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Friendly Fire episode 21 recap

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Tavia saw Louis dating Grace. Tavia told Louis that he stole Grace from Michael. Louis said Michael and Grace broke up peacefully. Tavia’s dad congratulate Louis for breaking Michael and Grace up. Tavia told her dad,Louis, and Sharon said they are too much. Tavia asked his dad if he ever thought of Michael and Grace’s feelings. Tavia told Louis he took advantage of Grace. Louis told Tavia he is serious with Grace and have fallen for her. Tavia’s dad asked Tavia how can she give up on Michael. Tavia’s dad told Louis and Sharon he will treat them a meal for accomplishing their mission. Patrick gave Sammy and Sharon a tickets to go to the movie. Sammy told Sharon he still has a chance before she marries.In the car, Sharon asked Sammy to play another song. Sammy asked Sharon if she wants to do anything. Sammy chased a burglar in a company and got hurt. Sammy told Patrick it was so dark he couldn’t see the suspect clearly. Mary told Sammy that she called Vincent the whole night but he didn’t pick up. The CCB came to interrogate Sammy. The CCB showed Sammy the CCCTV clip of him and the suspects. The CCB asked Sammy if he said something to the suspects for 4 seconds. Sammy said he didn’t say anything. The police asked Sammy why did he hesitate to arrest the suspects. The CCB told Sammy they suspect him of hiding something so they will suspend him for investigation. Louis told Grace it’s been two weeks since they’ve been holding hands. Grace kissed Louis. Louis is sad and told Grace that Michael and Tavia shouldn’t be alone. Louis drive an insurance female who touched Michael. Louis told Michael he must win Tavia back. Michael came to Tavia’s yoga class and told her that he will never desert her and she will be his perfect woman. Tavia told Michael she can face this sickness herself. Michael brought a bouquet of flowers and asked Tavia to marry him and he will always love her even if she has cancer. Tavia rejects Michael. Tavia said she can’t date anyone until it is confirmed she is cured. Tavia told Michael her sister’s boyfriend promise he will be there for her but he ditched her at the end. Tavia said when her sister and aunt had cancer, everyone said they will support them but then they left them. Sammy said during the night, he saw a man searching for a document in the office. He saw Vincent but wasn’t sure. Sammy said he doesn’t want to arrest him before it is clarified. Chun Wong told Sharon that her brother lost the stock and he lost all his money. Alice tried on a dress and asked Derek if it looks good. Samantha told a woman to testify against her husband and people will admire her for her courage instead of laughing at her. Flora apologized to Samantha for being prejudice toward her. Now she liked how she is strong during the case. Samantha told her colleagues she is fine and can handle rap cases. Oscar found out he got cheated by buying tickets for 5,000 dollars instead of 3,500 dollars. Oscar told Michael if he dates Samantha, she will think he will feel poor for her. Michael told Oscar to persist. Alice asked KK for lunch but he denied. Sharon showed Sammy and Mary that Vincent asked for Jason for help on facebook. Mary, Sharon, and Sammy went to Jason’s house. Vincent told Mary he’s been cheated by Sai Bong and Alice from signing illegal documents. Nary told Vincent he can’t run away like this. Mary told Vincent to tell the CCB everything. The CCB chased Vincent. Vincent climbed out of the fence trying to escape. Sammy and Vincent was about to fall down. Sammy held Vincent’s arm. Vincent wants to jump down. Sammy told Vincent he won’t let him die.

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