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War and Remembrance 1997 episode 1-10 overview

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I was thinking if I should write a recap, review, or overview of this drama. I’ve watched War and Remembrance 1997 3 times. There’s a lot of details I have to go through in this drama. This is a drama I recap based on my memory.

I started the first ten episodes of this drama. The first ten episode talks a bit about Emperor Yongzheng played by Law Lok Lam who wants to give his throne to Emperor Qiang Long played by Louis Koo. Yongzheng has a nightmare that Nin Kang Yew revenging him. YongZheng lied to Tsang Jing played by John Chiang, that Wan Lek is the son of his beloved Han lady. Tang Jing really loved Yongzheng’s beloved Han lady Lui Sei Niong – that he kept all her belongings. Yongzheng wanted to get rid of Tsang Jing when he was young but he couldn’t because Tsang Jing is so observant and has a rare martial art skills so he decided to become friends with him instead. Tsang Jing knew that Wan Lek isn’t the son of Lui Sei Niong – but he still willing to help him because he thinks Wan Lek will be a good king. Tang Jing told the prince played by Felix Lok that the second prince Wan Jau (played by Timmy Ho) uses even dirtier tactics than when Yongzheng tries to kill the other princes to be king, so he won’t side with Wan Jau.

In the beginning, Wan Jau took Wan Lek out for fun. Wan Jau asked his spy Chow Jing On to kidnap Wan Lek and give him to the Anti-Quing. Wan Lek and the prince’s uncle tries to change the Majesty order so Wan Jau can be king. The first half of the order is on the top of the box while the second half of the order is in the bottom of the box. Captain Ngok guards the order day till night to make sure that no one steals it. Wan Jau and the prince’s uncle only saw the first order on the top of the box but couldn’t find the other half. Wan Jau asked a priest to hypnotize the king to ask the king where is the second half of the order. Yongzheng said the second half of the order is in the bottom of the box. Wan Jau heard wrong and assumed that one of Yongzheng’s concubine has the second half of the order. Wan Jau killed the concubine. The prince uncle told the magistrate Derek Kwok that Wan Jau’s mother is a Han so when he becomes king he can make peace to the Zhang Han and the Quing.

Wan Lek flirted with Siu Yuk played by Yvonne Yung and Kam Fong. Kam Fong saw the painting that Wan Lek draw of him and siu Yuk together. Kam Fung got mad and was used by Chow Jing On to give Wan Lek some kind of poison to him. Tsang Jing cured Wan Lek’s disease. Siu Yuk was sent to a Buddhist temple for her to repent her mistake.

The Anti-Qing leader deals with Tsang Jing to exchange Wan Lek for 3 precious treasure: The sword, another treasure, and the seal. On the way to get the second treasure, A beautiful lady that many men fell for told Tsang Jing her story of killing many men who fell for her lust because a man killed her husband for her.Tsang Jing made her realized that killing many men is a sin and it doesn’t make her comfortable thinking about revenge. When Tsang Jing went to uncle prince to get the seal, the prince’s uncle gave Jang Ting a fake seal. When Tsang Jing gave 3 treasures to the Ani-Quing’s boss, Wan Jau’s spy told the Anti-Quing that the seal is fake. Tsang Jing said no one has seen the seal before and wouldn’t know if it is fake. Wan Jau’s spy accused Jang Tin of killing the man who possessed the first treasure since he just died. Tsang Jing walked with Wan Lek, and his pupil out of the Anti-Quing’s temple. The Anti-Quing’s leader stopped Chow Jing On from sending a letter to Wan Jau. Wan Jau’s spy killed the Anti-Quing’s leader and accused Tsang Jing.

Siu Yuk saved Wan Lek. Siu Yuk followed Tsang Jing and his student and Wan Lek on their way to the palace. Siu Yuk respects Tsang Jing for teaching her morals. Siu Yuk is willing to be Tsang Jing’s servant forever but Tsang Jing told Siu Yuk she has to stay by Wan Lek to give him advice to be a good king. Tsang Jing hopes that Wan Lek can fulfill his dream of bringing peace to to the Ming and the Quing. Wan Jau ordered the magistrate (Derek kwok) to behead the Anti-Qing. Siu Yuk asked Wan Lek to stop Derek. After Tsang Jing, and Wan Lek saved the Anti-Qing, Kam Fung threw Siu Yuk by the sea but Tsang Jing’s student picked her up on the boat.

Tsang Jing asked Siu Yuk to distract Wan Jau and the soldiers while Wan Lek visits the king. Tsang Jing asked Yongzheng to die right away to prevent Wan Jau to change the order. Tsang Jing annoucned to the magistrate and the princes that Wan Lek is only the one who will replace him as the king. Yongzheng died. the prince’s uncle released the eight prince which was Yongzheng’s rival, to kill Wan Lek at the temple. Wan Lek read Tsang Jing’s charm to use his brain to deal with the eight prince. Wan Lek told the eight prince that he will give him a high rank and fortune after he becomes king. Wan Lek told the eight prince that Wan Jau will kill him later. Wan Lek said if the eight prince kill him, the Wan Jau will be king and he won’t forgive him. Wan Jau told the soldiers to prepare to shoot the person who walks out of the temple since he might harm Wan Lek, Wan Jau saw the king and was surprised that Wan Lek walked out safely. Wan Lek becomes king.

This is the part that I stopped. Will watch the last 10 episodes later of king Qianlong. 🙂

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