Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 38 recap

Damien visits Tavia. Damien told Tavia that everyone in the family is in trouble. He has never lost a case but he fails at being a father. He couldn’t help Kenneth and Rebecca; he couldn’t help Sire with the money; he couldn’t help Vincent learning by his mistakes. Tavia said Vincent’s mom didn’t have any status so Vincent felt inferior. Tavia told Damien when things is beyond his control, he feels frustrated. Damien hugged Tavia. Tavia told Jess that she never seen Damien so lost. Jess asked Tavia why didn’t she tell Damien that she is having his child. Tavia said she doesn’t want the baby to be born in a complicated home. A man asked Damien to pay him hundred dollars. The man told Damien that he saw Elena going with Ron in the cellar. Damien yelled that it is stupid to blackmail a lawyer. Elena told her kids a story of a man named Washington who chopped his father’s favorite cherry tree with an axe. Elena said Washing was brave to tell his father the truth and his father praised him for his honesty. Elena said Washington became the first president. Elena’s daughter told Elena that she used to say drinking is not good for her health but she drinks all the time. Elena’s son told Elena to not be sad since he loves her. Elena cried and hugged her kids. Elena told her kids she still has them and will spend more time with them. Damien told Elena that she should admit her wrongdoings. Damien yelled at Elena and asked her what have she done at the racecourse. Elena said she made out with Ron. Elena fought with Damien and asked him to let her take the kids with her. Damien told Kenneth that Elena had an affair with Ron. Kenneth punhched Ron and told him to revenge him instead of Elena. Kenneth told Ron he made a mistake for Rebecca. Ron said Rebecca left him and he lost everything. Ron told Rebecca he hates her and the Chung Family. Ron said Elena seduced him. Rebecca slapped Ron. Kenneth told Rebecca he doesn’t want her to go. Rebecca said if she didn’t married him then this woudldn’t have happened. Kenneth hugged Rebecca and said he can’t let her go. Rebecca told Mary that she causes a lot of troubles ever since she married Kenneth. He took care of her to make up for her mistakes but Ron wouldn’t leave her alone. Rebecca said if she stays in the family, she would bring her bad luck. Rebecca said she will tell Damien about her relationship with Ron, and she will leave. Mary yelled at Rebecca to not leave. At night, Elena’s kids wanted to see their mom.The kids asked Damien when Elena will be back from her trip. Elena hugged someone else’s kids and said she missed them. Tavia saw Elena and took her to her house. Elena asked Tavia to beg Damien to let her see her kids. Elena said she will ask Shek sau to help her in the court. Tavia said Shek Sau cannot be trust. Tavia told Elena she will help her but she has to quit drinking. Tavia asked Kenneth to be Elena’s lawyer. Kenneth told Tavia that the ordinance only allowed first wife and second wife but doesn’t allow the concubines to take the kids. Kenneth asked Damien to let Elena see her kids. Damien doesn’t agree to it. Kenneth told Damien he will go against him in the court to fight for Elena and her kids. Kenneth told Damien that the ordinance allowed the women who deserted by her husband to keep the kids under sixteen. Damien told Kenneth that if they go to the court, people will laugh at their family. Tavia said the ordinance is evil that women can’t claim anything. Tavia told Kenneth to win the case for the dignity of women.Kenneth told Elena when she goes to the court she has to be ready for the embarrassed situation of Ron and her. Damien told Kenneth that a woman who had an affair has lost her rights to keep the kids. Kenneth said he can plead that the wife is driven by neglect. Kenneth told Damien if he wins the case, then many women will have the benefit.Kenneth said Elena will testify in the court for her kids. Damien asked Kenneth if he knows how much it will harm the family reputation if she goes in the court. Kenneth said it is his duty to uphold justice. In the court, Elena said her husband never loved her when they got married. She married him because she was pregnant. She seduced him to win his affection.He was cold to her and she lost her confidence. She wanted some love and care and affection. She only made out with Ron to ease her loneliness.Tavia said that she it doesn’t make her generous for bearing with the other women but it is because the marriage system is not fair to women. Tavia said Elena is a victim of Damien. Damien said he haven’t had sex with Elena for two or three months. Kenneth asked Damien if he had sex with another woman. Damien said it is not easy to meet all the women demands. Damien said according to the Qing law, the women is a property of her husband. Kenneth said there is an exception that the affair is conducted by the neglect of her husband. Kenneth said Damien studied law in England but he used the Qing code for his own selfishness. Kenneth said concubines have been helpless through polygamy. Kenneth said under the British Law, women should enjoy equal treatment of legal status. The judge announced that Elena will have the custody to keep the two children.

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