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War and Remembrance 1997 episode 17-19 Overview

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Wan Lek’s mother wants to build a temple in the Han Village but Ngok Yee Tai prevented her. Siu Yuk told Wan Lek’s mother that if she built the temple at the Han’s village, then the Han will not have a place to live. Kam Fung told Wan Lek’s mother that Siu Yuk is spoilt by the love of Wan Lek. Wan Lek’s mother sent Siu Yuk to the forbidden palace after finding out that she wrote the order with Wan Lek. The prince’s uncle put a lot of poison snakes in the forbidden palace then asked Kam Fung to alert Tsang Jing. The prince’s uncle set up for Tsang Jing to be the hero saving Siu Yuk so Wan Lek will be jealous.

Wan Lek and his friend went to the casino. Wan Lek’s friend asked the casino boss if Wan Lek wins, then he will pay him double the money but Wan Lek lose then the boss will have to pay him double. Wan Lek kept on winning and bet big money. Wan Lek then went to the brothel. A lady named Lee Fung Jie flirted with Wan Lek. Wan Lek felt disgusted. Lee Fung Jie told Wan Lek that the king is not as handsome as him. Wan Lek asked his friend to slap Lee Fung Jie. The casino boss which happens to be Lee Fung Jie’s brother, sent his men to beat up Wan Lek. Wan Lek dropped Tsang Jing’s jade while fighting.Wan Lek got arrested. Wan Lek showed the magistrate his seal but the magistrate is illiterate. Lee Fung Jie’s brother’s man showed him Tsang Jing’s seal that Wan Lek dropped. Lee Fung Jie’s brother asked the magistrate to let Wan Lek go, thinking that Wan Lek is the new leader of the Anti-Quing. Wan Lek’s friend finally sent the soldier to arrest Lee Fung Jie’s brother and his men. Wan Lek got mad that his seal is not even worth more than Tsang Jing’s jade.

Tsang Jing told Siu Yuk that the poison snakes cured her poison put by the doctor. Siu Yuk prepared food for Tsang Jing to celebrate his birthday. Siu Yuk gave Tsang Jing her bracelet which Wan Lek gave her. Siu Yuk told Tsang Jing that the bracelet is originally belongs to Lui Sei Niong –and he thought that since Tsang Jing loved her so much, he would cherish the bracelet more than her. Siu Yuk told Tsang Jing that she is scared being in the palace since she has to beware of other people scheming. Wan Lek came and asked Siu Yuk to come back to the palace. Siu Yuk ran away. Wan Lek asked Tsang Jing to persuade Siu Yuk. Tsang Jing told Siu Yuk she has to stay by Wan Lek since she has to remind Wan Lek to be nice to the Han. Tsang Jing told Siu Yuk she is pregnant with Wan Lek.

Wan Lek’s mother argued with Wan Lek about setting up the temple in the Han’s village. Wan Lek gave an order to forbid rumors in th palace. Wan Lek’s mother pretended to hang herself but Wan Lek ignored. The prince’s uncle asked the doctor to lie to Wan Lek that the Siu Yuk’s baby belongs to Tsang Jing. The doctor lied to Wan Lek that Siu Yuk has been pregnant four months ago which is from the time that she was with Tsang Jing. Wan Lek forced Siu Yuk to abort the baby. Tsang Jing sent six famous doctors to check the pregnancy of Siu Yuk. The six doctors all said that Siu Yuk got pregnant five months ago. wan Lek asked me to hit the doctor. Wan Lek asked the doctor who ordered him to lie. The doctor said no one is behind this and he was wrong about the pregnancy because Siu Yuk took some medicine. Wan Lek asked the doctor if he is loyal to him.

Wan Lek drank with Tsang Jing to bid him farewell. Tsang Jing told the king the next time he will see him is either he needs help or he wants to kill him. Tsang Jing told Wan Lek they could become good friends if he wasn’t the king. Wan Lek asked Tsang Jing if he would kill him if he attack the Anti-Quing in the future. Tsang Jing told Wan Lek to remember how he got to be king. Tsang Jing said he will rebel against him if he does something to hurts the Han. Wan Lek got drunk at night. Tsang Jing told Siu Yuk that Wan Lek has changed. Tsang Jing asked Siu Yuk she has to remind Wan Lek to bring peace to Han. Siu Yuk played the harp for Tsang Jing.

Wan Lek respects Tsang Jing for helping him but he doesn’t like how always talk about Zhang Han and Manchu should be peaceful. Wan Lek reminds Wan Yip that he doesn’t want his siblings to scheme each other. Wan Lek wishes there were more kin he can chat with. Wan Lek and Wan Yip looked at the stars at night.

Kam Fung got mad that Wan Ip will bring his wife and kids to the palace. Kam Fung said if Wan Yip divorces her, she will say all the dirty things he did. Wan Ip grabbed Kim Fung but the prince’s uncle stopped him.

Kam Fung told Siu Yuk to not trust anyone. Kam Fung said she never did a good thing.Wan Lek asked Wan Yip to practice his shooting well so he can help him. Kam Fung wrote a letter to Siu Yuk that she might be killed tonight. Wan Ip killed Kam Fung. Siu Yuk read the letter inside Kam Fung’s clothes that Wan Yip killed her. Wan Lek told Siu Yuk that Kam Fung wants to alienate the relationship between him, her, and Wan Ip. Wan Lek tore the letter. Wan Lek gave Siu Yuk a bracelet but Siu Yuk accidentally broke it.

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