Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 34 recap

Rebecca told Elena that she has to take care of Mary so she will let Adrian take care of Ron. At the garden house, Elena told Ron it might be the last time she sees him. Elena told Ron that Damien ignores her. Elena holds the figurine doll sand said she can talk to it when she’s sad. Ron holds Elena’s hands. Elena put her head on Ron’s shoulder and said the perfume is called “Wild Rose.” Elena told Ron he’s so understanding but too bad he has amnesia. Rebecca went to her room and saw Kenneth sleeping on the couch. Kenneth woke up and saw Rebecca sleeping on the chair. Kenneth put the jacket on Rebecca. Damien brought Mary on her bed. Damien told Mary he will spend more time with her. Damien told Mary to get enough sleep and eat well. Rebecca patch the quilt while Kenneth read the medical report. Kenneth told Rebecca to not feel guilty about Mary. Rebecca bleed her finger with a needle. Rebecca brought some blanket for Mary and cried that she must be disappointed in her. Rebecca asked Mary to give her a chance. Rebecca told Mary it is a blessing to be her daughter in law. Rebecca said she can’t accept the fact that Damien killed her father. Rebecca said Damien wants to win so he made her dad a scapegoat. Rebecca said Kenneth knew it but hid it form her so she wanted to leave him. Rebecca said Ron helped her when she almost starved to death. Rebecca said love and revenge doesn’t matter to her anymore. She just wants to take care of Mary. Rebecca said she just wants to call Mary “Ma.” She will stay by her side until Mary gets well. Mary cried. Sire told Adrian that she feels so happy being in his family. Sire said it hurts her seeing Mary paralyzed on the bed. Sire and Adrian look at Ron standing on the balcony. Sire said Ron’s condition seems worse when Rebecca is not around.Adrian told Sire he will make dumplings for her. Ron passed out in granny’s house and woke up and told Adrian he remembered everyone. Ron said he wants to thank Elena for being there for him. Elena told Mary that Idy is isolated in her room and Tavia left. Vincent don’t dare to fool around being afraid of offending Damien. Elena told Mary they used to chat but now it’s so quiet. Ron told Elena he’s well and he’s came to visit Mary and Rebecca. Mary yelled at Rebecca after hearing the maid said Ron is waiting for her. Mary shakes her head signaling for her to not see Ron. The maid asked Ron to leave. Ron saw Elena spills wine on the grass and told her he will never forget the perfume is called Wild Rose. Elena dances alone in the garden house. Damien and Vincent came to the garden house. Damien told Elena if she has enough of this craziness. Elena told Damien he’s such a tyrant and made all l his women miserable. She is man crazy because of him. Elena said Mary is paralyze and wouldn’t scold her anymore and she has no one to talk to. Damien threw her drink and said she’s not worthy of being his woman. Elena asked the servant to open the gate so she can leave the house. Ron went in front of the car and asked Elena if she knows how to drive. Ron told Elena she will die if she drinks and drive. Ron droves the car for Elena. Elena told Ron she drinks because she’s bored while he drinks to because he’s sad about Rebecca. Elena told Ron that he likes Rebecca. Elena said they both got dumped when they are not wanted anymore. Elena told Ron to stop dreaming. Ron told Elena he won’t spare her if she insults Rebecca. Ron told Elena to feel bitter about being dumped by Damien. Ron asked Elena to go away. Elena asked Ron why is she being treated badly. Elena told Ron to let go of Rebecca since she is Kenneth’s wife. Elena said Rebecca will never be with Ron like Damien will never be with her. Elena said Damien loves Idy and Tavia more than her. Elena said she rather be hated than be ignored. Ron told Elena to get up. Elena hugged Ron. Elena was about to kiss Ron but Ron pushed her away. Charmaine accidentally spilled Ginger tea on Vincent and cried. Damien told Kenneth and Vincent to take care of the company for him. Damien told them he knows that Elena feels lonely so she drinks. Damien wrote a cheque for Mr. Robertson. JJ told Damien she wishes Mary recovers faster. JJ told Damien she will go with the boss of the entertainment company to Shanghai. Damien told JJ he admires her that she never gives up and has a positive outlook on life. Shek Sau and Tavia saw Damien and JJ at the restaurant. Tavia visited Mary. Tavia told Mary she sacrificed for Damien the most but got nothing in return. Tavia told Mary she is strict and firm on the outside but kindhearted on the inside. Tavia told Mary she is a phoenix rising from the ashes. She wants Damien to know what he did wrong.

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