HK-Korean Drama Expression

War and Remembrance 1997 episode 20 Overview (End)

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Wan Lek told Siu Yuk that his order got stolen and he is surrounded by Wan Yip and his uncle. Wan Lek sent his servant to ask Tsang Jing and the Anti-Quing for help. The priest asked Tsang Jing to show his martial art skills if he wants to lead the Anti-Qing to help Qianglong. Tsang Jing used a fabric to fight with the priest since he said he doesn’t use sword to fight with his friends. Tsang Jing won the fight and the priest is willing to help him rescue Qianlong.

Wan Lek asked the doctor to tell him one reason why he should give up his throne to the prince’s uncle. The doctor said the soldiers is surrounding and the prince’s uncle is ready to attack and Wan Ip’s gun is ready to wait for the Anti-Quing to arrive.Wan Lek ordered Wan Yip and the soldier to arrest the prince’s uncle. Wan Yip told the prince’s uncle that the doctor and him are loyal to Wan Lek. Wan Lek told the prince’s uncle he knew his plan from the time that Wan Jau died. Wan Lek said Wan Yip and the doctor are his loyal people. The prince’s uncle killed himself.

Wan Lek ordered Wan Ip and the soldiers to shoot at Tsang Jing and the Anti-Quing. Wan Lek ordered the guards to kill Tsang Jing. Tsang Jing pointed a sword toward Wan Lek then a thunder rise. Tsang Jing performed a martial art then left. Tsang Jing looked at the dead anti-Quing.Tsang Jing killed himself.

Wan Lek told Siu Yuk he killed the Anti-Quing because he’s scared they might revenge him. Siu Yuk told Wan Lek that Tsang Jing has conscience while he doesn’t. Siu Yuk told Wan Lek he can kill her if he wants to. Wan Luk said Tsang Jing cares for his friends but he cares for his people. Siu Yuk asked Wan Lek to promise to let her do the funeral to Tsang Jing. Siu Yuk asked Wan Lek to plead for forgiveness to Tsang Jing. Wan Lek asked Siu Yuk to promise him to not think about the dead of Tsang Jing again.

At the funeral, Wan Lek promised Tsang Jing he will peace to the Han and Manchu. Siu Yuk looked at Tsang Jing and cried. Siu Yuk said how she can live without Tsang Jing. Siu Yuk said she failed to use her love to help the king be good to the Han. Siu Yuk said Wan Lek doesn’t have anymore conscience since he has the power. Wan Lek asked the guards to burn Tsang Jing. Siu Yuk ran on the fire and died.

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