Brief updates and thoughts!

I’m still in Vietnam and won’t be back to US until April.I’ve been able to watch a few old asian dramas that has been reaired on TV on the viet channel. Saw a bit of TVB Life Begin at Forty and Detective Investigation Files I. I saw an mv of Korean Drama My Princess and Boys Over Flowers, and advertisements of City Hunter and Rooftop Prince.

Back to updates about current dramas I’ve been watching.

-I’ve finished Three Kingdom RPG.
– Watched Reality Check up to episode 12. Thought the first five episodes of the boy in the village was good but then it started to get cliche with Louise Lee’s family. Still okay to watch. I like Ruco Chan and Priscilla Wong in this series.
-Watched the first 2 episodes of Seasons of Love. Not so interesting. Pretty curious about Kenneth’s character.
-Watched the first episode of Korean Drama Flower Boy Next Door. Pretty funny how Park Shin Hye looked at her neighbor. I liked TVN’s Queen in Hyun’s Man.

I will continue to recap Korean Drama Faith when I get back from my vacation.xd.

Okay, until next time.

❤ Jac.