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Friendly Fire episode 26 recap (END)

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Tavia is taking a leave and told the trainees they are all qualified to be prosecutors. She told them to follow their heart. Tavia let Samantha handle the case. Samantha asked Sai Bong if he slept with a woman with HIV. The reporters questioned Sai Bong. Samantha told Oscar no matter how bad Sai Bong is, she wish he doesn’t have a disease and learned his lesson. Oscar told Samantha he admired her for being calm. Oscar looked a the movie tickets and want to give to Samantha. Samantha looked at Oscar and asked him if he wants to tell her something. Oscar said no. Samantha asked Oscar why he is so chicken and she knew he wanted to ask her out. Samantha asked Oscar where is his courage. Oscar fixed the shelves for Samantha. Oscar told Samantha he won’t care about how people react because he wants to provide a shelter for her during bad weather. Whether it is sunny or rainy, he will protect her and won’t let anyone hurt her because he loves her. Samantha cried and hugged Oscar. Samantha took Oscar’s glasses off and kissed him. At the registration,Sharon is waiting for Sammy to come for her wedding but Sammy got a case of arresting Siu Bing Kwan. Sammy wish Sharon happiness with John. Sammy anxiously called Sammy and wants to join the operation. Sharon heard some shooting and worried about Sammy. Sharon left John to go help Sammy. Sammy rescued a baby on the street. Sharon came up to Sammy. Sammy and Sharon holds the riffles. Sharon’s family and John saw the news of Sharon and Sammy caught the robbers. Sharon tol Sammy she lost her earrings. Sharon told Sammy she was supposed to register for her wedding but she missed him and her colleagues. Louis buy clothes for Grace at the store. Tavia told Louis she envies him for finding his true love. Louis holds Grace’s hands and said they are a perfect pair. Tavia told Louis she will study abroad. Tavia read the note from his dad that he will leave for a few days. Michael came and told Tavia to get changed if she wants to know where her dad is. Tavia’s dad rode the bike. Michael and Tavia rode the bikes and followed him. Tavia’s dad fell down. Tavia’s dad yelled and said he’s there. Michael told Tavia he knows why her dad is riding there. Tavia’s mom wanted him to finish his bike riding mission. Michael and Tavia looked at the sunset. Tavia’s dad showed Tavia’s mom the sunset. Tavia cried and said she never understand what her dad wants. Michael said her dad wants to show that it doesn’t matter how long one’s life is, what’s most important is having a loving person whom can share the joy. Tavia’s dad didn’t regret meeting her mom. Michael said her dad worried about her because she always hide herself. She doesn’t let people understand her. She’s rejecting love and happiness. Sammy received a text from Sharon she will leave to US with John. She is on her way to the airport and was happy to spend the times with Sammy. Michael told Sammy he should grab the last chance to be with Sharon. Michael used his credit card to buy the plane tickets for Sammy. Sammy search for Sharon at the airport.In the airplane, Sammy saw a girl kissed someone next to Sammy and mistaken for Sharon. Sammy yelled at John for letting Sharon kissed another guy. The girl yelled at Sammy. John told Sammy that Sharon left him and said he wasn’t in her heart anymore. Sammy wants to get off the plane. Sammy found Sharon at the airport. Sharon told Sammy he is so stupid for not replying to her text and she doesn’t know why she have chosen him. Sammy told Sharon he will never let her leave him again. Sharon laughed when Sammy sticks his tongue out. Sharon asked Sammy how many times he kissed a girl. Sharon kissed Sammy. Tavia and Michael take pictures of civet cat. Tavia happily show Michael the tail of the civet cat. After Tavia wins a court case, the trainees sings Birthday song to Tavia. Michael brought the birthday cake. Tavia makes a wish. Mary said they have no respect in the court and then told Tavia Happy Birthday. Michael proposed to Tavia in the crowd again. Tavia fell down. Michael carried Tavia to the hospital. Louis told Tavia it grew 2 cm bigger. Louis told Michael he gave Tavia so many nutritious food so the baby grew bigger. Louis said the baby is very healthy. Sammy grabbed food for Sharon at the restaurant. Sammy introduced Mary as his mom to Sharon’s parents. Mary said she’s happy that Sharon is Sammy’s girlfriend. Mary said Sammy will make Sharon happy. Michael and Tavia feed their baby. Michael put the sign “breast feeding in progress.”

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