11 random facts about me

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Bloggers! I choose you! : TVB Horizon,ForeverloveTVB,TVB’s Perspective, TVB Corner, Casual TVB

11 random facts about me!

1. Ernie from Sessame street was my first stuffed animal.
2. I’m trilingual. I can speak Vietnamese, English, and French.
3. My first asian drama was the original taiwanese version of Justice Bao 1993.
4. I love eating seafood: lobsters, crabs, crams, clams, seaweed, oysters.
5. I love to drink milk tea and Ramune drink.
6. I’m 75 percent Vietnamese and 25 percent Chinese.
7. I used to have a crush on a guy whom was gay in high school.
8. My nickname was “Happy Asian” in high school cause I always have a smile on my face. Yeah I’m your smiley favorite asian girl.
9. I’m always energetic and I get bored easily.
10. I have been in this asian drama online community since 2007.
11. I’m weird.

Questions from Hesui to me:
1.Are you a pessimist, optimist, or realist? I’m a mix of all three depending on the situation.

2.What is the best part about drama blogging? The best part of blogging is to get into the drama while blogging.

3. If you could marry one actor or actress, WHO WOULD IT BE!?!? UM. I don’t know them really well to marry them.

What is the theme song of your life and why?
Call me sarcastic but I never thought of it.

5.Let’s do a word association. Say the first word that comes to mind after I say the following word: ……PLATYPUS. Seaworld

6.What is the meaning of your blog name or screen name? or, why did you choose it? I chose the screen name hkoreandramaisland cause I wanted to create an island of hk and korean dramas.

My questions for you:
1.What inspired you to be in the blogging world?
2. Are you shy or outgoing?
3. Who’s your all time favorite TVB character and why?
4. What was your favorite asian drama?
5. Are you Chinese or Vietnamese?
6. Do you have an asianfanatic account?
7. How many languages can you speak?
8. Do you run a TVB artistes fb fanpage?
9. What’s your favorite food and drink?
10. Which country would you want to travel?

Thanks Heisui for tagging me!


3 thoughts on “11 random facts about me

    • Viet was my first language. French was my second language. English was my third language. I was born in Canada but wen to US when when I was 10. Forgot half of my french. Aye.

    • I’ve always been called by my tvb buddies that I’m a true tvb fanatics and the right person to recommend about tvb dramas. Yeah I guess I’m too addicted to TVB to have the title TVB Guru. I’m not that knowledgeable about tvb series though, I just watch a lot of dramas but I don’t search for news that much.

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