regretted it. Sunny told Noel he feels comfortable living a quiet life with her. Tin Yau pointed a gun toward Noel. Tin Yau told his friend to kill Noel and her dad after he kills Sunny. Tin Yau killed Noel and her dad, and her brother. Sunny came home and hugged Noel and cried. Sunny swam to another shore. Sunny buried Noel. Nadia looked at Gordon telling a story to the orphans. Gordon told Nadia he will study hard for her. Nadia told Gordon that Sunny got married to Noel. The Japanese man gave a new mission to Bowie but Bowie rejected. Carol console a kids in front of the fabric store. She smelled a perfume then fainted. Carol was surprised that Bowie found her in front of the restaurant.Bowie warned the Japanese man not to do anything to Carol. Bowie accepts the Japanese man task. Carol fixed a kite for a kid. Adam told Carol he worked since he was a kid and didn’t have time to play. The Japanese man ordered Bowie to kill Adam. Bowie asked Carol how important is Adam to her. Carol said she can’t lose Adam. Bowie pointed a gun at Adam Carol stood in front of Adam. The Japanese Man shoots Carol.Bowie shoots The Japanese man.

Friendly Fire episode 1 recap

The series starts with Tavia defending her client Miss Law, who is being molested by her boss Mr. Wah. Miss Law said she was molested by her boss when he was drunk. Mr. Wah’s lawyer showed some intimate photos of Mr. Wah and Miss Law which shows they are happy being together. Miss Wah cried and said she pretended to smile in front of Mr. Wah because he is her boss. Tavia said what Mr.Wah’s lawyer said reminds her of a suicide case about a primary school student. Tavia said a boy got bullied at school but was scared to tell the staff about it because the vice principal’s son let that happen. The boy didn’t tell anyone because he was afraid he will get bullied more. Luckily his father has a strong sense of justice and help him explains to the school. The boy’s father is Mr. Wah’s lawyer. Tavia asked Mr. Wah’s lawyer if his son is willing to accept the bullying. Tavia said if Miss Wah didn’t fight back, it doesn’t mean that she accepts being abused. Then there’s a case about Lee Kun not being happy with Yuen Sai Kwong’s workmanship and refused to pay him. Yuen Sai Kwong threathened and pushed Lee Kun. Lee Kun was unable to walk sand sat on the wheelchair. Lee Kun (Calvin Chan) said he can’t exercise or play ball which is his hobby and he lost his job. Michael Tse asked Lee Kun what is his favorite sport. Lee Kun said backsketball but now he can only watch it on TV instead of playing it. Lee Kun said he likes watching Jeremy Lin and others can’t beat him. Michael Tse throw the ball at Lee Kun and asked him to teach him how to shoot. Lee Kun stands up on his wheelchair and catch the ball. Michael Tse asked Tavia for lunch after work. Tavia said she’s busy so he’s on his own. Michael grabbed and kissed Tavia. Tavia said she will be there for dinner. A gangster smoked in Sammy and Ben’s restaurant. The gangster asked Ben to pay him 3000 dollars to not smoke. Michael Tse came in the restaurant and asked “Who has the nerve to collect non smoking fees.” Sammy told the gangster it is about time to tell him that he is a police. Sammy asked Michael how long the triad should be charged. Michael said he should be charged 1000k for three years in prison. Ben said his sons are a lawyer and a CID. Sammy chased the gangster using a bike with two bottle of fuel. The fuel splashes on the gangster car. Sammy fought with the gangsters. The car exploded. The prosecutors let Tavia teach the trainees due to understaff of lawyers. Tavia sat on her massage chairs and read the documents. Tavia went outside to photograph the owls. Michael turned off the alarm which made the owls fly. Michael sat with Tavia under the leaf. Michael Tse drinks milk tea with Tavia.Michael said it is a special weekend to sit under the sun taking pictures of owls. Sammy told Tavia about the new case of the dead of Mok Wei Fu, the owner of the trading company. A security guard at a beauty center Ngok Ching Hung turned himself 2 days ago and admitted he had and affair with the Wei Fu’s wife Chuk Ching. Chuk Ching is a beautician. Tavia said Chuk Ching is the adulterer. Ching Hung killed Chuk Ching’s husband. Chuk Ching became unstable after he husband’s death. Ching Hung said Chuk Ching cried and told him her husband beat him up. Ching Hung went to Wei Fu’s office. Wei Fu went crazy and stabbed Ching Hung. Ching Hung pulled out a knife to scare Wei Fu but Wei Fu didn’t back out. Ching Hung claimed he accidentally killed Wei Fu to defend himself. Ching Hung threw Wei Fu in the sea.Sammy told Tavia he will try to get Chuk Ching’s statement. Sammy gave Tavia a box of egg tarts from his dad. A woman asked Ben to get Michael to defend for her son who accidentally killed someone. JJ Jia told Sammy that she married her husband for five years and he always beat her up whenever he wants. JJ Jia said her husband started to beat her up two or three years ago when he didn’t take medicine on time. JJ Jia said she didn’t have the heart to divorce him because he apologized after he beats her up. JJ Jia said she told Ching Hung after he saw bruises on her arms and eyes. Michael became the defense lawyer to Ching Hung for his mother. Michael asked Ching Hung why did he bring a knife with him when he came to see Wei Fu. Ching Hung said he killed Wei Fu for self defense and Michael is supposed to defend for him. Michael asked Ching Hung if it was his idea to bring the knife. Ching Hung said JJ Jia didn’t know he came to Wei Fu’s office with a knife. JJ Jia told Sammy she slept and then received a call from Ching Hung that he did a terrible thing. The next day she received a call from the police that Ching Hung killed Wei Fu. Michael told Ching Hung that he is charged for murdered and needs to tell him the truth or else he will be life sentenced. Ching Hung yelled that JJ Jia has nothing to do with this. At the bar, Patrick Dunn told Michael to get attention from a pretty girl Michael told Sammy and Patrick that the pretty girl will give him her number in a minute. Michael managed to get the girl’s number. Michael said she told her that the bar has an anniversary deal and if her number has double digits, she will get a free drink. As Michael left the bar, the girl drunkenly asked Michael to take her home. The girl took off her jacket and hugged Michael while he is driving her. Michael parked somewhere and asked a taxi driver to bring her home. Tavia saw a red lipstick on Michael’s shirt. After Michael takes a shower, Tavia laughed and showed Michael a person using a scissors cutting vegetables on her laptop. Michael tickled Tavia for saying he is useless. Michael Tse asked JJ Jia to tell more about her relationship with Ching Hung. At the court, Tavia said Ching Hung purposely murdered Wei Fu since he brought a knife with him. Michael Tse submit a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist said Wei Fu had manic disorder and will easily get exited and angry. Michael asked the psychiatrist how would Wei Fu react if he told him he is a wife beater. He said Mok Wei Fu was never violent. Wei Fu’s mother said she lived with her son and JJ Jia for six months. Wei Fu’s mother said her son loved JJ Jia more than her. Wei never touche JJ Jia and always listened to her. Michael Tse said Wei Fu is a loving husband and JJ Jia is lying about being abused. Michael Tse said JJ Jia used Ching Hung’s compassion to help her get rid of Wei Fu.

Inbound Troubles episode 7 recap

A bunch of girls came up to Wong Cho Lam’s dad and Cho Lam. The girls said Cho Lam and his dad looked more like brothers and father and son. Cho Lam sings karaoke song about the sadness of being a taxi dancer. The girls teared up and left. Cho Lam told his dad that it is his mom’s dead anniversary but he kept the girls company. Cho Lam told his dad that he’s lying about her mom’s dead anniversary so he can go with him to mainland. Cho Lam’s dad told Cho Lam that his passport is in a safe place. Cho Lam’s dad locked Cho Lam. Louis told Gwa Gwa that a half ghost and half human makes a good Halloween costume because a ghost will not let you know he is a ghost. Gwa Gwa told Louis that he stands a chance to win the most popular vampire in Asia. Gwa Gwa told Louis she wants him to be her model at the fashion show. Angela and Roger’s friend ate food and watch the people having fun for volunteer work. Angela said they need help instead of those people. The people asked Angela and Roger’s friend why there are no ghost in the haunted house. The people paid the fees for Angela to go on the haunted tour. Roger told Angela that the tour is for charity and she has to refund them. Roger and Ching Ching wiped the tombstone for their parents. Helena told Roger that his parents bought a house for her but she couldn’t handle it. Helena asked Roger to do the paperwork faster so he can take care of the house. Roger told Angela they should turn the surrounding of the house into a tour spot. Roger changed the light bulb of the lamp for Helena. Roger told Angela that he hopes they would run their own garden like in a movie. Roger held up a worm and Angela got scared.Angela told Roger’s friend that Roger wouldn’t sell the house. While Angela and Roger’s friend wait for Roger in the house,the electricity ran out. Helena yelled. Angela and Rogers friend thought they saw a ghost. Angela and Roger’s friend asked Helena to use the house for Halloween Haunted house. Helena told Roger’s friend and Angela she can be a witch. Roger’s friend disguised into a sorcerer and introduced about every person who comes to the haunted house will disappear. Helena used pig hearts and said it is a freshly torn hearts, and she used longans and said they are eyes. Angla screamed to get the people’s attention.Helena played mahjong with some people. A guy said “Four westworld bound. The people takes photos in front of the cemetary. Angela complained to Roger’s friend that the people are taking pictures in front of Roger’s parents grave. Angela asked the people to pay for them 300 dollars to go to the tour again if they found it fun. Angela told Helena that it’s 300 dollars per person and there are 20 person which is 6000 dollars. Three groups of 20 person equals about 20,000 dollars. If they do it for a week then it will be about 140,000 dollars. If she do it for a month then she will get about 600,000 dollars.Angela told Helena that the money can relieve burden on Roger. Joey’s dad and Helena put a three hour movie for their students to watch so they can sleep.Roger and Joey saw Joey’s dad and Helena sneakingly leave the class early together.Roger said Helena overslept for many days. Joey said her dad have been home late for several nights. Roger and Joey thinks their parents could be in a critical situation. Helena does the fortune teller again. Roger turn on the light. Roger got mad at Angela. Ching Ching yelled at Anglea for putting her parents into use by using her grandma as a psychic and her parent’s grave as a landscape,and the house for the haunted house.Angela yelled that they need money. Roger told Angela and his friend to leave. Roger yelled at Angela that he can dump her if she won’t leave. Angela cried and drank and said she worked hard for him but didn’t get anything in return. Angela layed down with Roger’s friend.Angela kissed Roger’s friend. Helena told Roger she made an extra meal for Angela and it is normal for a couple to argue. Helena told Roger that Angela only did it for his finance security. Roger said Angela doesn’t care for anyone’s feelings. Ching Ching told Roger he may be right objectively but a woman is always right in the relationship. The man should be the one who console her.Angela woke up naked and saw Roger’s friend next to her. Roger rings the bell.