Flower Boys Next Door episode 9 recap

Shi Yoon told Shin Hye she should try to tell someone “It’s hard for me to let you go; stay with me.” Shin Hye asked Shin Hye if she can be at least sad for him. Shin Hye said she will think of him sometimes. Shin Hye stared at Shi Yoon next door. Shin Hye cut her finger while closing the curtain. Yoon Hye asked Shi Yoon if he’s sure he can leave. Shi Yoon brought wine and cheese in the cooking class. Shi Yoon showed Beso Wine. Shi Yoon told the crew it will be the last time he will be cooking, so enjoy the wine. Shi Yoon hugged Shin Hye and told her to have fun and go out in the world.

Shi Yoon saw Ji Hoon kissing Soo Jin. Shi Yoon told Ji Hoon that Shin Hye and Soo Jin shouldn’t be involved in his love triangle. Ji Hoon told Shi Yoon that he will do anything for Shin Hye. Shi Yoon and Ji Hoon sings karaoke. Shi Yoon told Soo Jin to give up on Ji Hoon. Soo Jin told Shi Yoon that Shin Hye told her that she likes him. Shi Yoon told Soo Jin she can throw a party for Shin Hye. Soo Jin and Yoon Hey meet each other and praise each other’s clothing. Shi Yoon imagines Shin Hye wearing brand clothing. Ji Hoon told Shin Hye he hates winter. In the summer, autumn, and spring, he can smell the herb scent from her room when she opens the window. He just wants to be by her side. Shi Yoon cut photos and stared at a photo of Shin Hye drinking wine. Shi Yoon throws an airplane note in Shin Hye’s door. At Mizuta’s restaurant, Shi Yoon saw a female dressed like him. Ji Hoon gave Shi Yoon a clip and asked him to open it when he leaves for Spain.

Shi Yoon sadly pack his stuff and leave. Shin Hye reads Shi Yoon’s letter that he left a dice game for her. Shin Hye looked at the board game that Shi Yoon made for her. Yoon Hye told Shi Yoon that Soo Jin said she’s going to get rid of Shin Hye tonight. Ji Hoon’s boss asked Ji Hoon how did he feel after being accused plagiarizing Shi Yooon’s work. Shi Yoon’s fan told Shi Yoon that he looks cute with Yoon Hye. Shi Yoon’s fan gave Shi Yoon a box of seaweed. The fan told Shi Yoon that there’s a comic called Flower Boys Next Door, the webtoon drew him as as a con man. Shin Hye saw her first love at Soo Jin’s party and dropped her flowers.

Beauty at War episode 14 recap

Lady Yung told Yue Yuet that Yeuk Kwai has been go out ruining her reputation. Yuen Sau peeked on Yue Yuet telling Lady Yung that she wouldn’t let Yeuk Kwai go out just because her sickness has gotten worse. Lady Yung told Yue Yuet she wouldn’t allow Yeuk Kwai to go out if she fake illness. Muk Do Yee said the patient is to be moved to the Ji An Chamber with the consent of the empress in order to prevent the patient from faking illness. Lady Yung told Yue Yuet she wanted Yeuk Kwai to leave the palace so the rumor of her killing Lady Chan would go away. Yue Yuet told Lady Yung she will be responsible if the empress don’t allow Yeuk Kwai to leave, but who will be responsible if Yuek Kwai spread rumors and mock people in the palace. Seung Ling touch Min Yu’s forehead and found out he has a fever. Lady Yung confronted Doctor Yeung about Yue Yuet keep on visiting the Xie Fang hall. Lady Yung told Doctor Yeung if Yue Yuet isn’t in collusion with the people in the Xie Fang hall then she must have hidden the prince’s illnes. Doctor Yeung told Lady Yung he did not hide anything and he will tell her everything he knows.

Lau Fei told Chau Yuen he is jealous of his accomplishment so he wants to copy him. Lau Fei told Chau Yuen he must have bribed an eunuch to let him sing for the prince. Chau Yuen told Lau Fei he thinks he’s the one who is envying him since he will go on stage with the prince.

Seung Ling showed Su Lan her painting and said it is easy for her uncle to steal a painting. Seung Ling told Su Lan she sent the painting under someone else’s name and used prince Min Yu to lead her to the Shu Fang’s study. Seung Ling told Su Lan she wants her to fall for Lau Fei and cross the line and have her kicked out of the palace. Seung Ling said Lady Yung questioned about Min Yu’s sickness and Yeuk Kwai’s illness. Su Lan told Seung Ling she can’t be her boss forever. Seung Ling told Su Lan that when Min Yu bleeds, his bleeding won’t stop. Whoever knows about it must be silenced. Seung Ling told Su Lan if she knows the secret she has to share the burden of making sure that prince Min Yu doesn’t get hurt.

Yee Ho asked Doctor Yeung to let her lead Yeuk Kwai out of the palace. Yee Ho told Yeuk Kwai her acting is good but she can’t fool everyone with her fake illness. Yee Ho told Yeuk Kwai she is supposed to be loyal to Yuen Sau but she betrayed her. Yuen Sau told Yao Heung that when Yue Yeuk Kwai found out that Yue Yuet didn’t care about her, she spread rumors about her and Lady Chan to release her anger and to draw a line between Yue Yuet and her. It’s also to show that Lady Yue doesn’t have a clique in the palace. Yue Yuet used the situation to clear her name and help Yeuk Kwai. Yuen Sau said it takes risk to get out of this cage. Lau Goong Goong told Chau Yuen that prince Min Xin wanted to rehearse the play to surprise the empress but he used this opportunity to raise his status. Ma Goong Goong told Sit Goong Goong that Chau Yuen is a pawn in his scheme. To make him loyal, he has to make him fall hard first. Doctor Yeung told Yeuk Kwai she probably won’t feel comfortable being sent to her hometown. Doctor Yeung gave Yeuk Kwai a letter from Lady Shun. Yeuk Kwai ate the paper and bit Doctor Yeung’s arm.

Chau Yuen drinks and told Ying Kam he doesn’t need her company. Master Cheung told Ying Kam if she chose to marry Master Chu instead of Chau Yuen, she would have a much easier life. Ying Kam said if she wasn’t pregnant then she wouldn’t be able to marry Chau Yuen. Ying Kam told his father he wasn’t sad when she lost her baby. Master Cheung told his subordinate that Ying Kam is right he is greedy. He didn’t teach him properly. Master Cheung told the people that their lives is also like the lives of the concubines in the palace; they have to fight to survive.

Chin Yui accidentally spilled water on Yue Yuet’s calligraphy. Christine peeked at Lady Yung. Master Cheung said when Yue Yuet found out she gave birth to a princess, she’s not being favored by the king. her daughter was ill. Christine laughed evilly finding out that Lady Yung died. Seung Ling hugged prince Min Yu and cried. Yue Yuet and Seung Ling hugged prince Min Yu and cried finding out that he died.

Beauty at War episode 13 recap

Seung Ling sent a Huai Ma wine to Lau Fei. Lau Fei sent Seung Ling a portrait. Lau Fei told a prostitute that he should not see the special person who sent him the wine since he and the people in the palace miles away. He rather be the mean guy than hurt their feelings. A maid read the letter and laugh evilly. Yuen Sau told Yao Heung she has a lot of time to meet her mate. Yuen Sau told Yau Heung once Lady Yung died, then she can control the palace. Lau Fei told Min Xin that the Yue Lau’s tune signify a blissful marriage. Lau Fei told Bacha he is repaying Seung Ling by telling her about the rumor and didn’t care about his feelings.Ying Kam told Chau Yuen he would be happier being with a prettier girl. Ying Kam showed Chau Yuen a handkerchief she found in his clothes. Chau Yuen told Ying Kam it is a handkerchief he meant to give to her as a gift. He’s disappointed that she accepted the embroidery from Lau Fei.Chau Yuen said he’s ashamed he can only teach eunuch to sings while Lau Fei teach the prince. Chau Yuen told Ying Kam when he gets to teach the highness then he will give her a handkerchief with full gold thread embroidery.

Yee Ho told Doctor Yeung that people in the palace saw Yeuk Kwai all over the place. Yee Ho told Doctor Yeung to drug Yeuk Kwai so she can rest. Doctor Yeung told Yee Ho that Yeuk Kwai is so weak and he’s afraid she can’t stand it. Yee Ho told Doctor Yeung to tell Yeuk Kwai if she wants to leave the palace sooner, she should behave. Doctor Yeung told Yeuk Kwai she will be more weak if she refuses to take his medicines. Yeuk Kwai said she wants to stay awake. Yue Yuet sent Yeuk Kwai some cakes. Yeuk Kwai told Doctor Yeung it might be poisoned. Ma Goong Goong told So Goong Goong it is not right for Seung Ling to want to visit her son when the little prince has just been born. Ma Goong Goong said Sit Goong Goong has evidence against Yue Yuet’s cliques. Ma Goong Goong told So Goong Goong that Lady Yung is the only one who can punish Muk Do Yee. Chau Yuen asked So Goong Goong to let him perform for the highness. Chau Yuen gave So Goong Goong 300 taels.Lady Yung got mad at Yue Yuet when she said she’s going to visit Xie Fang hall again.Lady Yueng told Yue Yuet she is plotting against her to put her son in the throne. Muk Do Yee told Doctor Yeung she suspects Yeuk Kwai has been sneaking around the palace. Muk Do Yee saw Yeuk Kwai and got scared. Yee Ho told Yue Yuet they must find Yeuk Kwai. Yeuk Kwai screamed and rolled herself with a red fabric.

Seung Ling told her maid to watch the opera and make sure the prince doesn’t touch the sword and sabers. Seung Ling watch Lau Fei. Seung Ling heard the flute. Seung Ling saw Lau Fei play the flute. The poor pepole came and said Yue Yuet caused Lady Chan to die.

Beauty at War episode 12 recap

Will try to get more recaps of this drama done. 🙂

Su Lan told Yee Ho that she never seen Seung Ling so lost. Yee Ho told Su Lan if people keep on digging the news, then they will eventually find out her relationship with Seung Ling. Seung Ling told Su Lan she doubts why there’s no news about Min Yu from Yue Yuet. Ada listened to some baby crying. Muk Do Yee told Ma Goong Goong that when there was an epidemic one year ago, Seung Ling was worried and fell ill for three days and wanted to ask the empress permission to go home. She calmed down when she found out that it was a fake news. Muk Do Yee said since Ba Cha is gone, Seung Ling will be worried and it is easy for her to make the wrong move. Muk Do Yee said she would like to find out who is the big fish she is trying to catch. Su Lan stared at Seung Ling carrying a letter. Muk Do Yee yelled at So Goong Goong why he left his post and put the lights on all night. So Goong Goong said the department of Privy Purse asked him to deliver the gold and silver fabric this morning. That person showed up right the time that her father disappeared.

Seung Ling yelled at Bacha if he wants to have fun then at least give her an excuse. Seung Ling told Bacha he caused other people to have a chance to start a rumor. Seung Ling told Bacha that to not tell her he wants more children. Seung Ling said the longer he stays in the palace, the more trouble he’ll be in. Kat Hoi’s father told Doctor Yeung he wants to die. He asked Doctor Yeung to poison him. Kat Hoi’s father said if he dies, Kat Hoi will wake up and find out his divination is wrong. Yeuk Kwai sneakingly watch Doctor Yeung get out. Bacha slapped Muk Do Yee and said how dare she spread rumors about Seung Ling. Muk Do Yee said she didn’t spread rumors, she just know Bacha is in bribery with other magistrate. Bacha told Muk Do Yee just because she is the empress’s favorite it doesn’t mean she can seek justice. Muk Do Yee told Bacha he only cares about Seung Ling and got mad at her cause Seung Ling yelled at him. Bacha said he made a lot of money because of Seung Ling. Bacha said Seung Ling is intelligent. Without her, he won’t stay in his rank. Bacha told Muk Do Yee if she does anything to prevent him to be rich, then he won’t spare her.

Kat Hoi got beaten by Ma Goong Goong for sneaking around the attending office. Ma Goong Goong told Sit Goong Goong that Kat Hoi is pretending to be a lunatic for a motive. Kat Hoi’s father asked Yeuk Kwai to kill him. Kat Hoi’s father told Yeuk Kwai it was her who asked him to spread Lady Shun’s rumor. Yeuk Kwai yelled and pushed a blanket toward Kat Hoi’s father face. Seung Ling reads Lau Fei’s love poem. Yuen Sau put on a jacket for Lau Fei while he’s sleeping. Kat Hoi continues predict his future after he got beaten up. Kat Hoi told his dad he found the benefactor. Kat Hoi screamed realizing his father died. Yuen Sau looked at the full moon. Muk Do yee asked Ma Goong Goong to let Kat Hoi bid farewell to his father. Kat Hoi said his prediction is right that his father is leaving on the 15th.

Lady Wan cried and thanked Yu Yuet for being a vegetarian to pray for her son. The maids sold their assessors. Yee Ho asked Lady Wan how dare she throw the prince’s food. Lady Wan said Yue Yuet is afraid the food might contain milk so she asked her to throw away. Lady Wan said she cooked new food behind her back. Yeuk Kwai told Doctor Yeung she can’t stay in the palace anymore. Doctor Yeung told Yue Yuet she is weak because she’s been dieting. Doctor Yeung said his chopped fingers are nothing compared to her health. Yue Yuet said she’ll feel better if she’s sick cause god is punishing her for her sins. Yue Yuet asked Doctor Yeung if he thinks she has a cruel heart. Yue Yuet said all she can do is to pray for peace in the palace. The thunderstorm scared Yue Yuet. Muk Do Yee told Kat Hoi it is dangerous for him to stay outside in the rain. Kat Hoi yelled at the god for betraying him. Yuen Sau dropped a scissor then picked up.

Beauty at War episode 11 recap

Time to catch up on my current 3 dramas I’m watching. A Change of Heart will air soon. So much dramas to watch.
So Goong asked Ma Goong Goong to let Lau Fei teach Prince Min Xin opera. Ma Goong Goong told So Goong Goong he doesn’t have the right to interfere with his work. Ma Goong Goong told So Goong Goong “I have broken your arm before but I didn’t poke your eyes”. So Goong Goong told Ma Goong Goong he felt poor for him cause he didn’t get castrated by an imperial eunuch so he took him in the palace. So Goong Goong said now Ma Goong Goong has power he wants to get rid of his benefactor. So Goong Goong said before Emperor Qianlong passed away, Ma Goong Goong collaborated with He Shen. He can tell Luk Hei the truth about the past.

Master Cheung told Lau Fei that onstage he must show off his talent while off stage he must socialize with people. Lau Fei told Master Cheung and Chau Yuen it’s hard to find a balance between equality and pride. Su Lan told Seung Ling she doesn’t understand why would someone dig her uncle’s past and said he is He Shen’s accomplice. Seung Ling told Su Lan that they shouldn’t bother other people’s business. Their job is to take care of Min Yu. Su Lan asked Seung Ling if covering up Min Yu’s illness is part of her plan. Su Lan told Seung Ling if she helps So Goong Goong then she won’t disclose the illness of Min Yu. Muk Do Yee told another maid that someone wants to get So Goong Goong in trouble, then someone else tried to save So Goong Goong with another rumor. Chau Yuen told Lau Fei that he may be Min Xin’s tutor but the rain can stop him. Chau Yeun told Mose he can perform well in the opera too.

Doctor Yeung told Yue Yuet that walking in the rain can wash away the sultry heart. Yee Ho told Yue Yuet the rain can prevent bad people from entering the palace. Yue Yuet asked Doctor Yeung how long the rain will last. Yue Yuet asked Doctor Yueng to tell Lady Wan a story about the two sisters to spread it to Yuen Sau. Lady Wan told Doctor Yeung she’s worried that the person who spread rumors about So Goong Goong might be plotting. Doctor Yeung told Lady Wan that So Goong Goong had no intention to rebel. When the majesty ascended the throne, he wanted to get rid of He Shen. To save himself, So Goong Goong adopted two orphan sisters. He adopted them to break them up. The older sister will be the consort candidate. They didn’t know they were sisters but turned into friends. The older sister taught the older sister to fly a kite. The two sisters spread apart because of other people’s manipulation. Yau Heung told Yuen Sau that there was a noble lady who dies a few years ago. She didn’t want to expose her sister’s identity so she took poison. She used the coffin to help her sister to sneak away. Yeun Sau told Yau Heung it is easy for Yue Yuet to spread rumors because she didn’t want her to spread more rumors. Yuen Sau said she’s been manipulated by her sister. Yue Yuet caused Doctor Yeung to cut off his finger since he likes Yuen Sau. Yuen Sau said Yue Yuet wants her to be alone in the palace.

Ma Goong Goong asked Master Cheung to spread more gossips. Min Xin told Lau Fei he rewarded so no one will pick on him especially Ma Goong Goong. Min Xin told Lau Fei that Seung Ling tomd him that Ma Goong Goong has been picking on him. Seung Ling told Su Lan if Ma Goong Goong wants to spread rumors about Master Bacha, he can’t control his whereabouts. Muk Do Yee told Ma Goong Goong that her father is playing with his new son in a villa so Seung Ling won’t easily find him. Muk Do Yee said So Goong Goong got in a lot of trouble then when the rumors spread to Lady Wan, it stopped. Ma Goong Goong told Muk Do Yee she was right about Seung Ling spreading rumors about So Goong Goong. Muk Do Yee said Seung Ling is vicious, and if she doesn’t bring her down, it will cause chaos in the palace. Master Cheung told Lau Fei that that Ma Goong Goong ordered him to spread rumors in the palace. Master Cheung said he doesn’t want innocent people to get hurt.

Kat Hoi told Doctor Yeung that the red papers are prediction of fate. Doctor Yeung asked Kat Hoi why does he thinks that Yuen Sau is his benefactor. Kat Hoi asked Doctor Yeung to give him his birth date so he can predict his future up to 80 years old. Doctor Yeung told Kat Hoi to wake up. Doctor Yeung told Kat Hoi he will not even tell him his real birthdate if he has to. Doctor Yeung told Kat Hoi he’s stuck in the slave quarters. Lau Fei drinks with his friends and worried about Bacha.

Family Man episode 20 recap (End)

Sonija made tea for Paul. Myolie told Paul she will learn how to drive so she can drive him around. Flora told Paul and her sisters she will work abroad. Sonija told Michael that a journalist in Shanghai asked her if she wants to work for him. Michael told Sonija to go alone. Michael told Sonija they are partners not lovers so he doesn’t need to move to Shanghai. Michael asked Sonija if she ever thinks about his feelings. Michael told Sonija he can’t pretend to be her boyfriend in front of the boss.

Edmond’s girl friend saw Nick selling his books at the bookstore. Edmond’s girl friend bumped into Nick and said she likes his cologne. Nick asked Edmond’s girl friend to meet with him. Myolie told Paul she will leave to Japan for student exchange. Paul told his children that he’s happy that they are leaving since they are growing up. Jay said she needs to register to divorce Edmond.

Jay and Edmond asked each other why do they still keep each others ring. Edmond helped Jay take off her ring. Edmond told Jay he doesn’t dare to use force because he’s afraid she might get hurt. Edmond confidently told his girl friend he won’t divorce Jay. Edmond’s girl friend said it doesn’t matter anymore. Nick came and hugged Edmond’s girl friend. Edmond and Jay wish Nick and Edmond’s girl friend happiness. Edmond put on the ring for Jay. Paul fainted during his dinner with his kids. The doctor told Flora and Jay that Paul has a heart attack.

The doctor said the success of the surgery is fifty percent. The girls told Paul they won’t leave Hongkong. Paul decided to do the surgery. Paul told his children he wants them to leave Hongkong to reach their goal. He doesn’t want to be their burden. Paul told his daughters to remember that blood is thicker than water. Flora and her sisters tell the story of their dad to the audience at the function. Flora accidentally cut her finger.Paul’s surgery turned out to be successful. Edmond’s girl friend broke Nick’s leg.

Sonija gave Mose a piece of chocolate and said they can still be friends. Sonija told Mose that Paul told her to tell him to cherish Flora. Mose called Flora and apologized to her that he can’t bid farewell to her at the airplane. Mose came up to Flora in the plane and said he will cherish her. Sonija told Michael she will publish a book under his name. Sonija told Michael he has always been by her side. Paul’s children and their boyfriends came home during the holiday to visit Pau land told Paul their careers were a success. Paul said he completed his mission of being a father. The whole family happily have a picnic.

The End.

Family Man episode 19 recap


Flora told Sonija that Mose and she makes a good couple. Flora told Sonija that it is better to be a nice girl. Mose told Sonija if she doesn’t like his movie then she doesn’t need to change Mose said if one person have to follow the other person, then there will be one person who isn’t happy. Mose said they will not be happy if one person change their way for another. Mose breaks up with Sonija. Sonija said there’s a lot of reasons for them to be together but only one reason for them to break up. Mose gave the movie ticket to a cute couple. Mose told Michael that he can’t be with Sonija. Michael told Mose it is because of Flora. Michael told Mose he does not have responsibilities. Michael coughed and jogged with Sonija and told her not to hide her emotions. Flora told Mose to go out with Sonija.

Mose told Flora he can’t force himself to be with Sonija. Myolie and her friends partied on the ceiling. Michael, Sonija, and Paul told Myolie to lower the music. Myolie yelled at Paul that it is their house and they don’t need to care for their neighbors. Sonija tried to close the radio. Myolie fight with Sonija. Sonija broke Myolie’s cd. Myolie told Flora she will sleep with her. Sonija told Flora and Paul that Myolie needs to be responsible for her behavior. Paul told Mose to make up with Sonija.

Edmond’s girl friend slapped Edmond for not wanting to leave with her. Edmond’s girl friend to Jay that she knows she is jealous of them. Edmond’s girlfriend fought with Jay. Edmond’s girl friend let Jay hit her on the head with a pot. Edmond’s girl friend said she will sue Jay.Edmond told his girl friend to forget it. Edmond’s girl friend told Edmond she won’t pursue Jay but he must divorce Jay right away. Edmond told Jay he promised to marry his girl friend. Jay cried and told Edmond she shouldn’t have divorce him for fame.

Eileen thanked Sonija to wake her up and helped her be independent. Eileen gave Sonija a cosmetic gift. Eileen asked Sonija to give the watch to Mose to give to Flora. Eileen told Sonija that Mose has a crush on Flora. Flora accidentally trip. Mose grabbed Flora. Sonija got mad and returned the watch to Mose. Sonija told Michael that everyone betrayed her for not telling her that Mose and Flora likes each other. Michael told Sonja he never lied to her. Sonija cried and hugged Michael. Jay told Flora and Paul she caused Edmond to suffer. Myolie went to her friend’s house to stay for a few days. Sonija told Flora she can’t stand that her sister tricked her. The sisters argued with each other. Paul fainted.

Flora wash the dishes. Flora cut her hand while picking up the broken plate. Sonija, Jay, and Myolie helped Flora do the chores. Mose told Paul that he envies Flora and Sonija for having a good father. Paul told Mose that he’s scared that her children will have a fever. Paul told Mose he feels bad for not being able to help his kids. The four sisters gave Paul some soup. Paul asked his kids to sleep well. Paul told his kids he feels great when his four children are happy. Sonija helped Flora chopped the meat and gave Flora a piece of meat. The four girls make meatball for Paul. Flora looked at the doll that she used to make with her sisters when they were a child, and the current dolls that they made. Flora told Mose she will work abroad.

Family Man episode 18 recap

Edmond told Michael that his girl friend treated him like a superhero. Mose told Edmond that his girl friend is a psycho and he will be a victim soon. Edmond pretends to praise a korean actress in front of his girl friend. Edmond pretends to talk on the phone. Mose and Michael watch Edmond’s girl friend come up to the korean actress poster. Mose watch Edmond’s girlfriend take out the knice and cut the poster of the actress’s face 17 slices. Edmond got scared when his girlfriend hugged him. Edmond told his girl friend that he has cancer and he would like to break up with her. Edmond’s girlfriend take out a knife and told Edmond he lied. Edmond’s girlfriend said her ex-boyfriend lied that he has a disease and then study abroad and never returned and has a new girlfriend. Edmond told his girlfriend he was just testing her love. Edmond’s girlfriend forbid Edmond to lie to her again. Edmond’s girlfriend took her exboyfriend perfume and said her ex boyfriend has the same last name as him and is also a truck driver. Edmond’s girlfriend told Edmond to read more books like her ex boyfriend. Edmond prayed that he can escape this karma. Michael prayed that Edmond can be safe with his girl friend and Sonija lives happily with Mose. Mose wish Edmond is safe and Flora being healthy.

During dinner, Flora and Mose touched the same cup of water. Sonija asked Mose why didn’t he wear the tie she bought for him. Mose got an idea of using Bean and Sugar bear for parents to use with a video tape to tell bedtime stories to their kids. Michael and Sonija thought of an idea of using those two bears as stories for their journal. Sonija asked Michael to tell her what Mose likes. Michael said Mose is a loyal friend who likes to help people.

Edmond’s girlfriend asked Edmond for his new number. Edmond’s girlfriend bit on Edmond’s arm arm and said she wants him to remember her whenever he sees this mark. Edmond’s girl friend told Edmond to bite her arm. Edmond said he loves her too much to bite her. Edmond’s girlfriend forbid Edmond for mentioning Jay. Edmond said he hates Jay so much. Edmond’s girlfriend hugged Edmond and said she will follow him and protect him.Edmond’s girlfriend gave Edmond a book to read. Jay looked at Edmond’s old photos. Jay dressed up and asked Edmond out in front of their college. Jay and Edmond talked about each other’s past when they were still hot. Edmond’s girlfriend came. Edmond pretends to scold Jay. Jay got mad and left. Jay cried and cooked a lot of food in the kitchen. Myolie happily eat the food. Michael brought some ginger candies but saw Paul in the bathroom. Myolie brought Jay’s ice cream to the ceiling. Michael tried to stop Myolie from eating. Paul came to the ceiling. Myolie pretends to hurt her belly. At the hospital, Michael accidentally blurt that Myolie is pregnant. The nurse told Michael that Myolie only have stomach ache. Paul grabbed Michael and said he caused Myolie to be pregnant. Paul and Jay punched Michael. Myolie told Paul she isn’t pregnant and was just playing with Michael. Paul yelled at Myolie that she can’t play with love.

Sonija layed some boiled eggs on Michael’s forehead. Michael told Mose that the girl he likes doesn’t love him back but the girl that lieks him keep on bugging him. At the theater, Mose and Sonija wanted to watch different movie. Mose fell asleep while watching movie with Sonija. Mose told Sonija that she doesn’t need to critique the movie deeply since watching movie is just for fun. Sonija yelled at Mose that he havne’t learned anything from the movie. Mose, Sonija, and Flora got sucked between the second and third floor. Mose keep on clicking the second floor. Mose told Michael that the movie that Sonija picked is so boring. Michael said the movie is really good. Mose said he didn’t enjoy the movie but he did have a good nap. Mose told Michael that he and Sonija always argue. Sonija told Flora that Mose and she doesn’t have mutual interest. Flora told Mose they will always remain best friends. Flora returned the bell to Mose. Mose pretends to throw the bell to the sea. Mose told Flora he really wants to let go but he can’t. Mose told Flora that he only loves her. Flor broke the belle and told Mose they can’t be together. Flora left Mose and cried.

11 random facts about me

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11 random facts about me!

1. Ernie from Sessame street was my first stuffed animal.
2. I’m trilingual. I can speak Vietnamese, English, and French.
3. My first asian drama was the original taiwanese version of Justice Bao 1993.
4. I love eating seafood: lobsters, crabs, crams, clams, seaweed, oysters.
5. I love to drink milk tea and Ramune drink.
6. I’m 75 percent Vietnamese and 25 percent Chinese.
7. I used to have a crush on a guy whom was gay in high school.
8. My nickname was “Happy Asian” in high school cause I always have a smile on my face. Yeah I’m your smiley favorite asian girl.
9. I’m always energetic and I get bored easily.
10. I have been in this asian drama online community since 2007.
11. I’m weird.

Questions from Hesui to me:
1.Are you a pessimist, optimist, or realist? I’m a mix of all three depending on the situation.

2.What is the best part about drama blogging? The best part of blogging is to get into the drama while blogging.

3. If you could marry one actor or actress, WHO WOULD IT BE!?!? UM. I don’t know them really well to marry them.

What is the theme song of your life and why?
Call me sarcastic but I never thought of it.

5.Let’s do a word association. Say the first word that comes to mind after I say the following word: ……PLATYPUS. Seaworld

6.What is the meaning of your blog name or screen name? or, why did you choose it? I chose the screen name hkoreandramaisland cause I wanted to create an island of hk and korean dramas.

My questions for you:
1.What inspired you to be in the blogging world?
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Family Man episode 17 recap

Flora returned the ring to Savio. Savio told Mose to take good care of Flora. Flora asked Mose if Savio asked him something. Flora told Mose she will try her best to promote the Bean and Sugar bear. Paul and his sisters told Flora that as long she is happy, they will support her. The people in the company chat with each other wondering by Flora and Savio broke up. Michael and Sonija invited Mose and Flora to celebrate with them about their success of selling their journals. Michael asked Mose if he has a crush on someone. Mose coughed. Michael told Mose that in the story, there’s a guy that likes a girl of his friend. Flora told Sonija that love can’t be forced. If you drink a good wine, you will complain that it is too little but if you drink a bad wine you will complain it is too much. Michael gave Sonija tickets to go to the movie theather. Sonija said she reserved the tickets to watch with her boyfriend. Mose told Michael that he already watched the movie and it is bad. Michael sadly drink wine. Flora told Mose to drive Sonija home. Mose told Sonija he will watch the movie with her. Myolie gave Michael a ticket to watch the movie with her. Michael yelled at Myolie that this movie sucks and she doesn’t need to invite him since he’s not her boyfriend. Michael asked Myolie who is Sonija dating.

Jay told her husband that people are loveable like flowers. Edmond said someday people will be apart. Jay said it is better being together than being lonely. Edmond asked Paul what is so good about Jay’s Japanese friend. Edmond told Paul it is bad for Jay to go out with a guy that is already married. When Paul and Jay went in the elevator, people gossipped that Jay dates the Japanese man for money. Jay told Paul to not worry since the Japanese man is nice to her. Jay said the Japanese man always buy her stuff. Paul told Jay to stop lying to herself. Paul saw Jay packing her luggage and went in the Japanese’s man car. Paul called Edmond that Jay is running away. Jay returned all the stuff to the Japanese man. Jay dumped the Japanese man. The Japanese man told Jay he spent so much money on her so she should at least stay with him for the night. The Japanese man tried to rape Jay. Edmond came and hit the Japanese man. Edmon fainted. Flora, Myolie, and Sonija took a cover and hit the Japanese man.

At the hospital, Paul told Jay and her sisters that Edmond risked a lot for Jay. Jay told Edmond he prefers his honest personality over the rich Japanese man. Edmond’s girl friend came to the hospital told Edmond that she has to kill the Japanese man whom hurt him. Jay and Edmond got shocked when Edmond’s girl friend slice the apple with her hands. Jay’s sisters told Jay to win Edmond’s back. Paul told Jay that Edmond’s girl friend can’t compared with her since Jay and Edmond were married for a long time. Edmond’s girl friend brought some soup for Edmond. Michael brought a present and a wrapping paper and told Mose and Edmond that tomorrow is Sonija’s birthday. Edmond’s girl friend watch Michael asked Edmond to buy a present for Sonija. Michael asked Mose if he’s going to buy a present for Sonija. Mose watch the bell at the store that he wanted to buy for Flora. Mose bought a necklace for Sonija.

Edmond’s girl friend brought some soup for Edmond in Jay’s house. Myolie told Flora and Sonija that Jay lost to Edmond’s girl friend. Edmond’s girl friend critique Jay’s food. Michael gave Sonija an electric notebook. Michael told Sonija that he knows she will like it because she needs something to write on. Sonija tried Mose’s necklace. Mose said he didn’t have money to buy a real diamond so he bought a necklace instead. Everyone looked at Sonija put a hot doing in Mose’s mouth. Paul asked Mose in the kitchen if he truly loves Sonija. Mose told Paul he does. Mose and Edmond drink and give each other toast for finding a girlfriend. Michael sadly drinks. Flora and Myolie teased Sonija of dating Mose. Mose and Flora sadly walked alone after work. Edmond’s girl friend asked Edmond to marry her. Edmond doesn’t want to marry his girl friend. Edmond saw the head chopped on the bride sculpture and got scared.