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Updates from me!

Hey guys! I am now officially on a vacation in Vietnam. It’s pretty fun seeing the food stalls next to each other and the weather is pretty hot. People ride the motorcycle or ride the taxi. For TVB Series, I watched the first 10 episodes of Three Kingdom RPG and the first episode of Reality Check. I won’t do recaps for those dramas since I don’t really have time but I might do an overview or review on those 2 dramas after I get back from my vacation in early April.

❤ Jac.

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Inbound Troubles Review

This series shows tours and food of Hongkong and mainland. It has a lot of songs too. I like the background music in this drama.

Choi Sum played by Wong Cho Lam goes from Mainland to Hongkong to participate in the Voice contest and find his long lost cousin. He asked Mung Lo played by Mimi Chu to teach him singing lesson. Mung Lo happens to be Choi Sum’s biological mother. Mung Lo abandoned Choi Sum when he was little for her singing dream. Tommy Wong plays Cho Lam’s father. Tommy is really rich and can hire chef to cook good food right away. Tommy tries to prevent Cho Lam to meet his biological mother.

Roger Kwok is a tourist who got cheated by his fiancee Angela Tong. Angela Tong has a one night stand with Roger’s best friend Siu Shan played by Bob Lam. Angela is greedy for money but then started to love Siu Shan because he’s the one who truly cares for her. Joey Meng, an elegant social worker who loves to help people was there for Roger. Roger and Joey ends up falling in love.

Roger Kwok’s sister Chi Ching played by Ivanna Wong hid from Roger that she is majoring in music. She dated a flamboyant guy Louis Cheung, which happens to be Roger’s boss. Louis Cheung loves fashions and broke up with Ivanna. Louis dated the model Monica D but then Monica ends up dumping him. Cho Lam started to like Ivanna but Ivanna hesitate since they are cousins but ends up accepting him.

Bowie Wu playes Joey Meng’s father. He tried to set up a date for Joey. Helena plays Roger’s grandmother.

Wong Cho Lam, Ivanna, May Chan, and Corrina Chamberland forms the team Oh Baby. They got in the finalist of the singing contest.

Favorite character: Joey Meng as Yik Suet Feit. I liked Joey Meng since Heroic Legend of the Yang II and Chor Lau Heung 2001. She is still gorgeous and has good acting school. Her voice can be irritating but I kinda blamed the comedic script for that.

This is one of the few series starring singer Louis Cheung and Ivanna Wong.

Cho Lam is good at his comedic role just like he was in Best Selling Secrets.

Watch this series if you want a relaxing and comedic drama. Don’t watch it if you are not in to romance and are into action dramas.

I would rate this series 4 out of 5 because I’ve enjoyed this series from the beginning to the end.

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Inbound Troubles episode 20 recap (END)

Siu Shan’s boss told Cho Lam he kidnapped him because he’s rich. Siu Shan boss wants to cut the body parts of Cho Lam to warn his family. The kidnappers sent Roger a box. Cho Lam’s dad saw Cho Lam’s wig. Roger saw Joey’s handprint. Siu Shan’s boss called Roger to get the ransom or he will see the real body parts next time. Siu Shan’s boss ticked Cho Lam and Joey’s feet. Cho Lam and Joey yelled. Siu Shan heard Angela fainted. Siu Shan called Angela and said he heard she’s fainted and he’s worried about her. Angela asked Siu Shan how he knows she fainted. Angela asked Siu Shan why did he participate in the kidnapping. Siu Shan’s boss go take his car with his men and told Siu Shan to guard Cho Lam and Joey. Cho Lam asked Siu Shan to get some water. Joey told Siu Shan to cut it out and they know he’s Siu Shan. Joey told Siu Shan to turn himself in before it is too late. Cho Lam told Siu Shan if he doesn’t let them go, his boss will kill him anyway. Joey told Siu Shan that Angela keeps on worrying about him. Siu Shan cried. Cho Lam told Siu Shan to free them. Joey and Cho Lam told Roger and his family on the phone video that they are fine. Siu Shan sent the video then dropped and broke the phone. Roger watch the video of Cho Lam and Joey that they got one of them guys with them. Roger asked Angela if Siu Shan is one of the kidnappers. Roger go with Cho Lam’s dad to Mongkok to give the ransom. A kidnapper told Cho Lam’s dad and Roger to run around the parts three times. Siu Shan’s boss told Roger to put the bag money in the trash bin then leave. The kidnapper took the bag of money. Roger chased the kidnappers Cho Lam asked Siu Shan if he wants Angela or the money. Siu Shan untied Cho Lam and Joey. Siu Shan beat up the kidnappers and told Roger and Joey to run. Siu Shan, Cho Lam, and Joey ran through the leaves. Siu Shan got the GPS tracker and hopes somebody fins them. Louis took his phone and look at the GPS tracker location. Siu Shan stand up and talked to the kidnappers hoping to distract them. Joey and Cho Lam ran. Roger found Joey. Roger told Joey he has to save Siu Shan. Siu Shan’s boss pointed a gun at Siu Shan. Roger threw a rock at the kidnappers and ran. The kidnappers knocked Roger down. The kidnapper pointed a gun at Cho Lam. Joey and Roger’s family came. Roger woke up and pulled the gun from the kidnapper. The kidnapper, Roger, and Cho Lam fell down. The kidnapper found out the gun was fake. Cho Lam and his friends attended Ching Ching’s graduation. Ching Ching asked Cho Lam to take pictures of her with her family. Ching Ching took a picture with Cho Lam. Ching Ching told her family she will participate in the singing contest in Mainland. Ching Ching told Cho Lam to prove he can be successful. Roger gave Joey a box of chocolate. Joey told Roger to think of something new. Roger told Joey he will propose to her every other day instead of every week. Roger told Joey he will give her different flavors of chocolate. Joey told Roger she will accept it. Roger happily hugged Joey. Cho Lam successfully built a curry fisball restaurant in Mainland. Cho Lam’s dad joins the Oh Baby team and wants to be the lead singer. The Oh Baby Team sings a song for Siu Shan and the kidnappers in jail. Cho Lam’s dad lookalike talk to Siu Shan. Angela showed her baby to Siu Shan. Cho Lam, Louis, Ching Ching, Corrina, and May danced before Roger and Joey’s wedding at the church. Bowie danced with Joey. Bowie told Roger he’s handing his daughter to him. Roger holds Joey’s hands and said marrying her was the happiest thing in his life. Roger put a ring on Joey’s finger. Everyone clapped and cheered Roger and Joey to kiss each ohter. Roger told Joey when he was a kid, he saw a beautiful sunset on a trip so he told himself to go to different places to see the sunset. Joey told Roger she also likes traveling around the world but she wants him to be with her. Roger and Joey watch the video of Ching Ching performing on stage. Ching Ching thanked Cho Lam on stage. Ching Ching said she doesn’t see Cho Lam often but whenever she thinks of him, she feels harmony in her heart. Ching Ching sings a song on stage.

Thank You TVB for this drama.


Inbound Troubles episode 19 recap

Siu Shan’s boss thought Siu Shan exposed him haha. That’s karma. Sze Sze and Dan Dan enjoy the wonderful view of Hongkong. Joey told Roger he will become the most famous tourist name after this tour. Roger said he’s just glad he didn’t messed up so far. Dan Dan told Roger to take a picture of them. Dan Dan kneeled in front of Sze Sze and took out a ring and asked her to marry him. Sze Sze told Joey she is hesitating because it is too soon. Joey said it doesn’t matter if it is too soon as long as she knows him well. Dan Dan puts on the ring on Sze Sze’s finger. Noel and Roger congratulate them. Roger asked Joey how did she managed to make Sze Sze agreed. Joey and Roger distributes autograph of Sze Sze and Dan Dan to their friends. Louis told Roger he wants to quit his job. Louis told Roger that someone sent him to try to take pictures of Sze Sze and Dan Dan. Louis pointed to Siu Shan on the televison and said he’s the one who ordered him. When Siu Shan returned home, Angela asked Siu Shan how did he sell fake drugs and got someone killed. Siu Shan said he wanted to make money but didn’t mean to get anyone killed. Siu Shan told Angela he wanted her and the baby to have a good life. Siu Shan left Angela and said she will have a better life without him. Angela asked Siu Shan if he can tell she loves him. Angela told Siu Shan she will go with him. Siu Shan and Angela saw a police officer checking ID, and Siu Shan got scared. Angela pretended to slap Siu Shan and confront him about having a mistress and told him to go. The police asked Angela if she’s alright. Siu Shan called Roger and said Angela is in the hospital. Siu Shan asked Roger to visit Angela. Joey asked Angela to stay at her house for a few days. Helena asked Roger if he thinks it’s fine for Angela to stay at Joey’s place. Helena told Roger that Louis has been cooking for her. Roger asked Louis if he’s waiting for Ching Ching. Louis told Roger he now knows that he truly loves Ching Ching. Louis asked Roger to help him. Louis told Ching Ching he finally knows what he needs. Louis asked Ching Ching for his erhu back. Louis asked Ching Ching to walk with him on the street. In the elevator, Cho Lam told Louis he started a new relationship with Ching Ching and no one can break them. Louis asked Cho Lam if he heard the song Old Love never dies. Louis said Ching Ching is deeply hurt because she loves him. Louis told Cho Lam to get out of this relationship as fast as he can so he won’t get hurt in the future. Ching Ching told Cho Lam to ignore what Louis said. Cho Lam asked Roger what does he thinks of him.Roger asked Cho Lam if he trust Ching Ching. Cho Lam asked Roger if he ever thought what Joey thinks of Angela staying at her house. Joey cooked some macaroni for Angela. Roger brought some food for Angela. Roger went with Joey to buy some glutinous rice dumpling for Angela. Bowie asked if Roger would treat Joey like she treats Angela. Roger told Joey that Angela is pregnant so he has to take care of her. Joey gave Louis some rice dumplings from Yuen Long. Joey called Roger if he minds bringing her the document she left at her room. Roger asked Joey if she minds picking it up herself. Angela told Roger that Siu Shan didn’t have to break the law for her. Angela said now she realizes that the one she loves is the most important. Siu Shan called Angela and said he will call her when he’s safe. Siu Shan disguised into a Thailand Monk in front of his boss. Siu Shan ran. Siu Shan’s boss grabbed and tied Siu Shan. Siu Shan suggested his boss to kidnap someone. Cho Lam heard Ching Ching called Louis not to call her anymore. Cho Lam hesitate to read Ching Ching’s diary. Cho Lam read that Ching Ching only likes him now. Ching Ching was mad looking at Cho Lam. Ching Ching told Cho Lam he doesn’t trust her. Louis dressed as Cho Lam and play the erhu. Cho Lam play the erhu. Louis and Cho Lam told each other not to impersonate. Ching Ching told Cho Lam and Louis to stop bothering her. Roger told Ching Ching she should know why Cho Lam is staying at his parent’s house. Roger and Helena told Ching Ching that Cho Lam read her diary to know her better. Roger told Ching Ching to text Cho Lam that she is still mad. Helena told Roger to do something for Joey before it is too late. Angela told Joey at night that there’s nothing between her and Roger. She’s worried about Siu Shan. Angela said she will never find anyone who cares about her like he does. Angela told Joey that sometimes Roger cares too much for others that he doesn’t notice people around him. Roger brought fishball for Joey. Roger told Joey he knows her favorite classical composer is Shubert. Joey asked Roger why is he so nice to her. Joey told Roger she knows he feels bad for her. Joey told Roger she’s not that petty minded and she’s glad she could help Angela. Ching Ching came to see Cho Lam in the music room but he’s not there so she talked to Mimi. Mimi told Ching Ching that Cho Lam is getting a gift for her. Mimi told Ching Ching to stay quiet and don’t admit even if she’s wrong. Mimi told Ching Ching it is okay to fight but don’t go overboard. Siu Shan and his men kidnapped Cho Lam and Joey. Roger and his family worries for Joey and Cho Lam. The kidnappers called Roer and asked him to get 10 million dollars.


Message from Jac: Vacation to Vietnam

I told you guys many times but I’ll remind you guys I’ll be gone on a vacation to Vietnam starting this weekend. Will be back in early April. I’m excited to meet the relatives I’ve never met and eat the good food and explore the country. I can speak Vietnamese and English fluently. That’s a plus.

I already tried my best by staying day and night recapping Friendly Fire. Not sure why I worked so hard. I was falling asleep last night and my eyes kept on being closed but I managed to finish Friendly Fire and wrote a quick review on it. The review was kinda rush cause I only put scenes that I found memorable. Other bloggers also wrote a review on Friendly Fire so it’s nice to see the different scenes that that they left out also.

I’ve been enjoying Inbound Troubles. Hope that I can finish the last 2 episodes of Inbound Troubles before leaving to Vietnam this weekend. Not sure if I’ll have time to write a review for it but we’ll see. I’ll be missing Seasons of Love, Reality Check, Sergeant Tabloids, and A Great Way to Care II due to my vacation but luckily I’m not really interested in any of those dramas anyway. Will see which drama I will recap after I come back.

❤ Jac


Friendly Fire Review

I was hesitating if I should write a review on this drama. Some parts were good but some parts were boring.

I thought Michael Tse and Tavia Yeung was a funny and lovely couple at the beginning. The hugging contest was so cute. They met an old couple who hugged each other to give hope for their grandson with disabilities. After Tavia broke up with Michael. I realized that Tavia always hide her feelings and wouldn’t step up. She assumes a lot. It’s funny when she mistaken Michael having and affair with Grace when Grace was trying to find her earrings. I like how Michael and Tavia can fairly collaborate as lawyers after they broke up. They didn’t let their feelings affecting their cases. They still love each other but wouldn’t tell each other. The cancer part of Tavia didn’t play that much of a role in the series except for the excuse that Tavia breaks up with Michael.

Some noteable performance in this drama was Sammy Leung and Alice Chan.

I first saw Alice Chan in ATV The Snow is Red 1997, and she looks prettier and was a bit more chubby back then. Now Alice is still pretty but looks skinnier and her face looks similar to Sheren Tang or Kenix Kwok to me. Her villain character on the final case stood for me. She never fall in love with a guy before. It’s either she’s picky or no one dare to be with her. Her first love is Derek Kwok. Derek Kwok is an outstanding lawyer but he got beaten by Alice. Love can be blind.

This series is the first time I’ve seen the host Sammy Leung in. He’s looking hot. Not bad for his first time acting. He’s so funny when he courted Sharon. Sharon was like “Have you ever court or kissed a girl before?” I like Sammy and Sharon together but I thought it was kinda rushed how Sharon admit liking Sammy. Thought they should have give more time to show Sharon starts to like Sammy. I did enjoyed their scenes together and how they send each other stuff since Sharon lives next to Sammy.

Sharon looks pretty in this drama. I think the first time I thought Sharon was pretty was in Catch Me Now.

Nice to see Samantha Ko again after Last Steep Ascent. Her character is totally different. I’m impressed how Samantha was calm during her trial and after being raped by Alice’s brother. Oscar Leung likes Samantha Ko but scared to date her because he doesn’t want her to think that he dates her out of pity. It was cute how Oscar helped Samantha during the rain after the rape case. It was also cute how the trainees sung a song to encourage Samantha.

Louis Yuen and Grace Wong plays a comedic couple. At first Louis wants to court Grace to prevent her being the third party between Tavia and Michael but he ends up falling for her.

Some of the cases are mini and some of the cases are big. The cases give the perspective that sometimes you have to go out of your way to win. It made us think if it is right to follow the law. Patrick Tang put gun and drugs in Sammy Sum’s room. Michael Tse bribed a witness to lie that he saw Alice Chan crashed Ben. They know that it is true but don’t have the evidence. In the final case Michael Tse and Sammy Leung gave Alice a scare since she killed his dad.

Some scenes I find ridiculous or lame is when Sharon pulled Sammy’s pants off. I thought that was kinda cliche. There’s also pulling pants off of Kevin Cheng in Ghetto Justice 2 or Kenneth Ma in Man in Charge. The other scene I find it lame is when people laughed at Sammy and Sharon for showing their underpants when they got soaked.

It also showed some sexual scene like when Michael and Tavia took each other’s clothes out. Oscar Leung looks at Samantha’s long legs. Alice Chan kissed Derek.

The bike and car chasing scene between Alice and Ben was ridiculous. How could Ben still get up and ride his bike home. I kinda laughed when Ben returned home all bloodied.

The ending was sweet where everyone gets together. Michael told Sammy to fight for his happiness and find Sharon.

Rate: I would rate 3.5 out of 5 stars for the spectacular performance from the casts but some of the cases are irrelevant and some scenes are unrealistic. It is a good series to watch but not a must watch.

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Inbound Troubles episode 18 recap

Siu Shan told his boss people will die from eating drugs. Mimi watch for Cho Lam’s dad surgery. Mimi wish Cho Lam and his friends good luck at the contest. Cho Lam holds Ching Ching’s hands. May hugged everyone. The doctor do the operation for Cho Lam’s dad. When the concert begins, Cho Lam walked away and said something happened to his dad. Mimi cried and told Cho Lam and his friends that she used to want revenge on Cho Lam’s dad but now she just wants him to wake up. Cho Lam and his friends sing a song for his dad at the hospital. Ching Ching told Cho Lam and Mimi that Cho Lam’s dad is gone. The doctor said Cho Lam’s dad walked downstair on his own. Cho Lam’s dad treat Cho Lam and his friends vegetable dishes. Cho Lam’s dad told Cho Lam if he went through what he did, then he would realize how important health is. Roger and Joey saw Cho Lam dipping soup for Ching Ching at the restaurant. Louis danced for money on the street. Roger and Joey saw Louis and chased him.Joey asked Louis if he made enough money to buy food. Joey asked Roger to give Louis a job. Roger told Louis he will pay him according to the bankruptcy officer. Roger wants to buy a box of chocolate to propose to Joey. Angela told Roger to go for it. Angela put a chocolate in Roger’s mouth and said he ate it, he has to buy it and put the ring in the biddle of the box. At home, Shiu San yelled at Angela and said she made a mistake with him. Siu Shan showed a picture of her giving a chocolate to Roger. Roger gave Joey a bouquet of flower at the restaurant. Roger told Joey he wants to take care of her. He won’t let anyone hurt her. He won’t let her feel lonely or sad. Roger gave Joey a box of chocolate and asked her to marry him. Joey asked Roger if it is too early for him to propose. Joey asked Roger if he really wants to marry her. Joey smiles. Siu Shan yelled at Roger for stealing Angela. Siu Shan showed the photo to Roger. Joey looked that the photo Angela gave Roger a chocolate. Joey asked Siu Shan why did he tail Roger. Siu Shan told Joey to watch out for Roger. Roger told Joey he thought it was too soon to propose to her but Angela taught him how to put the ring in the box of chocolate. Joey asked Roger if he wants to propose to her or someone made him. Joey told Roger she’s afraid she will regret if she says yes. Joey holds Roger’s hands and said she wants to accept his proposal but not now since she wants to know him better. Roger told Joey he respects his decision and he will bring a ring when it’s the right time. Cho Lam’s dad told Roger he invited some of his friends to sign the travel agency with him. Cho Lam’s dad told Roger to keep it confidential and no pictures of them may be taken. Cho Lam’s dad told Roger if he does a good job, he will get escorted to all the sport stars. Cho Lam’s dad said Cheung Sze Sze specially asked for Roger. Her niece said he had so much fun at the tour with Roger. Roger announced to his family he will be a host to a special pair of lover Sze Sze and Dan Dan. Roger showed the photo of the couple and everyone yelled. Roger said his mission is to prevent people to take their pictures. Louis looked at a pair of lover kissing each other. Siu Shan sit next to Louis and said he is Roger’s old colleague. Siu Shan told Louis he feels sorry that his dream of fashion designer didn’t come true. Siu Shan told Louis he will help him clear his debt and get a job in fashion design. Siu Shan told Louis to switch the gadget if he’s with Sze Sze and Dan Dan. Roger told his friends to keep an eye on Sze Sze and Dan Dan at the hotel. Roger asked Sze Sze and Dan Dan if they liked the first day in Hongkong. Roger and Joey showed Sze Sze and Dan Dan around HK. Siu Shan called Louis he can’t see him and he asked him if he turned on the switch of his GPS tracker. Louis saw Cho Lam talking to Ching Ching on the phone. Cho Lam’s dad wondered why there are paparazzi taking pictures. Louis heard Roger talking to Sze Sze and Dan Dan. Roger told Sze Sze and Dan Dan he will make sure they have fun. Louis told himself that Roger is so kind, he can’t play him. Siu Shan told Louis to play tricks on Roger then he will get his old life back. Siu Shan’s boss gave Siu Shan 2 million dollars of counterfeit money. The reporters came and Siu Shan dropped the suitcase of money then saw Louis’s GPS tracker.