Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 33 recap

Ron told Rebecca that Kenneth is a hypocrite and wanted to steal her. Ron said he stayed at the Chung’s house to expose him. Ron asked Rebecca if she likes Kenneth. Ron asked Rebecca if she knows how much he’s been hurt when she told him to respect Kenneth.Rebecca told Ron she owes Kenneth but she loves Ron. Ron said he pleaded guilty because he didn’t want her to get hurt. Ron said he has to be alive to see Rebecca but she married Kenneth. Ron said he sacrificed for her more than Kenneth. Ron said he watched the moon from the garden house. Ron told Rebecca to go back with Kenneth if she likes him. Rebecca hugged Ron and said she haven’t forgotten their pledge. Rebecca wants to watch the moon with Ron. Ron kisses Rebecca and slept with her at the hotel. Kenneth asked his maid if Rebecca is at the house. The maid told Kenneth that Ron barge into the house looking for Rebecca. Kenneth remember his secretary said his dad haven’t received the files yet. Kenneth told Tavia that Rebecca will not come back. Kenneth said Rebecca will not forgive him. Kenneth said Damien caused Rebecca’s father’s death. Kenneth said he was afraid if he told Rebecca the truth, she wouldn’t marry him. Kenenth told Tavia he married Rebecca because he loves her. Tavia said the power of love is strong; if they love each other they can overcome it. Ron hugged Rebecca and asked her to leave Hongkong with Siu Yu and start a new life in Guangzhou. Rebecca told Ron she can’t just leave like that. Rebecca came with Ron to Kenneth’s house. Kenneth hugged Rebecca. Rebecca told Kenneth she missed the train because she was busy looking for Ron. Damien looked at Tavia from the balcony. In Kenneth’s room, Rebecca told Kenneth if she wants to leave him, she will tell him first. Rebecca told Kenneth he’s really worry about it. Kenneth told Rebecca her face looks so serious. Rebecca told Kenneth they will go to Shanghai tomorrow. Rebecca gave Mary a massage. Mary said a good daughter in law beats a loving son. Mary said she was wrong for stopping Rebecca from marrying Kenneth. Rebecca cried and bid farewell to Mary. Mary held the jade that she gave to Rebecca. Ron holds Rebecca’s hand and run. Mary told Rebecca that she loves her as a daughter in law but she had an affair with Ron. Ron said Kenneth stole Rebecca from him. Ron told Mary that The Chung is Rebecca’s enemies. Ron took Rebecca and ran. Mary chased after Rebecca and Ron. Mary’s eyes got blurry and fell and fainted. Ron told Rebecca there’s now no one to stop them. Rebecca told Ron she has to take Mary to the hospital. Rebecca asked two people on the street to take care of Mary. JJ took Damien’s newspaper away while Damien was reading. Damien chased JJ. The servanttold Damien that Mary is in the hospital. Rebecca saw Ron at the hospital. Ron told Rebecca he came to take her away. Rebecca said she can’t go since Mary is in coma. Rebecca said she will bear the responsibility if the Chung blames her. Mary got paralyzed. Kenneth reads Rebecca’s farewell letter. Kenneth asked Rebecca if she wants to leave him because she found out the truth or because she loves Ron. Rebecca told Kenneth not to ask her but ask himself what he’s done. Rebecca said if she knew he caused her father’s death, she wouldn’t marry him and she would have run away with Ron. Kenneth told Rebecca she can leave with Ron. Rebecca told Kenneth that his mother is innocent and she loves her. Rebecca told Ron she and Ron did something to gether. Kenneth said he doesn’t want to hear.Rebecca told Kenneth she is grateful to him but she has feelings for Ron. Kenneth yelled at Rebecca to end their relationship if she loves Ron so much. Rebecca wants to stay to take care of Mary. Kenneth said Mary is no longer her mother in law. Kenneth told Rebecca he can’t stand his unfaithful wife staying at his house. Kenneth told Rebecca to not come back. Rebecca took Rebecca’s clothes and asked her to leave. Rebecca said she won’t leave unless Mary throws her out. Rebecca said she will not stay in her room but she will not leave the Chung Family. Kenneth picked up the ring and asked why wouldn’t Rebecca go. Mary cries at the hospital. Damien told Mary he will travel with her after she gets well. Tavia visited Mary. Tavia told Damien she heard he was with JJ when Mary was in the hospital. Rebecca told Ron to leave. Ron said every Chung is her enemy. Rebecca said Mary is innocent. Ron asked Rebecca if she will always take care Mary if she never gets well. Ron asked Rebecca if she cares about him since he doesn’t like to stay in the Chung’s house. Rebecca asked Ron not to force her running away with him. Rebecca said Kenneth wouldn’t let Ron stay behind. Rebecca told Ron to go away if he cares for her. Ron said he won’t give up on Rebecca.

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