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Friendly Fire episode 24 recap

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The IB restored the deleted part of the cell phone. Sammy watch the conversation between Alice and KK on the cell phone. Sammy said Alice wants to kill his dad because he shot her secret with KK. Ben did a good job. Sammy arrested Alice for lying she wasn’t at the reservoir. At the court, Derek said Alice met with KK but she didn’t hurt Ben. The traffic surveillance didn’t catch the face of the driver. Tavia asked Alice what did she argued with KK. Alice said KK has been manipulated by someone and he thought she doubled crossed her. Alice said KK slept with an underaged girl who took drugs. She knew KK was a high ranked official so she told him to leave first. KK was grateful of her helping the girl so they became friends. Alice said someone told KK that she set him up with the girl so she could use him. Alice said she didn’t know Ben shot her, she just know he ran away.She didn’t want to drive her car and took a taxi in case someone saw her. She hopes to know where her car is. Sammy saw Sharon on the news working as PPRB. Sharon sat with Sammy in the cafeteria. Sharon told Sammy that drinking coffee won’t help him if he doesn’t sleep. Sammy told Sharon he’s not her head anymore. Sharon told Sammy she came to watch the CCTV with him hoping she can help. Michael told Tavia the hardest part of the case is dealing with Derek. Tavia told Michael as long there is faith, she believes justice will be served. Michael asked Tavia to keep him company. Tavia said she needs to get prepared for the case. At the court, Sammy told Tavia there are many routes to go to Ben’s house. Tavia showed some photos of Alice in the car. Derek showed three car photos to Sammy. Sammy said the cars were stolen by three car thieves in three different parking lots. Derek said the photo of Alice’s car could have been taken by one of the car thieves. Michael received a text that his dad can’t make it. Michael and Sammy ran to the hospital. Michael cried and told his dad he won’t give up on Tavia and will make her accept him again. Sammy cried and said he knows he must persist on pursuing Sharon. Michael told Sharon’s mom that she is the woman that Ben loved the most. Sharon and John ate with her family. Sharon’s mom told Sharon that Ben died and she hopes that Michael and Sammmy can nail this murderer. John peeked on Sharon calling Sammy. John proposed Sharon for the third time and hope she will be his life partner. John put on the ring for Sharon. Tavia asked his dad where does he wants to go. Michael called Tavia that his dad has passed away. Tavia’s dad told Tavia people around him keep on dying and he’s so helpless. Sai Bong told Alice that Michael and Sammy will not spare her and she will go to jail if they found the evidence against her. Sai Bong told told Alice to ask Derek to find a scapegoat for her. Alice Chan kissed Derek on the boat. Alice told Derek from the time that he killed KK, she knew he would do everything for her. Derek told Alice the garbage truck blocked the CCTV in the morning so he drove the car away. Derek said the car is in a very safe place. Derek said he will destroy the evidence. Sammy arrested Alice for murdering his dad. Alice told Sammy she didn’t kill anyone and she knows who the murderer is. Derek went to repaint the car.Sammy and the cops pointed their gun at Derek and arrested him for murdering KK and Ben. Alice said Derek drove her car and chased Ben. Derek laughed and said he’s a successful lawyer but he got set up by a woman. Sammy wants to verify the evidence again. Alice swam and thought about Derek. Sammy ate with Ben’s colleagues at the restaurant.Louis drinks the tea and said it is the best tea. Sammy said Ben can’t rest in peace until the real murdereer is caught. Louis said it is obvious that Alice framed Derek. Sammy asked Michael and Sharon if Derek loves Alice that much. Sharon said if Derek is convicted, the truth will never be known. Michael said he will resign from DOJ to find the truth. Michael defend for Derek at the court. Michael said Derek admit he killed KK but he didn’t run over Ben. He’s being set up as a scapegoat for Alice.

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